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    gotta say I much prefer this pixxy boat to the gorilla channel business:
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    apparently The Gorilla Channel™ has made its way to conservative talk radio please please please be on fox
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    (9) Vince Staples ~ Big Fish Theory [647 Points / 18 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Palo, lukin? (1), burger (2) "This album is littered with adrenaline filled production coupled with punchy lyricism. Though I could see this album drawing comparisons to Yeezus, this album doesn't fall flat or lose its energy at any point." - Palo "the vince staples album is p f rad in the car" - c.i. "If I have half an hour or so and need an album to play I automatically just listen to Staples" - BEAST "fuckin great." - eeeezypeezy "incredible" - wahdiohead "awesome" - benny
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    (10) Charli XCX ~ Pop 2 [585 Points / 12 Votes] Ranked Highest By: BEAST (1), mylo (3), ocean, dliz (4) "Number 1 Angel Redeemed PC Music and it didn't even seem like she was trying that hard on this one. Pop 2 is superior" - deadlizard "Finally starting to see the point of a “mixtape” over an album. Give me all the Charli XCX!" - ocean "my take on this is pretty similar to chicken invaders which makes me think it is the stupidest take imaginable and Mylo is about to turn up and explain ag cook to me but whatever." - hotrock "got to the part about keith getting tazed and remembered there's a new charli xcx mixtape out today sorry fellas." - c.i.
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    No, it was actually the framed photo of you and your family that I keep on my desk.
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    jfc. I've been lucky enough to have been able to live abroad for over a year and I never once fathomed of doing anything like this. I can't even imagine what kind of piece of shit you'd need to be to want act like this in a country that's kind enough to host you. It's honestly embarrassing.
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    (45) The Courtneys ~ II [274 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: ocean (2), Roger Sterling (3) "Even though I couldn't throw it a vote I'm glad Silver Velvet made the F50, such a sweet twee sentiment but with plenty of guitar force packed behind it. Great road record" - deadlizard "A quick shot of irresistible power pop and low key some of the best guitar work of recent memory. The songs are a bit melancholy and focus on lost crushes met in passing on the road, yet the music instantly puts me in a good mood and is perfect for driving and running." - Roger Sterling "Probably tied for most consistent album of the year. The kind of album that goes for a very specific chilled out mood consistent throughout and it is just fucking catchy as hell to boot. One of those nostalgia trips that completely stands on its own merits in 2017" - ocean "This is a companion piece to Antisocialites. Insidiously catchy melodies, a bored-sounding female vocalist, a retro feel, etc. This is a little more aggressive/punk than Alvvays though, and maybe a little same-ier, but it's a short record so who cares." - Bill "yes everyone should listen to the courtneys" - Dale Nixon (44) Sylvan Esso ~ What Now [283 Points / 8 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Plopsack (6) "Really surprised at how much I like this album. It’s kind of weirder than I would have expected without being all that weird, and it has nice variety while still being cohesive." - ocean "Listened to this probably more than anything this year" - c.i. "I also don't know why people are always whinging about Sylvan Esso... their new album is grrrrrreat!" - plopsack (43) Maroon 5 ~ Red Pill Blues [287 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: John McClane (1), big bird (6), benno (7), the dude (9), Lights (15), Nudist (17) "I’ve liked just about every Maroon 5 album with the exception of Overexposed. I’d argue that Red Pill Blues is the finest album of their career. There are very few screaming vocals and loud guitars this time around and it’s substituted with a lot of quiet whispers and acoustics. It all sounds like one big homage to the Jar of Flies EP from Alice in Chains, one of my favorite releases from the grunge era." - John McClane "i feel for fans rn, especially for the fans who were so dedicated that they became easy to prey upon. i know they have like a freakishly dedicated fanbase and i can imagine it would suck to have the rug pulled out from under you like that with a band that is so significant in your life. might i suggest you start stanning kelela instead" - hotrock "I have no personal moral qualm with acknowledging its existence given the disclaimer. Not to mention I offered to remove it entirely and no one replied." - Servbot (42) Ryuichi Sakamoto ~ async [287 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mylo, Moon (1) "Sakamoto has covered a vast span of musical territory over what must be close to 100 albums by now, but the only album I find myself coming back to and really enjoying more than a couple of songs is Ongaku Zukan (1984)." - Hector "Leaning towards Ryuichi Sakamoto as the best ambient album of the year so far" - mylo "truly am not feeling this ryuichi sakamoto album :\" - benny (41) Spoon ~ Hot Thoughts [295 Points / 8 Votes] Ranked Highest By: John McClane (2), Rcky Grvs (5) "I had to listen to Hot Thoughts a few times before going to bat for it. There’s a couple of questionable tracks (namely, “Pink Up” and “Us”) with the latter being a random dud thrown in at the end." - John McClane "spoon is dependable alright......dependably BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - benny "Spoon is ahead of Charli on the Atease list, if that happens in our list, I am OUTTA HERE!" - BEAST
