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  2. What Are You Playing?

    The last few chapters of The Evil Within 2 were so bad It just starts repeating the same areas with bullet sponge enemies. And the story goes absolutely bonkers, though I almost enjoyed how bad it got. It's like the campiest moments from RE4 without any of the effort to tell a coherent story. The final boss is in such poor taste I'm almost surprised it even exists. It's probably still worth playing if you like horror games, since it's legitimately good for the first two thirds or so, and even when it turns into bullshit towards the end, it's entertaining bullshit.
  3. YouTube Celebrities

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jan/17/youtube-google-manually-review-top-videos-before-placing-ads-scandal-logan-paul YouTube to manually review popular videos before placing ads Platform to ensure top content meets ‘ad-friendly guidelines’ following unease at scandals, but some vloggers may lose income Imagine having that job
  4. Thank you TheAnnex™, and @sam, in particular for turning me on to these guys. Amazing band.
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  6. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    loved the last one, and this seems better so far
  7. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    this really got me into music when i was 11, and i still fucking love this thing i wish the mastering wasnt absolute shite though.
  8. What Are You Playing?

    Just wanted a wee ranty.
  9. The weakest of the four,but it's mostly good.
  10. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    the whole blurred consent thing was nonsense
  11. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    sure but this isn't just bad sex, there are some details in there that some of the people writing about it are seriously overlooking. or something. i mean they also don't know what tone he took or any of the nuances, what the night was actually like. even without that information and only the details in her story, it's deeply unsettling. i am shocked by hollywood's reaction to this one. not coool
  12. You like this one shakes? It's my fav, mainly cuz my dad got it when I was 3 so it was one of the first albums I remember hearing
  13. Haven't listened to this in a while, but it still holds up.
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    Top 5 Reasons Rian Johnson RUINED Star Wars Is Rey a MARY SUE??? Watch to find out: Luke Skywalker Character RUINED By Disney Why Finn and Rose are NOT Heroes
  15. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    Jordan Peterson's not an alt-right character or neoreactionary but he's at the forefront of a largely right-wing reaction against those goddamn punk kids going to college and getting all political. One of the rules from his upcoming 12 Rules for Life book is "Make Sure Your Own House Is in Perfect Order Before You Criticise the World", which is fascinating because it basically rules out broad swathes of the population from political engagement. Today I watched an interviewer try to argue with him about it: The next breath he says "clearly" he's not ruling out political activism altogether... except from 18 year-olds who obviously know nothing, and shouldn't listen to their professors.
  16. thread for miscellaneous lists and stuff

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it tells you anything the first th song i really came around to was heaven followed by the rest of fear of music, and it took me years to get into that even
  17. British TV shows for British people

    That's exactly what happens when you die. What a clever show.
  18. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    Think Peter Thiel will offer Aziz aegis?
  19. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    "But, the idea that you can target an ethnic group with a collective crime, regardless of the specific innocence or guilt of the constituent elements of that group, there is absolutely nothing that's more racist than that. It's absolutely abhorrent." - Adolf Hitler
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