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    so here's the opening lines i wanted one of those beginnings tha t really gets it shooks in you and doesnt let go and immediately wrote that, which is indicative of my mastery of the craft
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    thanks for voting, commenting, and a special thanks to sugarface for helping out. Please refer to this clip if you have any complaints or criticisms about my handling of the rollout along the way Here's the full list
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    hey dude i really like what you're doing here, especially with the ice parts. i made you some cover art if you need it, but don't forget to pay me
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    I also had some stuff I wanted to still check out but have run out of time. Sorry phoebe bridgers and other ladies. 50 | Michelle Branch | Hopeless Romantic Still need to listen to another Michelle Branch album (that isn't the Wreckers). This actually isn't country at all but some dark, moody indie pop produced by one of the black keys buttholes she's dating. But I liked it. 49 | Jesca Hoop | Memories Are Now Was really into the title track early this year, her albums are always welcome. 48 | Talib Kweli | Radio Silence A terrific feature by my beloved Anderson .Paak carries this onto the list, but it's a lot more consistently solid than I was expecting a 2017 Kweli album to be. They should do a whole album together. 47 | Paramore | After Laughter Could have done with a little more variety here but it's a good sound and touching album. 46 | Jay-Z | 4:44 His rapping ability has fallen off a cliff, but at least he was fired up and the production was great. 45 | Sheryl Crow | Be Myself Really got into her first couple of albums last year, so it was nice of her to try to get back to that sound after w/e the hell her last decade was. 44 | Kesha | Rainbow This would be higher but Boogie Feet is a really unfortunate song. More importantly, glad she’s back. 43 | Run The Jewels | Run The Jewels 3 these albums never stick with me for more than a week for some reason, but it's a bad ass week! 42 | Tove Lo | Blue Lips I thought Lady Wood kinda stunk, so this was a nice surprise, doesn't have the highs of her debut by any means, but it's consistently nice. 41 | Palehound | A Place I'll Always Go Same formula as the last one, half affecting ballads and half jammy rockers. I do feel like it's the kind of thing @PopTodd would like but oh well. 40 | Charly Bliss | Guppy I wish I could get more on board with her voice, I never thought I'd say this but it's a little too girly isn't it? Otherwise this would be a lot higher up. 39 | Syd | Fin Not in the ballpark of Kelela or SZA's albums, but I'm interested to see if she can get there soon. 38 | Destroyer | Ken This basically just felt like getting a handful of Kaputt bonus tracks, but who am I to complain? 37 | St. Vincent | Masseduction i'm still kind of annoyed at her but there were glimpses of her old magic on this one and the stuff that wasn't that was more fun than the s/t for me 36 | Jesu / Sun Kil Moon | 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth 35 | Kamasi Washington | Harmony of Difference 34 | Moses Sumney | Aromanticism Festive 50 finds I haven’t quite had time to absorb fully, but good, so thanks folks. 33 | Frankie Rose | Cage Tropical Basically takes the sound of her 2012 Interstellar and moves it to a more...tropical location. 32 | Atreesto | End of Summer & Late Night Reflections throwing 2 albums together here as I can't imagine anyone else is going to vote for my random friend's albums. some great atmospheric beats though. 31 | Kelly Lee Owens | Kelly Lee Owens This left me wishing it went harder and kicked a bit more ass, but good. 30 | Colleen | A Flame My Love, A Frequency took me a while to warm up to this one, but it is really beautiful 29 | Rapsody | Laila's Wisdom loved her guest verses on TPAB & Malibu and this really delivers on that. She's not the most dynamic performer, but makes up for it with great storytelling and throwing in plenty of features. also if you miss Little Brother, 9th Wonder and Khrysis are on the boards for most of this one. 28 | The National | Sleep Well Beast for w/e reason i'm starting to like these guys after it's not cool anymore. they've definitely been over-celebrated throughout their career, but this is probably my favorite sounding album of theirs at least, and even if the themes are starting to get rote as fuck to their ardent followers I still find this one pretty affecting. 27 | Vince Staples | Big Fish Theory On the one hand, the brevity and low key-ness makes it really easy to just throw it on and have it bumping...great production on this thing. On the other, it does come off a bit slight, and as much as I love Amy Winehouse and don't usually downgrade albums for skits/interludes, there's no reason to have an interview clip take up two and half minutes of a 36 minute album that's main strength otherwise is flow. 26 | Nicole Atkins | Goodnight Rhonda Lee Her post Neptune City albums were way too cutesy and insignificant - here she dropped all those frills and made a soulful, personal but really fun album. 25 | Lights | Skin & Earth her last two albums are in my top 10 of the decade, and I think this suffers in the sense that while Siberia and Little Machines were big reinventions from the previous album, this is basically LM part 2 and it's just not as magical, but it's still a nice set of songs. 24 | Brockhampton | Saturation II 23 | Brockhampton | Saturation still can't believe theirs a rap group from my dumb well-off suburb hometown and that they're p. good. Haven’t even gotten around to the 3rd one...they're obviously more concerned with pumping out content at this stage than crafting a masterpiece or w/e, but that's fine 22 | Japanese Breakfast | Soft Sounds From Another Planet Big step up in production values from last year without losing any of the charm. 