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    thanks for voting, commenting, and a special thanks to sugarface for helping out. Please refer to this clip if you have any complaints or criticisms about my handling of the rollout along the way Here's the full list
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    (133) Future Islands ~ The Far Field [85 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: sugarface (13) (132) Various Artists (PAN) ~ Mono No Aware [85 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mylo (8) “mono no aware is a must listen for annex ambient lads talk to the sea vibes” -keith (131) Death Grips ~ Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber) [86 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mylo (16) “i've snuck death grips onto collaborative party playlists before. most of the time people are too drunk to give a shit” – dhsb “wow death grips how subversive *extremely large eyeroll*” - CI (130) The Tall Grass ~ Down the Unmarked Road [86 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Rcky Grvs (4) “come see the tall grass at the post office in a couple of weeks - their second trip down to the city of folded arms. they're a brilliant amalgam of melancholy and melody. fenton sings a song about belangalo and milat called "please be careful" that is just spine-chilling shit.” – the dude (129) Kelsea Ballerini ~ Unapologetically [88 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: cygh (2) “id feel bad comparing her to tswift if she didnt so obviously position herself to draw those comparisons. this is a bit fearless and a bit speak now. so, excellent” - shakes
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    I can't get the way bhad bhabie says "Merry Christmas, beeeeitch!" to her mom out of my head
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    i think harmon is more self aware, but i dont think it should be understated how much of the reminds me of the Lacey statement in its "I'm sorry I'm so fucked up" apology Harmon's fanbase is fucking insane, so her putting herself in front of that is insanely brave and I hope nothing comes down on her because of it (it will).
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    (122) Tonstartssbandht ~ Sorcerer [93 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: I am a damn ass bunny (3) “I've already blasted the new tonstartssbandht on too many long drives over the past 6 months and I've got 350 miles to cover on friday night” - I am a damn ass bunny (121) mastodon ~ Emperor of Sand [95 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Kemper, dhsb (19) “just realized ive never played any mastodon for ym dad, who likes metal but not any harsh vocals, so not much modern stuff. might go for it this weekend” - shakes (120) Snoh Aalegra ~ Feels [95 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: cygh (5) “Are "the feels" your testicles” -CI (119) Sarah Davachi ~ All My Circles Run [95 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: i am a damn ass bunny (2) “yo droners n zoners the new sarah davachi is out there and it's sick” - I am a damn ass bunny (118) Sarah Shook & The Disarmers ~ Sidelong [95 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Rcky Grvs (1) “another album that just gets the genre so well. healthy doses of the misery and humor that makes country so good when done right, and her band absolutely smokes” - shakes (117) power trip ~ nightmare logic [96 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: shakes (11) “its tricky being such an obvious throwback act like this but if you show a clear understanding of the genre it doesnt have to be a dealbreaker. these guys do everything that makes good thrash such a joy and they do it with just enough personality that i dont even think about the big four or anything” -shakes
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    Starting as always with the albums that received more total points than a single #1 vote. Going to rocket through the boring back third of the list so we can start tomorrow with the Top 100 . (146) The XX ~ I See You [76 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mypetiguana (14) “Love Dangerous and Performance. Don’t think I should but I’m a fan of coexist so I guess my opinion on the xx should probably be ignored” -mypetiguana (145) Varg ~ Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City [77 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: C.I. (18) “last i heard from hotrock she said she was doing the varg tour and was going to murder someone before leaving the country” – demons “listen to the varg album I posted last page mylo you too @dregs skip right to "red line II" if you need to be convinced immediately.” - CI (144) Mount Kimbie ~ Love What Survives [79 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: alan (10) “I had bought us Mount Kimbie tickets thinking the show was this weekend, turns out it's next month. so i invited her over for dinner instead and made lemony garlic chicken, buttery broccoli, rosemary potatoes and a dijon vinagrette salad. CC: food thread. also, got