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    More like lake mongo
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  4. i also look forward to the takes from suddenly potentially endangered republicans "it's our right as majority party to essentially make the rules overwhelmingly in our favor for no practical reason! activist judges!!!!!!!!"
  5. And that 100% is on something near 20 votes
  6. Can't go wrong with Fightin Mike Doyle in Pittsburgh
  7. that's my district pat meehan supposedly taking public money to silence workplace harassment suits
  8. The Whiskey Thread

  9. Was looking at the PA map earlier when I had heard that it was struck down. Imagine having to defend this as something that's fair and makes sense.
  10. Last movie you watched

    Lake Mungo - This was much better than I thought it was going to be. Pretty much the antithesis to Paranormal Activity. It's like a found footage homage to Fire Walk With Me among other things. It rustled up that old feeling of watching Unsolved Mysteries or ghost documentaries in the dark when I was a kid. I thought its one major scare was well deserved and they did an excellent job building up to it. It doesn't quite escape the trappings of found footage, but it does a damn good job of making me not care if it doesn't.
  11. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    god that nels cline video. they both looks like the have food poisoning it's kinda awesome though? i miss way too long electric guitar jam koz
  12. man can you imagine the absolute shitshow if SCOTUS wipes out partisan gerrymandering
  13. Little known Cohen fact: a four bagger was his name for a threesome
  14. Is this the Swedish Tape?
  15. NBA 2017-2018

    Watching Rockets-Heat now and it is weird as hell that every other commercial isn't about Trae Young.
  16. Billie Eilish

    IMO she's ok. I think she's only like 15 or something though so there's time for her develop.
  17. Balmy Summer Playlist

    ^ i always found this album pretty summery. He's this dude from Japan who cranks out a lot of little albums, many of which are free (including this one), but the last time i checked, the links he provided were broken so I can pm a couple of his albums if you end up liking it.
  18. Balmy Summer Playlist

  19. Groundhog Day (2/2) and Post-Valentines (2/22) Mix Potlucks!!

    oh boy have i a mix for you
  20. Balmy Summer Playlist

    you might find some good stuff from these
  21. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    Am I going to be suckered into buying a third copy of that album? Not if I can convince someone to buy it for me!
  22. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

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