21 | Mac DeMarco | This Old Dog Inexplicable placement since I've always bemoaned this guy's hype and it's a pretty sleepy record, but I guess his Goofy charm finally won out, and there's just enough little flourishes in each track. 20 | Surf Curse | Nothing Yet Some random garage album I stumbled onto. it seems like they only know a few chords but they perfectly captured regret, longing and nostalgia with them. 19 | Arandel | Aleae Haven't seen this mentioned here but it's some beautiful techno, each song seems like a truly organic journey. 18 | Jessie Ware | Glasshouse Tails off a bit after an amazing start of the album, but she just has this elegance that lifts all material. 17 | Vaces | Blue Angels This is an album by a friend of mine that everyone should have voted for. coils is fucking nuts. 16 | Rose Elinor Dougall | Stellular Really impressive synth pop record, the pace of these songs are so frenetic but she never feels like she's rushing at all to belt out these beautiful hooks. 15 | Neil Cicierega | Mouth Moods Yes it's a joke, but it's also fucking serious. 14 | Charli XCX | Number 1 Angel Redeemed PC Music and it didn't even seem like she was trying that hard on this one. Pop 2 is superior, but I think I still stand by my take that ILY2 is the best song on either mixtape this year, and preceded by Emotional it’s one of the most showstopping back to backs on any album this year. 13 | Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile | Lotta Sea Lice Doesn't seem like people were into this one but Courtney always gets to me, and the chemistry and tossed off nature of it was really endearing to me. Also I got laid to this one time and I always have to brag about having sex so here is me doing that. 12 | Wolf Alice | Visions of a Life It doesn't gel or rip as much of the debut and I do think this is a transition record to bigger and better things, but most of the songs are pretty damn good. Great band. 11 | The Courtneys | II Even though I couldn't throw it a vote I'm glad Silver Velvet made the F50, such a sweet twee sentiment but with plenty of guitar force packed behind it. Great road record 10 | Fleet Foxes | Crack-Up Was kind of sad everyone in the festive 50 took a dump on them, but I get it, the songs are long, deliberately hookless and as stand alone tracks elicit a big shrug, but something about the Craft of all these songs back to back and the journey of it really does it for me. 9 | Laura Marling | Semper femina Pretty much a lock for my top 10 anytime she releases an album, she's incredibly consistent but still finds ways to surprise. The drop dead gorgeousness of The Valley, the sputtering percussion on Wild Fire, all the guitar work on Nothing, Not Nearly 8 | LCD Soundsystem | American Dream Going in I was hoping it would be a bit more fun tbh, but that's clearly not the head space Murphy was in, and the record we got is pretty incredible. They always had this kind of side to them, knotty, sardonic, quiet contemplation...but it's more powerful here than it's ever been. 7 | Big K.R.I.T. | 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time definitely wasn't expecting a double album by a rapper I'd never gotten into before to crack my top 10, but it honestly just didn't feel that long after I got the initial listens out of the way, it's the breeziest 84 minutes I've ever known and there's not a weak track on the thing. 6 | SZA | CTRL Incredible, unique performer, heartbreaking insecurity, the production is fresh but also scratches the itch I’ll never lose for early 2000s hip hop/neosoul. 5 | Julie Byrne | Not Even Happiness I don't think I've ever heard a folk album with such clarity, just love the sound of it, the low register of her voice, it's a road record that feels like coming home. 4 | Charli XCX | Pop 2 The best Charli effort front to back, you can abandon your skip button on this one! There are a few features here it didn’t necessarily need, but none of them drag and they kind of add to the “anything could happen” vibe this record still has after a bunch of plays. 3 | Kendrick Lamar | DAMN. This might be the “worst” of the last 3 kendrick albums, but somehow it’s the easiest one to just throw it on in the car and listen to front to back easily, and there’s something to be said for that. Different voiced kendricks for different needs. 2 | Kelela | Take Me Apart I know CI is slamming shakes up and down the board for comparing this and the SZA album, but I do feel like they tackle a lot of the same thematic ground. I’m extremely happy to have both and pitting them against each other is obviously shitty. But I feel like all the reasons I’d try to explain why this is the better album would contradict each other, this album is somehow just more…everything. It’s more alien, but also easier to get to know. IDK, it’s amazing. 1 | Kitty | Miami Garden Club On one hand it’s a homer pick, I joined the kickstarter for it and have been looking forward to it for 5 years. I own the vinyl with no way to play it. she's been through a lot, a terrible childhood, being treated like a meme and a joke then discarded by people and media figures instead of a human being, shitty producers that used her. She learned to produce herself, lost the first version of the album when her bag was stolen at an airport, and she came back and made it again. I’m sure it’s not that unique of a story for women in the industry sadly, but it’s the one I’m familiar with, and it just made me that much happier that she found a way to get this out and more importantly find some happiness. On the other hand, the music is fucking great.
