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    🤠 💦 💦💦 💦 💦 💦 👇 💦 👇 💦 💦 👢 👢 howdy! i'm the sheriff of sit down, stand up! the raindrops x47.
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    not a spoiler: if you voted for richard dawson, i hate you and your love of poorly tuned violins and farty synths and ham-handed acoustic guitar lines and vocals that make neutral milk hotel seem like easy listening
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    This is a bizarre and deeply misguided thing that’s happened to me and other women I know more than once: “Hey, you were raped, mind telling me whether I should book a rapist on my show or not?” It’s asking an amputee if they should invite someone who cuts off arms and legs to a party. It’s not a question. By asking it, you make clear you know the answer already. What you’re really doing is asking a victim to tell you it’s okay to be complicit in someone else’s wrongdoing if that’s the easier choice. ... But I was being asked a question, and I didn’t know how to answer it. Most pertinently, I was being asked a question in 2015. If I were asked today, I would say do not book a predator on your comedy show, you stupid fuck. Never do that. Now that the #MeToo movement is in full swing, it’s an easy thing to say, even if I’ve felt unable to say it before. ... Victims should be listened to, respected and believed. It is not their job to make you feel better about doing nothing.
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    Haven't had this in a few years and honestly it rules
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    the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops
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    https://www.avclub.com/taylor-swifts-new-social-network-for-swifties-is-alread-1821428086?rev=1513703533321&utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing Taylor Swift's new social network for Swifties is already overrun with Trump-supporting homophobes
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    I want the next episode to feature someone eating nachos with their mouth open the whole time they're presenting.
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    i actually recorded straight from spotify to one audacity track and recorded myself on a different audacity track in the same file and edited from there i tested first by ear and i think sounded fine, but idk i was just kind of following instructions on audacity website
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    Love "The Great Curve" The world moves on a woman's hips "Crosseyed and Painless" is amazing, too.
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    I piped a Google Play Music browser window directly into Audacity and recorded all the songs as separate tracks in their own project file, then recorded my commentary in a separate project file, and cut-and-pasted the songs into it when I was done. Seemed easier than trying to hunt down individual mp3 files, and GPM streams 320 mp3s anyway. I think even with the final re-encoding and compression to mp3 at the end it came out okay.
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    They look like St Kitten Kisser started a band with Alicia and Sophie G.
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    checking this out. i've only heard True Romance and Sucker but i spun the former quite a bit a few years ago. haven't checked out of her mixtapes/albums and i haven't even heard "Boys" before but excited to check tihs out
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    I haven't had much of a chance to listen to this yet until now It's amazing
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    Makes a change from shagging around even though his wife is still warm.
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    i had no idea what ready player one is other than a punchline but I saw the trailer the other night and it was the worst thing i've seen
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    Made some Reuben croquettes Pretty good, the mix could use a little more corned beef! I think next time I'll do pastrami Plz don't make fun of my pioneer woman plates they were free
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    I figure there's gotta be something other than us out there but it's either so far away from us that we'll never even know about it or it's so different from us that we wouldn't even recognize it as life if we did.
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    my cat has a tail that bends all the way over his back to touch his shoulder blades though, and he sounds like a generator when he purrs, he's very extra hes a specific and lewd act of evil i just don't feel that bad about cramping his style i guess. plus it never gets to him, he just jumps back like "did you touch me?!"
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    Waking up drunk in the shower, had a melody with lyrics stuck in my head, went and recorded instantly and I'm really really happy with the result! It's even got a The Beta Band vibe going on