laid. !!!! big t'ings i hope” - dusty (143) Nmesh ~ Pharma [80 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Hector (10) “Another eclectic album of plunderphonics from one of vaporwave's biggest names. So far I'm enjoying this, which is strange considering I generally found what he's done in the 15 years previous to be generally boring and lazy-sounding. This sounds like a lot more effort was put into it, at least.” –Hector “(Feel free to completely undercut this post by posting a video of Gillibrand shaving puppies, then leaving them in an arctic tundra and selling their fur to big pharma while laughing maniacally)” -mnemos (142) King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ~ Polygondwanaland [80 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: benno (3) “it's kind of incredible that they've put out four good records this year” – Darren Lamb (141) Jessie Ware ~ Glasshouse [81 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Bill (7) “Tails off a bit after an amazing start of the album, but she just has this elegance that lifts all material.” - dliz "Somehow Ed Sheeran has managed to worm his way into what seems like every single pop record this year and his contribution to this album is predictably annoying (the overly treacly acoustic slop ""Sam"") but the rest is pretty standard Jessie Ware, giant choruses and a really shiny production sheen." - Bill (140) The Shins ~ Heartworms [82 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Tor (17) “people are forgetting about The Shins!!” – John McClane “they're easy to forget” – lukin
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    (100) Princess Nokia ~ 1992 Deluxe [112 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: hotrock (4) “this is also really the album (mixtape?) I needed in 2017. she is one of few people an IRL FRIEND recommended I listen to mostly because of boricua pride and that time when she dumped hot soup on a racist dude on the subway which was also the moment we all needed in 2017. this album sounds in many ways like watching princess Nokia dump hot soup on people. it's sort of all over the place and unpolished and uncompromising. I can't wait to hear what she does next.” -hotrock (99) Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile ~ Lotta Sea Lice [113 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Kemper (10) "Doesn't seem like people were into this one but Courtney always gets to me, and the chemistry and tossed off nature of it was really endearing to me. Also I got laid to this one time and I always have to brag about having sex so here is me doing that.” - deadlizard (98) James Holden & the Animal Spirits ~ The Animal Spirits [113 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Kemper (6) “Anyway this is pretty good so far and pretty different to the last one I heard. Which was called the Inheritors. I think Benny said this was like Caribou's Up In Flames without the joy and that's pretty spot on so far. Edit: This is really good!” - Kemper “I on the other hand like the newJames Holden a lot. It’s this joyous jazzy, folky, ambient thing. Way more up my alley than his last one.” – A Fine Bottle of Wine (97) Mhysa ~ Fantasii [114 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Plopsack (2) “But anyway I'm really thankful to @Merry Plopmasfor about postingMhysa 's Fantasii because it's fantasiitic!” - alien (96) Ride ~ Weather Diaries [114 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Kemper (1) “spicy friday first take: melodrama >weather diaries” - CI
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    (55) Moses Sumney ~ Aromanticism [206 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Darren Lamb, Nudist (14) “Surprised no one has posted about Moses Sumney” - Servbot (54) Charlotte Gainsbourg ~ Rest [208 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: A Fine Bottle of Wine (8) “enjoying the new Charlotte Gainsbourg so far” - wahdiohead (53) Father John Misty ~ Pure Comedy [218 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Nudist (2) “i like this! total entertainment forever and ballad of a dying man are both great, trying to finish the whole album atm, I usually turn this album off somewhere in the middle of 'leaving la', around the part where he starts talking about being bad at lead guitar. wish me luck” - ody (52) Big K.R.I.T. ~ 4Eva is a Mighty Long Time [224 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: deadlizard (7) "definitely wasn't expecting a double album by a rapper I'd never gotten into before to crack my top 10, but it honestly just didn't feel that long after I got the initial listens out of the way, it's the breeziest 84 minutes I've ever known and there's not a weak track on the thing.” - dliz (51) Jay Som ~ Everybody Works [227 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: big bird (3), Roger Sterling (4) "I'd bet if the year was 2005, this would be one of the most hyped albums of the year. Regardless, I expect Melina will be the star of the genre soon as it seems like she's capable of writing dream pop choruses and layering instruments in her sleep. There's a spacey vibe to a lot of these songs, thanks to reverb, synths, and interludes, but she occasionally lets all of that take a back seat for dissonant guitar solos. Not enough people here have listened to this!!!!" – Roger Sterling