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    i was pretty effed up when i saw this and wrote a partial plot summary when i got home
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎
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    reminds me of Lucas' input when asked to provide a name for the Force Unleashed main character's name. It's one of my favorite Lucas stories:
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    i was originally going to write comments for all of these but i'm afraid i'll just put that off forever will edit if i do dregs favourite albums of 2017 50 | The Caretaker | Everywhere at the End of Time Stage 2 & 3 49 | Bell Witch | Mirror Reaper 48 | Aaron Dilloway | The Gag File 47 | Converge | The Dusk in Us 46 | Yves Tumor | Experiencing the Deposit of Faith 45 | Nmesh | Pharma 44 | The War on Drugs | A Deeper Understanding 43 | TOPS | Sugar at the Gate 42 | Bicep 41 | Kettenkarussell | Insecurity Guard 40 | Spectral Voice | Eroded Corridors of Unbeing 39 | Kelly Lee Owens 38 | Rafael Anton Irisarri | The Shameless Years 37 | Actress | AZD 36 | DJ Seinfeld | Time Spent Away From U 35 | Graham Lambkin / Taku Unami | The Whistler 34 | Slowdive 33 | Jlin | Black Origami 32 | Klein | Tommy 31 | Future | HNDRXX 30 | Varg | Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City 29 | Laurel Halo | Dust 28 | Drake | More Life 27 | GFOTY | GFOTYBUCKS 26 | Bjork | Utopia 25 | Fleet Foxes | Crack-Up 24 | Kesha | Rainbow 23 | Vince Staples | Big Fish Theory 22 | Bibio | Phantom Brickworks 21 | Ariel Pink | Dedicated to Bobby Jameson 20 | Lil B | Black Ken 19 | yaeji | eps 18 | Keith Rowe / Michael Pisaro | Thirteen 17 | John Maus | Screen Memories 16 | Kendrick Lamar | DAMN. 15 | Arca 14 | VA (pan) | Mono No Aware 13 | William Basinski | A Shadow in Time 12 | Fever Ray | Plunge 11 | Big Thief | Capacity 10 | Lee Gamble | Mnestic Pressure 09 | Brockhampton | Saturations (i-iii) 08 | Charli XCX | Pop2 07 | Richard Dawson | Peasent 06 | Kelela | Take Me Apart 05 | Jesu & Sun Kil Moon | 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet of Earth To anyone who doesn't feel emotionally devastated by every bowel movement done by Mark Kozelek, I have this to say to you: Fuck You. 04 | Tyler, the Creator | Scum Fuck Flower Boy Now here's something I never expected. Tyler, the Creator put out the best hip hop album of 2017. A reflexive look on self (who dat BOY), tyler's own sexual identity, and how we spend/use/remember time (i aint got TIIIIME) - I never thought Odd Future would get so DELEUZIAN (cw for Benny). This is above any expectations I had for Tyler as a lyricist, producer, and artist, but I couldn't be more happy that he delivered. For a group that seems to be written off, since 2015 their OG camp has delivered I Don't Like Shit, blond, and Flower Boy. maybe he is that dat boi! 03 | LCD Soundsystem | american dream what a fucking title, eh? a lot of hates been throw murphy's way for bring the band back together, but we needed them more than ever. his own late era middle aged ramblings are hilarious & truthful reflections on pop culture today (fjm be damned!). american dream is a victory lap for a band that didnt need one, but outdoes this is happening and cements murphy as the king of indie! 02 | King Krule | the OOZ Maybe the most emotionally resonating album of 2017 for me. It's an ugly mess, but always honest. The OOZ is the ideal soundtrack for hacking back darts in the bitter cold. 01 | Gas | Narkopop The perfect sequel to the optimistic forests of Pop, Narkopop finds beauty in the darkness and horrors of our world. After a year of chaos, Narkopop became the default sound and place I used for escape.
