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    The selection of Sen. Orrin G. Hatch as the 2017 Utahn of the Year has little to do with the fact that, after 42 years, he is the longest-serving Republican senator in U.S. history, that he has been a senator from Utah longer than three-fifths of the state’s population has been alive. It has everything to do with recognizing: Hatch’s part in the dramatic dismantling of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments. His role as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee in passing a major overhaul of the nation’s tax code. His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.
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    1. Mount Eerie | A Crow Looked at Me 2. Circuit Des Yeux | Reaching for Indigo 3. Richard Dawson | Peasant 4. Fleet Foxes | Crack Up 5. Bjork | Utopia 6. Julie Byrne | Not Even Happiness 7. Ryuichi Sakamoto | async 8. Four Tet | New Energy 9. Deerhoof | Mountain Moves 10. Vince Staples | Big Fish Theory 11. Slowdive | Slowdive 12. Charlotte Gainsbourg | Rest 13. Arca | Arca 14. Big Thief | Capacity 15. Fever Ray | Plunge 16. King Krule | The Ooz 17. Kaitlin Aurelia Smith | The Kid 18. Susanne Sundfør | Music for People in Trouble 19. DJ Sports | Modern Species 20. Moses Sumney | Aromanticism 21. Spirit Fest | Spirit Fest 22. Colleen | A flame my love, a frequency 23. Shannon Ray | Living Water 24. Cornelius | Mellow Waves 25. The Clientele | Music for the Age of Miracles Might add comments later. Haven't seen much talk of that Circuit Des Yeux album around here but it's pretty brilliant (bit biased being semi-involved/friends with that Chicago noise/drone/folk scene at one point myself). I find myself listening to far less Drag City stuff these days now that I rely on Spotify and the like...a fairly major downside to the advent of streaming services being that labels who stick to their guns aren't as accessible. That's mostly on me obviously but still a pity.
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    I'm glad I'm in good company here. I just saw TLJ and I think I liked it? There was some excellent stuff (Snoke's death scene), some weird stuff (Luke milking the weird crying alien?) and then some straight up bad stuff (ghost Yoda, the casino planet). In general I think it worked, though. My main problem with TFA was the weak characterization, and this was only marginally better in that respect. Kylo Ren is still the only character I give a damn about (though tbf Adam Driver is totally killing this role). Most of why I liked it comes down to how it handled its big reveals: I saw Snoke's death coming, but it's still easily one of the best Star Wars scenes we've had in decades, the darkening of Luke's character felt very appropriate to me (based on the fan outrage I was expecting him to gut Chewie or something - I genuinely don't understand why people seem to be so upset about something so tame), and the way it undercut the mystery around Rey's parentage was deflating in a way I wouldn't expect from something Disney has such tight creative control over. I appreciated how much bolder it was than TFA in trying to break away from the original trilogy, even if that resulted in some pretty strange scenes. TFA felt like solid, if overly reverent fan-fiction; this felt like better, slightly wackier fan-fiction.
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    me neither but I still have not ever quite resumed the level of reading I had pre-Internet even though I am managing to read more than I did for most of high school and college pretty sure @Demons Sing Love Songs is a fan so i'm overdue
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    i think that's gonna be all for me folk's. honorable mention to cloud nothings, vince staples, and full of hell
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    also there's a whole wealth of incredible ghostly ambient stuff that both clay and gorlen are involved in, together, solo, with other collaborators, etc. highly recommend picking through anything with their names on it on bandcamp and seeing where that takes you. if you haven't heard it, john wayne death scene from I think 2015 is a jaw-dropping tape
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    My brother is a pretty big reader but had never read A Confederacy of Dunces. Bought him a copy for Christmas.
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    Okay gonna rethink this one a bit but... One Hundred Years Of Solitude - Garcia-Marquez Infinite Jest - DFW Franny & Zooey - Salinger Big Sur - Kerouac A Complicated Kindness - Miriam Toews Bell Jar - Plath
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    dude, the best of youth is so great, was not expecting an over 6h movie to be worth it before i saw it some years ago but it totally was, and i recently rewatched it even
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    benny if you really want to watch a long ass masterpiece try The Best of Youth instead ; ) if i can't convince you maybe my friend @ocean can <3
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    Tuscaloosa man charged with burglarizing bank on Christmas Day (Posted for the mugshot)
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    I still love Andy Stott, at least the legendary EPs + Luxury Problems. I think he's gotten a bit boring since then, somehow? Just listened to Luxury Problems while I played some minecraft the other day as a matter of fact. So far my list for this year is basically: 01. Slowdive - Slowdive 02. Everything else I listened to a lot this year
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    I got the boxset for christmas And I got it with this
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    i'll post some sentences for my top 10 favs in case i haven't commented on them elsewhere: 1. crusades | this is a sickness and sickness will end really grandiose and extravagant melodic punk made by a band that clearly listens to a lot of black metal. 2. the menzingers | after the party sorta like the gaslight anthem, but good. 3. converge | the dusk in us maintains the extremely high quality standards set by their previous two albums. converge are the greatest metal band of all time. 4. japandroids | near to the wild heart of life for all the talk of japandroids beefing up their sound in the studio, it's pretty much the same kinds of songs they've always been writing. which, after five years, is more than welcome. 5. blanck mass | world eater both nastier and groovier than "dumb flesh" (though not quite as good). 6. broken social scene | hug of thunder i can't believe how much better this band is than arcade fire now lmfao 7. black anvil | as was didn't hear a lot of black metal that wowed me this year, but this was pretty great. as fun and catchy as this genre gets. 8. the war on drugs | a deeper understanding gets into this list mostly on the strength of its best tracks. "strangest thing" may be the best beer commercial lead-guitar song ever recorded. 9. alvvays | antisocialites put this off for way too long, it's even better than their very good debut! 10. godspeed you! black emperor | luciferian towers the least subtle presentation ever on a godspeed album, but the music bangs. much better than "asunder..."