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    They have a deep misunderstanding of the show in that they find Rick, the alcoholic abusive grandfather, to be the hero of the show. It reminds me of the people who watched Breaking Bad and came away thinking "man, Walt is badass" on top of that, they think the show is exceedingly intelligent for spouting baseline nihilist views, while at the same time going nuts over mcdonalds sauce that was used as a punchline in one episode. A punchline that was essentially, Rick's motivation is useless and might as well be anything. Fanboys took this is "yes, the sauce is super important and i while berate people over this"
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎
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    (95) Mogwai ~ Every Country’s Sun [121 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: benno (1) “just realized the last time I listened to a new mogwai album was 11 years ago :\ feeling old atm” – I am a damn ass bunny "Have Mogwai gone and done a metal album" - Salem "I like many things! My burd from the Philippines, new music by Mogwai, my adopted home of whatever the North American equivalent of Australia happens to be." - dunderhead (94) godspeed you! black emperor ~ Luciferian Towers [122 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Theremin (8) “the least subtle presentation ever on a godspeed album, but the music bangs. much better than "asunder..." – dhsb "A Godspeed album in 2017, classic Theremin right? But it's actually their best post-hiatus album, even the drones are good this time!” - Theremin (93) Thurston Moore ~ Rock N Roll Consciousness [123 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Darren (5) “You make me sick” - Holly Jolly Arse Magic “in which his new band finally comes into their own, no longer making me sad they arent sonic youth instead. its thurstons show but he has genuine creative foils again and id love to see them keep at it” - shakes (92) Japandroids ~ Near to the Wild Heart of Life [124 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: dhsb (4) "for all the talk of japandroids beefing up their sound in the studio, it's pretty much the same kinds of songs they've always been writing. which, after five years, is more than welcome” – dhsb "new japandroids album is good, fight me" - lukin? 'chorus is "no known drink or drug will make our shitty music sound good"' - Kemper Boyd (91) Uniform ~ Wake in Fright [125 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: alan (2) “I wear my battle uniform because I'm usually off to kill some 12 year olds later that night” - mogi
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    bottom half is defo DJT Jr.
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    not gonna get optimistic about this actually undoing anything but I'm in favor of any institutional obstruction against this thing to at least slow it down and ruin someone's day
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    (116) Elbow ~ Little Fictions [96 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: belly! (5) “saw elbow last night. i didn't know the band very well but the gf loves them, and what songs she's played were good enough. It was pretty good. Garvey's voice is lovely but he does this bono-esque "hand reaches toward the crowd and the sky" every 5 seconds and it got really distracting and now comes the part where i look up the best moment of the night (The Birds) only to realize the studio version is only okay and lyrics are kind of bad” -alan (115) Cut Copy ~ Haiku From Zero [96 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: John McClane (4) "The best Cut Copy album since In Ghost Colours. They’re pretty much sticking to their old tricks as musicians, but the last couple of albums haven’t held up as well as this one does. “Airborne” and “No Fixed Destination” are two solid anchors back-to-back in the thick of this album."- John McClane (114) Nadia Reid ~ Preservation [96 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: dunderhead (2) “anyone else really enjoying nadia reid 's preservation? swear I've seen at least one other person post about it but the search isn't turning up with anything” - i am a damn ass bunny (113) Ryan Adams ~ Prisoner [97 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: pentachris (7) “circumstances conspired tomake me listen to dra a lot this year. he kinda makes sounds more than songs lately but hes toogifted not to drop a handful of gems per album” – shakes “Ryan Adams is absolutely awful (no offence to literally everyone on... The Annex).” -plopsack (112) White Reaper ~ The World's Best American Band [97 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: shakes (3) "title throws down a gauntlet and the songs gleefully leap all over it. every song shreds but judy french isnt just the best van halen song since 1984, it would have been a contender for best song on 1984"- shakes “more like best song on 198-snore!” – dliz, just now (111) Gorillaz ~ Humanz [98 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Tor (15) “I'm listening to Humanz. On the first track. I don't like hip hop. I never listened to Plastic Beach. Dunno why I'm listening to this one. God, never mind. Fuck this. Had to turn it off. It's like 50 tracks long.” - mortimer (110) Colleen ~ A Flame My Love, A Frequency [98 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: sugarface (7) “this seems good so far, didn't care much for her last one. kind of sick of like... hey I got some modular synthesizers!! as a concept though” – CI “The biggest Colleen stan on here is @Lights” - BEAST