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    idg whats happening with yaeji but i tried 1. kelela | take me apart she did it! I don't think of this as her true debut album, but her stock has def risen on this board. she's gone from being occasionally discussed by me and Alan to being at the top of the festive 50. voting for this pop artist now gets you points. good album, just take 45 seconds away from frontline and give them to s.o.s. imo. by the way, is that knife-sharpening sound from s.o.s. the sound effect of those blade monster things in ocarina of time because it sounds like it, also don't miss the bank head shout out in waitin2. sza | ctrl that was my greatest fear, that if I lost control or did not have control, things would just, you know...it would be fatal3. paramore | after laughter somehow this was really the album I needed in 2017. every year I agree more with cygh and listen to things like Paramore idk. the song pool is an incredibly rude song that was written specifically to fuck me up. 4. princess nokia | 1992 deluxe this is also really the album (mixtape?) I needed in 2017. she is one of few people an IRL FRIEND recommended I listen to mostly because of boricua pride and that time when she dumped hot soup on a racist dude on the subway which was also the moment we all needed in 2017. this album sounds in many ways like watching princess Nokia dump hot soup on people. it's sort of all over the place and unpolished and uncompromising. I can't wait to hear what she does next.5. charly bliss | guppy when I was like 8 years old, I shared a room with my sister, and WE HATED EACH OTHER! one of the only sisterly things we did was play a game in which we would put on an album by someone like veruca salt (this would be eight arms to hold you era) or liz phair (this would be whitechocolatespaceegg era) and each pick a sweet valley high book of comparable length and have a speed reading competition to see who could finish the book first. that is what charly bliss's guppy sounds like. westermarck, dq, and ruby are amazing, listen to them now. also the lead guitarist for this band was the little kid in the incredibles lmao. 6. kesha | rainbow I had this lower on my list because I expectations of it that really had nothing to do with the album itself. I will admit when I first heard it that I was disappointed. idk if Tonks will agree but it's difficult to navigate for me, that I spent years becoming an intense Kesha fangirl and am not sure what to do with everything she released pre-rainbow. rainbow immediately sounds different and there was a process I went through of taking apart all the stuff I knew about Kesha and putting it back together the more I listened to it. ultimately this album is still Kesha to the core. her rocky country side has never been my favorite side of her, but in part because she has never been able to do it in earnest. there are moments of this album that make me bawl like a baby (and in very different ways, like both praying and Godzilla make me bawl) and moments that make me crack up. seeing her perform live for this album was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I laughed, I screamed, I clutched onto my friend and wept. this woman is fucking amazing. 7. charli xcx | pop 2 my take on this is pretty similar to chicken invaders which makes me think it is the stupidest take imaginable and Mylo is about to turn up and explain ag cook to me but whatever. I've never entirely liked any one thing Charli has released, and every other thing she has done I have disliked. she's someone I have always wanted to stan so badly because I like her, I like that she's always trying something and I know that she's got it in her, but this is the first release where I'm like YES YOU DID IT!!!! the first track kinda sucks (guys, it is not too late to just gently release Carly rae Jensen into the night and pretend like we never caped for her like that, y'all still have a chance) and a few of the features I could have done without but it's all in service of her just kind of fucking shit up and going for it. 8. lorde | melodrama I honestly only think half of this album is good but when it's good it's really really good.9. bosco | b. I don't totally understand what asmr is but bosco's voice is my favorite version of it. this is music you feel in your spine. 10. jlin | black origami hector put this on your fucking list. 11. snoh aalegra | feels12. kelly lee owens | kelly lee owens 13. yaeji | yaeji14. yaeji | ep215. amber mark | 3:33am16. muna | about u17. tei shi | crawl space18. vagabon | infinite worlds19. kehlani | sweetsexysavage20. laurel halo | dust21. chloe x halle | the two of us22. hazel english | just give in/never going home23. jay som | everybody works24. h.e.r. | h.e.r.25. the courtneys | ii26. kari faux | primary27. cannons | night drive28. faye webster | faye webster29. george maple | lover30. anna wise | the feminine act ii31. dai burger | soft serve32. verite | somewhere in between33. taylor swift | reputation34. in // via | meditations35. anna of the north | lovers36. cayetana | new kind of normal37. sevyn streeter | girl disrupted38. land of talk | life after youth39. asiahn | love train40. killavesi | run & hide w/out comments shoutout to cygh for the george maple, hazel english, cannons, and verite recs shoutout to spotify BYE!
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    I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius....and a very stable genius at that! slap a at the end of this and it's a solid britpost shitpost.