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    Humans were the real aliens the whole time.
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    I made homemade cookies for the family got some dark chocolate chip ones, some peanut butter ones, some crumbled Heath bar ones, some caramel ones and some cinnamon sugar ones some of them arent very pretty but who gives a shit!!!!!
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    he actually ruined it bc now every time i'll hear someone say it i'll think they're a trump cunt
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    he seriously thinks it was, like, illegal to say merry christmas i have never met a human being who gives a fuck about the word christmas
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    I was at the mall today and got a craving for shitty Chinese food from the food court I’m regretting it already
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    how can it be a true coloring book if his face on the cover isn't even in orange!
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    Donald Trump Coloring Book Comic Price: $5.99 Item Number: SCB-TRUMP Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ® In the continuation of creating products on American true-to-life modern day cultural icons St. Louis based publisher Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. releases factual "unauthorized biography" on Donald J. Trump. Used as a teaching and learning tool Donald Trump - "Make America Great Again" - Coloring Book Comic is designed to educate youth and adults about the real life of Donald J. Trump. It is a factual representation of a true-to-life cultural icon “The Real Man Donald J. Trump” of the United States. As an unauthorized biography the book does not represent an endorsement of the Trump Campaign and is not designed as a political piece. We gathered information to give a fair and accurate representation of this global magnate, entrepreneur and father. This is about his real life. We have provided input on his positive contributions for analysis and review by the general public. This is suitable for education. Mr. Trump has proven to be controversial with his firebrand personality. We ignore the “hype” and represent the man as he exists and as he is viewed by millions of people. Our company has found the bottom line with Mr. Trump; “He loves America, what it represents and he loves most of the people that live in the USA.” Designed for children of all ages and those who wish to learn and educate others on Donald Trump. With 24 pages of learning and entertainment, the book will certainly educate an entire classroom of students for many hours. Really Big Coloring Books ® (RBCB) are manufactured in the United States with soy ink and guaranteed 100 percent safe against non-toxic inks, paints and dyes! We participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program. RBCB books are registered into the Library of Congress and all works, images and text are trademarked and copyrighted. The song "Upgrade America" is no longer available. Availability: Usually ships within 2 days. ISBN: 978-1-61953-165-9 UPC: 8 22754 31659 2 8.5" wide x 11" tall 24 pages
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    watched a couple episodes of dragons: race to the edge with the kid the other day and it was pretty decent it's so weird though how so much children's tv still relies on all these archaic conversational tropes for a cheap laugh that don't bear any resemblance to things that actual people say irl so kids are conditioned by tv to think that there are certain things you say in certain situations and it's funny because...it's funny, but...it's not
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    Nice! I met The Black Madonna a few times when I was living with a bunch of Chicago DJ's.
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    He’s always been this bad, but now that it’s acceptable by half the population to be an absolute piece of shit he’s really letting it all out.
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    Hi Mike, I first wanted to thank you for your book Gorilla Mindset. It really helped me be a better man and take control of my life in a way that I badly needed. I also wanted to thank you for leading by example regarding how to fight back against people who are trying to put you down. I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question regarding some issues in my life to get some advice from someone who has helped me so much already: I currently am married with a baby and am living in my wife's parents' basement. Our marriage has at times been tense because I tend to be too much of an alpha for her. I feel like there's a chance she's going to leave me in the next year or so, and though I luckily have some alimony money from a previous divorce, I'm afraid that a lot of the unhinged things I've written on the internet will make it difficult to get custody of our baby. Any advice? And if you were me, how would you change my living situation, which is admittedly a bit emasculating? Thanks again for everything!
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    so wait people voted mask off over solo? or is there two future tracks in the festive 50?
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    Best decision I ever made. I know it's not the normal cup of tea around here but I've never experienced anything similar to Every Time I Die's set.
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    Saw Angel Olsen last night and enjoyed it a lot! it was more theatrical than I expected, and Angel was in a very good mood it seemed because she kept giggling during verses for some reason. Sister live is incredible Also she asked everyone what she should do after the tour and someone yelled "send a fax" which she agreed is what she would do. She then told a story about her cat which was also good.
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    had a dream that the sun hadn't set in like 3 days and all the major news outlets were taking it as proof that we live in a simulation then I woke up 15 minutes after I was supposed to have arrived at work
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    tyler the creator and vince staples are playing rochester in february
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/fieriwalkwithme/status/870417986263420929?s=17 fieri walk with me
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    I'm really due for a mullholland drive rewatch because I bought it on blu ray and haven't even opened it yet but tbh knowing I'm going to have to sit through that scene again is kind of a deterrent