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    (128) Hazel English ~ Just Give In/Never Going Home [89 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: cygh (18) “Anyone else like Hazel English ? Very samey indeed, but also... I loves it! Probably would vomit if she did a full album though.” - Plopsack (127) Lights ~ Skin & Earth [90 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Lights (7) "her last two albums are in my top 10 of the decade, and I think this suffers in the sense that while Siberia and Little Machines were big reinventions from the previous album, this is basically LM part 2 and it's just not as magical, but it's still a nice set of songs.” - dliz "About the only time someone named Lights will get any praise on this board!" - Lights (126) Drake ~ More Life [91 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Roger (17) “More Life really is a good time. Obviously will be a great summer record. Drake is generous.” -blanket (125) The Weather Station ~ The Weather Station [92 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Condite (7) “Seems like she has expanded her sound a bit on this one, and it works for her.” -Condite (124) Torres ~ Three Futures [92 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: burger (4) “loved sprinter but sort of slept on this, i think i listened to a few tracks once or twice but was disappointed in the change in style. it gets weirder as you go on though and now i'm intae it” - Darren (123) Elder ~ Reflections of a Floating World [93 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: kcwyckoff (12) “Tried Elder Scrolls Online since there is a free week right now. Fake open world where there's only one or two actual paths between zones Next!” -mogi
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    it's always fun returning to the board to find a bunch of parody threads, then having to figure out which is the original.
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    picture the average redditor. stop there
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    (59) Mac DeMarco ~ This Old Dog [178 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Palo (3) "With This Old Dog he is keeping the same ‘trademark’ sound from his last few albums but giving some more thought to the lyrics. Love the synthesizer accents. This is his best release to date, even if it may at times not distance itself too much from his past releases."- Palo (58) Liars ~ TFCF [180 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: benno (2) “I had no idea there were so many foolish people here who don't appreciate Liars . They're blatantly one of the best bands to come out of the early '00s indie scene!!!!!” – mnemos (57) Future ~ HNDRXX [187 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Nudist (5) “reminder that future + hndrxx is a massive accomplishment its honestly shocking to me how much mask off has blown up. great song and all, just shocked that out of this set of 34 that was the one to explode first. fingers crossed it's fresh air next” - keith "is future chanting percocet? im into that. it's reeally interesting hearing this slightly riced out backtrackn on future's song it just makes you miss old old riced wutang and realize what a pile of garbage future and r future is." - creep (56) Algiers ~ The Underside Of Power [196 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Bill (2) "These are like TV on the Radio if that band were way more interesting and way angrier. Vocalist Franklin Fisher has a voice like a fire and brimstone gospel singer, and he's fucking furious and he's letting you know. This is extremely obvious on ""Cleveland"" which features a segment name-checking black people who have died in alleged suicides, and then promises ""we""re coming back!"" It's aggressive, chilling, depressing, and hopeful all at once." - Bill
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    how many years would I get if I cut off Maher's dick and balls and force fed it to him?
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    i bought dark souls 3 the other day as a part of my plan to stave off depression by staying inside all day staring at screens with a blanket draped over my shoulders
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    Ranking it as your album of the year! Jesus fucking christ!