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    gotta say I much prefer this pixxy boat to the gorilla channel business:
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    They have a deep misunderstanding of the show in that they find Rick, the alcoholic abusive grandfather, to be the hero of the show. It reminds me of the people who watched Breaking Bad and came away thinking "man, Walt is badass" on top of that, they think the show is exceedingly intelligent for spouting baseline nihilist views, while at the same time going nuts over mcdonalds sauce that was used as a punchline in one episode. A punchline that was essentially, Rick's motivation is useless and might as well be anything. Fanboys took this is "yes, the sauce is super important and i while berate people over this"
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    Atease Leader moose just stated that the "he organized his list brilliantly.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved board please inform him that I too have a Albums List, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my List works!
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    LUKE SKYWALKER: The jedi were fuckin dipshit diaper dumbasses, watch me milk this sea aardvark.
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    Yeah has been one of those sort of years, hasn't it? No real standouts. Thus why most of the publications seem to have different number ones. The one getting the most number one slots seem to be Lorde for croats sake i'm reading back through this thread and caught beast agreeing with his own post 30 minutes later?
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    Literally nothing will ever beat the Ariana Grande one:
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    imagine publishing letters from actual racists instead of letters from families who have been destroyed by ICE arrests
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    to be fair, black dog DOES sound like ac/dc
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    before i begin, FUCK YOU KEITH. ok, we're good now. 20. The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding 19. Chance The Rapper and Jeremih – Merry Christmas Lil Mama: Rewrapped 18. 2 Chainz – Pretty Girls Like Trap Music 17. Drake – More Life 16. Kelela – Take Me Apart 15. Charli XCX – Pop 2 14. Ron Gallo – HEAVY META Acerbic commentary about run down urban life and the pathetic state of rock music over distorted riffs and chords that ring out. I guess there's just not enough of an audience for this type of thing now compared to 5-10 years ago? this is one of the catchiest and funniest debut albums that i've heard in awhile. Gallo is bohemian to the core, and before i was halfway through this, i felt like i knew him. RIYL thee oh sees, but sometimes wish you knew what dwyer was singing about. 13. Migos - Culture Learning to love Migos' ad libs is like learning a new local dialect. When it clicks, though. 12. Jay Z – 4:44 A shockingly consistent late career album with such great production and so little fat, that i actually learned to ignore the fact that the most powerful couple in entertainment continue to make an extra 8 or 9 figures annually by making their marital troubles into a vague soap opera. The middle of this album is the smoothest run of songs i heard all year, and jay sounds better than he has in half a decade at least rhyming over stevie, frank, the fugees, damien marley, and his wife. I have to admit I do sometimes yearn for the younger, brasher jay who didn't keep the bpm so low. still, props for artfully circumventing the tabloids. 11. Waxahatchee – Out In The Storm 10. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN. 9. Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger In The Alps Another great debut! Bridgers has the most tender voice i can recall off the top of my head, and the way in which she sings about depressing subjects makes her sound a bit older than 23. Some awkward turns of phrase here and there are forgiven by the time she wryly sings about shower beers on "scott street". Quick anecdote: I saw her sing "Lua" with Conor Oberst over the summer as the opening act for Wilco, and it was incredible, she blew him out of the water. i've never seen a crowd take to an unknown artists like that either. If a cover of that song was on this album, it might've ended up even higher on my list. 8. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION 7. Sylvan Esso – What Now Catchy indie pop songs that (i think) are mostly about the transition of a romantic relationship from its infancy to something more serious, it's fittingly both delicate and urgent. A big step forward from the debut. 6. Future - HENDRXX 5. LCD Soundsystem - american dream The only 00s indie comeback album worth talking about imo. murphy picks up where he left off, only tweaking the production to be thinner, darker, and dirtier to match the world weary subject matter. if he keeps taking himself a bit too seriously and the quality remains this high, then he'll become a better old man than anyone imagined. 