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    (70) MUNA ~ About U [156 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: green chocolate (5) “Thanks festive fifty! Whatever dark pop is, i'm here for it.” – ocean “Thank god for "I Know A Place" coming in and brushing off the Doritos dust scattered all over this episode.” – Joan Callamezzo (69) Susanne Sundfør ~ Music for People in Trouble [156 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: green chocolate (4) “The only ones playing around here are terrible local hip-hop acts, metal, metal, local-shit-indie-electro and Susanne Sundfør who I've seen too many times already. Let's just check what's playing today, oh Wolfmother. Fuck off.” -Tor (68) Litku Klemetti ~ Juna Kaiuuseen [157 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: the dude, Servbot (4) torinn818 Feb 01 2017 Okay, so I love Finnish. The language, I mean. It just sounds so cool! It's European but not- Finno-Ugric, so both at the same time, sorta, y'know- and sounds like a mixture between Japanese and Italian. That's cool, right? Right?? I'm not the only one that thinks that, yeah? Anyways, the fact that it's in Finnish is the best part about Juna Kainuuseen. Otherwise, it's a mostly unremarkable collection of post-DeMarco lo-fi pop. There's not really a compelling song on this thing, except for maybe the title track, whose unexpectedly triumphant chorus barely makes up for its overstayed welcome. Other than that, not much to say about this thing- maybe my Mac DeMarco quip was more accurate than I intended, because this really does sound like Mac DeMarco music sung by a Finnish time traveler from the disco era (the "time traveler from the disco era" comment is a negative, in case you were wondering. I hope you knew that). What this means is that Juna Kainuuseen means nothing, sounds like nothing, and is good for nothing. Bad for nothing, too, but still- not really worth listening to. 5/10. (-1 because it's boring, +1 because it's in Finnish.) (67) Charli XCX ~ Number 1 Angel [159 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: BEAST (6) "Had so much fun spinning this this year! Not the most consistent but I guess as a mixtape it isn’t trying to be, and there is some glorious shit on here." – ocean "Redeemed PC Music and it didn't even seem like she was trying that hard on this one. Pop 2 is superior, but I think I still stand by my take that ILY2 is the best song on either mixtape this year, and preceded by Emotional it’s one of the most showstopper back to backs on any album this year."- dliz (66) Laura Marling ~ Semper Femina [159 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Condite (2) "Pretty much a lock for my top 10 anytime she releases an album, she's incredibly consistent but still finds ways to surprise. The drop dead gorgeousness of The Valley, the sputtering percussion on Wild Fire, all the guitar work on Nothing, Not Nearly" –dliz “this is brimming with such masterful confidence that i think its silly to bother ranking it among her discography. id love a whole album like soothing but again, shes so clearly doing what she wants, and doing it so well, and i will gladly shut up and go with it” -shakes
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    I've been on a New Order kick for a few weeks now. I've been obsessively listening to Low-Life so I figured I'd move on to Technique. The song Vanishing Point absolutely fucking rules. Between this and Brotherhood, Sumner finally learns to carry a tune. This album cover made me want to go into design and it's still my favorite.
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    legalization is one of the least polarizing issues in American politics today, btw. It would be such an easy win . https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/everyone-agrees-that-weed-is-great-except-politicians/
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    Bit of a delayed reaction @Kemper Boyd but I had to pop out for an hour and a bit at lunch today so gave it a spin. I think its impossible for me to have any perspective on this but damn, this record is fantastic!
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    (105) Ariel Pink ~ Dedicated to Bobby Jameson [103 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: burger (14) “ariel stink” –CI “I'm giving that Ariel Pink album another go seeing as quite a few years have passed since my original listen, and I still find it as annoying as I remembered I don't get it. Lets see if I can finish it! Six tracks in, its had a couple of moments, but why is it over an hour long? Is that needed?” - BEAST (104) Jesca Hoop ~ Memories Are Now [103 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Condite (13) “Another album that I liked way more than I expected to. Has some filler sure but way more really catchy ideas conveyed in an intriguingly sparse musical style.” – ocean “Jesca Hoop would be my real life choice since she's attractive when she doesn't put on too much make up (like pretty much all girls).” – Servbot (103) milo ~ who told you to think??!!?!?!?! [103 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: alien (1) “you’ve lost all privileges of mentioning him” – dadows (2016) (102) Jay-Z ~ 4:44 [108 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Roger (12) "A shockingly consistent late career album with such great production and so little fat, that i actually learned to ignore the fact that the most powerful couple in entertainment continue to make an extra 8 or 9 figures annually by making their marital troubles into a vague soap opera. The middle of this album is the smoothest run of songs i heard all year, and jay sounds better than he has in half a decade at least rhyming over stevie, frank, the fugees, damien marley, and his wife. I have to admit I do sometimes yearn for the younger, brasher jay who didn't keep the bpm so low. still, props for artfully circumventing the tabloids." – Roger Sterling “The people who start and comment on topics of beyonce, eminem, jay z, kanye west and all this trash here, must be black radiohead fans and with a very bad taste of music” – ghost-horse (2013) (101) Toro Y Moi ~ Boo Boo [108 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Tor (8) “"Thematically, the album is a hazy trip through a rise to fame and the downsides of newfound celebrity--mainly losing the love of his life. Certainly, there isn’t new ground broken lyrically. Yet, presented against a floaty soundscape, it hits a sweet spot." - Palo