4. Jay Som – Everybody Works I'd bet if the year was 2005, this would be one of the most hyped albums of the year. Regardless, I expect Melina will be the star of the genre soon as it seems like she's capable of writing dream pop choruses and layering instruments in her sleep. There's a spacey vibe to a lot of these songs, thanks to reverb, synths, and interludes, but she occasionally lets all of that take a back seat for dissonant guitar solos. Not enough people here have listened to this!!!! 3. The Courtneys II A quick shot of irresistible power pop and low key some of the best guitar work of recent memory. The songs are a bit melancholy and focus on lost crushes met in passing on the road, yet the music instantly puts me in a good mood and is perfect for driving and running. There's just something simple and pure about this band's music that is absent from most other newer rock bands, I think. They were also the most fun I had watching live music all year. I could watch them just pound three chords into oblivion for hours. I hope the put out more music asap. 2. Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 To many here, I would guess this was/will be written off as normie party music. idgaf, it delivers something i've wanted for years... 35 minutes of near perfect retro pop songs stuffed with guest stars doing what they do best. as if daft punk discarded the bullshit and just made 10 #1 hits with niles rogers like they should have. "slide" and "heatstroke" are easily my most played songs of the year. on the latter, calvin got young thug to fucking enunciate! that deserves its own grammy. This was a go to for driving, any sunny day, and every social gathering throughout the year. i urge anyone who wrote this one off after hearing the singles to at least revisit the more downtempo final two songs, where two female vocalists shine and lil yachty delivers another fire guest verse. hopefully harris produces more for younger artists like these in the future. 1. Kesha - Rainbow A triumphant comeback album in which an artist is finally free to record everything she's always wanted. obviously, context is important (*cough*). these songs detail resilient optimism and strength in spite of some truly evil oppression, and that makes them the perfect soundtrack for a year in which so many awful tales of such abuse were brought into the light more than ever before. Nothing quite lifted my spirits this year like starting up the opening track and forgetting the assholes and bastards by the time "let em talk"'s first chorus hit. But it's not just therapy; my favorite parts of kesha's personality are on full display here alongside the recovery narrative: her humor and her versatility. Truly a jack of all trades, she hops around from pop power ballads to straight rockers to country standards to antonoff-lite jams while promising to murder cheaters or fly to her home planet. Bonus points for comparing rambunctious boyfriends to godzilla.
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    1. Matt Mitchell—A Pouting Grimace [avant-garde jazz] listen (partial) 2. Richard Dawson—Peasant [progressive folk] listen (Spotify) 3. Stabscotch—Uncanny Valley [avant-prog] listen 4. Barry Guy, Maya Homburger & Zlatko Kaučič—Without Borders [free improvisation, electroacoustic] listen 5. Grateful Dead—Get Shown the Light [jam band] listen to one of the four shows here 6. JASSS—Weightless [electro-industrial] listen 7. Jute Gyte—Oviri [avant-garde metal] listen 8. Enrico Falbo—Tranceformer [neo-psychedelia] listen 9. Tomas Fujiwara—Triple Double [avant-garde jazz] listen 10. Nmesh—Pharma [plunderphonics] listen 11. Nicole Mitchell—Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds [spiritual jazz] listen 12. Fis & Rob Thorne—Clear Stones [dark ambient, te pūoro Māori, electroacoustic] listen 13. Tyshawn Sorey—Verisimilitude [chamber jazz] listen (partial) 14. Love Theme—Love Theme [post-rock, dark jazz] listen 15. The Necks—Unfold [free improvisation, post-minimalism] listen 16. Lingua Ignota—All Bitches Die [death industrial] listen 17. Lingua Ignota—Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him [death industrial] listen 18. James Holden & the Animal Spirits—The Animal Spirits [krautrock revival] listen (Spotify) 19. Joshua Sabin—Terminus Drift [ambient] listen 20. Pan Daijing—Lack 惊蛰 [post-industrial] listen 21. Saal Hardali—Saal Hardali [avant-prog] listen 22. Linda Catlin Smith—Drifter [Apartment House / Quatuor Bozzini] [modern classical] two extracts 23. Impossible Nothing—Lexemenomicon [instrumental hip-hop] listen 24. Blanck Mass—World Eater [electro-industrial] listen 25. Sadaf—SHELL [post-industrial, art pop, glitch] listen 26. Dubit—Vitriol [dark ambient] listen (Spotify) 27. UUUU—UUUU [krautrock revival] listen (Spotify) 28. The War on Drugs—A Deeper Understanding [heartland rock] listen (Spotify) 29. Ambrose Akinmusire—A Rift in Decorum: Live at the Village Vanguard [post-bop] listen (Spotify) 30. Primitive Man—Caustic [sludge metal] listen 31. King Krule—The Ooz [indie rock] listen 32. Seamus Fogarty—The Curious Hand [progressive folk] listen (Spotify) 33. Black Motor—Branches [European post-bop] listen 34. Pryapisme—Diabolicus felinae pandemonium [cyber metal] listen 35. Tom O.C. Wilson—Tell a Friend [progressive pop] listen (Spotify) 36. Uniform—Wake in Fright [noise rock, industrial rock] listen 37. Zeena Parkins—Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics [modern classical, electroacoustic] listen 38. Jaimie Branch—Fly or Die [modal jazz] listen 39. Palberta—Bye Bye Berta [post-punk revival] listen 40. Fletcher Pratt—Selected Works (2015-2016) [electroacoustic, microtonal, drone] listen 41. Roscoe Mitchell—Bells for the South Side [avant-garde jazz] listen (Spotify) 42. Cleric—Retrocausal [mathcore] listen (partial) 43. Damien Dubrovnik—Great Many Arrows [death industrial] listen 44. Shelter—Shelter [avant-garde jazz] listen 45. Evans/Fernández/Gustafsson—A Quietness of Water [avant-garde jazz] listen (Spotify) 46. Nate Wooley—Knknighgh (Minimal Poetry for Aram Saroyan) [avant-garde jazz] listen 47. Abu Lahab—Amhdaar [sound collage, post-industrial, black ambient] listen 48. Konrad Sprenger—Stack Music [post-minimalism] listen 49. Stephen Meidell—Metrics [microhouse, folktronica] listen 50. Bell Witch—Mirror Reaper [funeral doom metal] listen
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    ugh fuck it might change 40. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice 39. Line Gate - Den 38. Linden Pomeroy & Lonesome Blood - maybe it’s our january heads 37. Lee Noble - The Hell of You Come In 36. Pandelindio - Spirits of Valtellina 35. Graham Lambkin - Two Points on the Angle 34. The New Year - Snow 33. Raising Holy Sparks - Search for the Vanished Heaven 32. Chuck Johnson - Balsams 31. Bitter Fictions - XXVII 30. Remambran - peace child music 29. HMS - Tetrad 28. Rootless - Sculptures Deep Within the Cave 27. Planning for Burial - Beneath the House 26. Bill Orcutt - Bill Orcutt 25. Nadia Reid - Preservation 24. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory 23. Kelela - Take Me Apart 22. Sam Amidon - The Following Mountain 21. Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen - Birch 20. Circuit Des Yeux - Reaching for Indigo 19. Cloakroom - Time Well 18. IN//VIA - Meditations 17. Ama Divers - Shadow Seeking Sun 16. Ian William Craig - Slow Vessels 15. The Fun Years - Heroes of the Second Story Walk-Up 14. Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives 13. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness 12. Tucker Theodore - Lady Hope 11. S.A.M. - Dream State of a Bellmaker 10. Juana Molina - Halo 09. Mdou Moctar - Sousoume Tamachek 08. Olli Aarni - Nielu 07. The Americas - Fok Chaw 06. Erik Kramer - A House, Floating in the Middle of a Lake 05. Slowdive - Slowdive 04. Big Thief - Capacity 03. Tonstartssbandht - Sorcerer 02. Sarah Davachi - All My Circles Run 01. Midwife - Like Author, Like Daughter
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    I think i've told this story, but Aziz stiffed my brother on an expensive bar tab in 2012 and has been awaiting his downfall since
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    nsfw actual photo of his dick in action
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    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/03/donald-trump-russia-steve-bannon-michael-wolff?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I don't really know how to read this given that the source is Steve Bannon, but "they're going to crack Don Jr like an egg on national TV" is really doing it for me.
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    Final list edited in!! 1. Kesha | Rainbow Not saying it’s a “perfect album” or that i think every song on it’s own is killer, just that it spoke to me more than anything else this year, and i honestly probably wouldn’t skip a song on it at this point, feels greater than the sum of its parts to me and probably also wins the award for causing me to cry the most (both in the car and at home). 2. The Courtneys | The Courtneys II Probably tied for most consistent album of the year. The kind of album that goes for a very specific chilled out mood consistent throughout and it is just fucking catchy as hell to boot. One of those nostalgia trips that completely stands on its own merits in 2017. Only saw the end of their set this year so I’m hoping they come back soon! 3. Sheer Mag | Need to Feel Your Love Probably tied for most consistent album of the year, these people fucking rock out and also ain’t afraid to get political and/or historical with the subject matter. Also finally saw a full set this year and I think they’re still fucking killing it. Hearing about the wave of hype for them on Terminal Boredom back with their first 7”, and then the intense backlash and subsequent two 7”s, was… interesting. But then again a certain local band put out a single a few years ago which had the lyrics “Terminal Boredom suck my cock” if that tells you anything. Feels like they’re both more and less popular now with this first full length album that isn’t a repackaging of 3 EPs. 4. Charli XCX | Pop 2 Finally starting to see the point of a “mixtape” over an album. Give me all the Charli XCX! 5. Boy Harsher | Country Girl EP Amazing ethereally groovin’ duo on local electronic label DKA, seen them a few times at local bars and they don’t disappoint but they REALLY shined on a bigger stage opening for Front 242 a few months ago. The title track on this release is particularly superb. 