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    (139) DJ Python ~ Dulce Compañía [82 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: green chocolate (10) “I'm doing OK with Python and got an A in my SQL class. I'm doing all right.” - Harcourt “did anyone else's parents have that hardcover monty python book that had a fake porn magazine cover under the dust jacket with a bunch of naked women lying in a pile” - I am a damn ass bunny (138) Tove Lo ~ Blue Lips [83 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Lights (9) “we're all just a tiny grain of sand on tove lo 's vagina” – green chocolate (137) Hiss Golden Messenger ~ Hallelujah Anyhow [83 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: pentachris (6) “Hissing of summer lawns > hissing fauna and hiss golden messenger” - deadlizard (136) Octo Octa ~ Where Are We Going? [84 Points / 3 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mnemos (8) “This probably won't make my albums list but it has one of my favourite songs of the year, "Fleeting Moments of Freedom", the best EarthBound battle music never made.” – Hector “some of this is a little on the nose but overall it's p sublime listening” - CI (135) Johnny Jewel ~ Windswept [84 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Moon (4) “bump because i like that twin peaks song this band is definitely one of those bands where i think the music for the most part is good but i also want to bludgeon johnny jewel in the head with a hammer. his label is definitely one of those labels where i think the music for the most part is good but i also want to bludgeon johnny jewel in the head with a hammer.” – Dale Nixon (134) Craig Finn ~ We All Want the Same Things [84 Points / 2 Votes] Ranked Highest By: shakes (1) “somehow 2017 was already a heavy THS year for me when this came out and solidified it. its everything a solo album from a band frontman should be. the characters on here are craig finns through and through but the themes and moods just wouldnt make sense with his main gigs beefier treatment.” -shakes
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    That clip is a lie. We know you are brimming with feelings and caring.
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    Embarrassing boarder who was inadvertently actually way ahead of his time. 2/10
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    I think this might be about my father.
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    theyre massively popular and dont tour a whole lot?
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    (80) DJ Sports ~ Modern Species [146 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: cygh (9) “it's always been a very pretty record but now in a way where i actually want to take it outside and incorporate it in my everyday instead of just admiring aesthetics.” -alan (79) Jesu & Sun Kil Moon ~ 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth [146 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: keith (5) "To anyone who doesn't feel emotionally devastated by every bowel movement done by Mark Kozelek, I have this to say to you: Fuck You.” –keith “Dude needs to retire but this worked somehow” –CI “btw when I had the aux in DC @oil bitch strongly implored me to stop playing the greatest conversation in the history of the universe about halfway through ” (78) Jane Weaver ~ Modern Kosmology [147 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: benno (8) “Was just listening to Jane Weavers Modern Kosmology due to it appearing in both Mojo and Uncuts list but Christ that’s a bore. Completely run-of-the-mill dream pop that sounds like it came from 2010.” – A Fine Bottle of Wine (77) DJ Seinfeld ~ Time Spent Away From U [148 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: C.I. (6) “Fake as fuck but still an irresistible ride from start to finish” – CI “this dj seinfeld shit slaps” – I am a damn ass bunny “They don't say slaps anymore, it's borts now. That biz borts” – Servbot “no it isn't” – I am a damn ass bunny (76) Calvin Harris ~ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 [150 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Roger (2) "To many here, I would guess this was/will be written off as normie party music. idgaf, it delivers something i've wanted for years... 35 minutes of near perfect retro pop songs stuffed with guest stars doing what they do best. as if daft punk discarded the bullshit and just made 10 #1 hits with niles rogers like they should have. ""slide"" and ""heatstroke"" are easily my most played songs of the year. on the latter, calvin got young thug to fucking enunciate! that deserves its own grammy. This was a go to for driving, any sunny day, and every social gathering throughout the year. i urge anyone who wrote this one off after hearing the singles to at least revisit the more downtempo final two songs, where two female vocalists shine and lil yachty delivers another fire guest verse. hopefully harris produces more for younger artists like these in the future."-Roger Sterling
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    agree, even tho nothing will ever top
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