6. Nurse | Nurse Blistering ATL punk. I have been to so many of their shows and watching them grow in members and popularity while keeping the core rhythm section as tight as possible has been such a trip. The vocals by newer member Aaron, added before this record, are more abrasive than the band’s founder and main creative driver Bryan’s were, but Aaron is also more of a showman, making live shows more exciting now, and Bryan’s guitar work is better now too! 7. Kelela | Take Me Apart Recent annex/generally hyped artist I can really get behind. An Experience. 8. Taylor Swift | Reputation Oh boy, what a strange ride this album is. Definitely grew on me and I can say I still love pop Taylor even though she hasn’t gotten any less problematic. It’s hilarious to me she is releasing little “making of” videos which I haven’t watched almost any of but seem like a bizarre attempt to prove that she was heavily involved in the creation of these songs and that she isn’t just the mouthpiece she is accused of being for max martin, shellback, antonoff, w/e. 9. Charly Bliss | Guppy Everything hotrock said about it is true. Could see this being higher on my list if i'd heard it sooner/more. 10. Uniform (ATL) | No Trending Local punk band I lurve. They’re just called Uniform but there’s another band with an album being voted on that has the same name and is from NYC I think. 11. Waxahatchee | Out in the Storm Rethinking this bc after realllly paying attention to the lyrics, this is everything we need in 2017. 12. MUNA | About U Thanks festive fifty! Whatever dark pop is, i'm here for it. 13. Dasher | Sodium Noise rock band featuring songwriting, shout-singing, and bombastic drumming by former ATLien Kylee Kimbrough who at some point in the past few years broke up the lineup she had here and moved back home to Indiana to sort out some personal shit, then reformed the band up there and put out this album with some old and some new songs, fuckin’ love it. 14. Sylvan Esso | What Now Really surprised at how much I like this album. It’s kind of weirder than I would have expected without being all that weird, and it has nice variety while still being cohesive. There are some songs I don’t like as much as the others I guess but the really good shit makes up for it imo, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome with too many songs. 15. Ritual Knife | Hate Invocation Lovechild of black metal and hardcore punk, featuring members of Slugga and Nurse (among others), you’d never know the vocalist was female unless you went to their show and saw her long dark hair covering her face, perhaps with velvet top and animal tooth pendant necklace. I’ve been there since day 1 and this was never a type of music I was drawn to but these folks make me love it. 16. Charli XCX | Number 1 Angel Had so much fun spinning this this year! Not the most consistent but I guess as a mixtape it isn’t trying to be, and there is some glorious shit on here. 17. Jesca Hoop | Memories Are Now Another album that I liked way more than I expected to. Has some filler sure but way more really catchy ideas conveyed in an intriguingly sparse musical style. 18. Alvvays | Antisocialites Slept on this band up until Festive Fifty voting time. I’m not sure what kind of staying power or substance they’ll prove to have with me but boy is this shit nice to listen to. Maybe frontloaded but that’s usually influenced by the label tbh. 19. Wolf Alice | Visions of a Life Thanks festive fifty! Feel like @Demons Sing Love Songs might like this, which occurred to me while listening to the ~8 minute final (title) track. 20. Rose Elinor Dougall | Stellular Not really what I expected, but idk what you can really expect from just a woman’s name. I think in the past I’ve been guilty of lumping together most artists that just go by their full name rather than inventing a moniker, but 2017 was my year to bust out of that cage in my brain. It’s somehow modern yet retro. Feels long though somehow, I think she could have cut some filler, but there are quite a few songs on here I’ll be going back to indefinitely. 21. Sigrid | Don’t Kill My Vibe EP 22. Run the Jewels | Run the Jewels 3 23. Lil Peep | Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt 1 24. Sneaks | It’s a Myth 25. The Mountain Goats | Goths 26. Maggie Rogers | Now That The Light is Fading 27. Young Thug & Carnage | Young Martha 28. Kaleidoscope | Volume 3 29. Kaleida | Tear the Roots 30. Kitty | Miami Garden Club 31. Allison Crutchfield | Tourist in This Town 32. Princess Nokia | 1992 Deluxe 33. Protomartyr | Relatives in Descent 34. Lil Pump | Lil Pump 35. SZA | Ctrl 36. Big Thief | Capacity 37. Paramore | After Laughter 38. 2 Chainz | Pretty Girls like Trap Music 39. Lana Del Rey | Lust For Life 40. Mac Demarco | This Old Dog 41. Julien Baker | Turn Out the Lights 42. Craig Finn | We All Want the Same Things 43. Young Thug | Beautiful Thugger Girls 44. Kendrick Lamar | DAMN. 45. Surf Curse | Nothing Yet 46. Laura Marling | Semper Femina 47. Julie Byrne | Not Even Happiness 48. Arandel | Aleae 49. The xx | I See You 50. Slowdive | Slowdive full list:
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