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    (50) Yaeji ~ Ep2 [229 Points / 6 Votes] Ranked Highest By: sugarface (6) "song of the year and anyon3 who disagrees is wrong:" - alien "i hope yaeji unites the board" - wahdiohead "yaeji is perfect" - hotrock "hmm yes it appears that yaeji rules" - c.i. "the range of people talking about her suddenly made me suspicious, like they're sponsored posts" - Arse Magic (49) EMA ~ Exile in the Outer Ring [232 Points / 4 Votes] Ranked Highest By: sugarface (1), Theremin, alien (4) "I like how oppressive this sounds, Erika Andersons vision about the state of affairs of the world is grim but all too real as well." - Theremin. "as soon as it was over i put it on again, and i never do that" - sugarface "EMA = good. Not enough love goes around for this lady." - sam (48) Tyler, the Creator ~ Flower Boy [237 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: keith (4) "not sure about the tyler album. it seems fine i guess?" - keith "seems several leagues beyond goblin-era tyler" - mylo "I've completely outgrown Tyler, I don't care about anything the lad has to say anymore." - BEAST (47) Rose Elinor Dougall ~ Stellular [238 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Palo (7) "Really impressive synth pop record, the pace of these songs are so frenetic but she never feels like she's rushing at all to belt out these beautiful hooks." - deadlizard "This album is littered with amazing hooks." - Palo "Tried giving Rose Elinor Dougall 's album a chance but it wasn't my thing." - mortimer "Rose Elinor Deez Nuts" - mylo (46) Grizzly Bear ~ Painted Ruins [267 Points / 5 Votes] Ranked Highest By: belly! (2), Tor, kcwyckoff (4) "I'm listening now and I'm a pretty big fan. Nice change for them, I think. I get good-era Radiohead vibes from the latter half." - Chernobyl Two "Grizzly Bear annoy the living shit out of me. But they make decent to good music." - harcourt "Dear Hunter feat. GRIZZO (THE GRIZ!) and ED DROSTE as PRINCESS JASMINE sucking off FLEET FOX GUY SOLO FOR SOME REASON" - ash "i still like grizzly bear" - keith "more like grizzly bore... thank you. thank's." - dhsb "Pre Lehman Brothers Collapse Rock is my aesthetic" - Roger Sterling "what if it had been grizzly bear stearns" - sugarface
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    They have a deep misunderstanding of the show in that they find Rick, the alcoholic abusive grandfather, to be the hero of the show. It reminds me of the people who watched Breaking Bad and came away thinking "man, Walt is badass" on top of that, they think the show is exceedingly intelligent for spouting baseline nihilist views, while at the same time going nuts over mcdonalds sauce that was used as a punchline in one episode. A punchline that was essentially, Rick's motivation is useless and might as well be anything. Fanboys took this is "yes, the sauce is super important and i while berate people over this"
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂 And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎
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    i remember playing "college" for my older brother after it came out like THIS SHIT IS FUCKING AMAZING and he was not feeling it at all and i was hit with a weird combination realization that there is a bit of a generation gap between us and also i was doing way too many drugs
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    actually ben shapiro pronouns are designed to take the place of a referent noun
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    I do think it's a bit funny he's so committed to this running thread about an asian fusion place none of us will ever visit. but hey, it's pop todd, we love our pop todds
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    That is the worst thing I've ever seen. Start a petition to get him to go to Dubai next.
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    (20) Converge ~ The Dusk in Us [421 Points / 9 Votes] Ranked Highest By: big bird (1), dhsb (3), Bill (4) "maintains the extremely high quality standards set by their previous two albums." - dhsb "The aggression is still extremely present and Jacob Bannon is still terrifying but the direction they've taken with their last few albums to actually channel their fury into actual songs is most welcome." - Bill 'my brain just cannot process mathy screamy stuff anymore. though i cannot say that out loud where i am from because i will get shot and killed by hardcore kids who still think refused were good and who say "i saw converge play in new bedford with american nightmare in 2003 how dare you!"' - Dale Nixon "I got a buddy who still listens to Converge" - mogi (19) Kesha ~ Rainbow [428 Points / 9 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Roger Sterling, ocean (1), green chocolate, alien (3), rubber-man (4) "these songs detail resilient optimism and strength" - Roger Sterling "spoke to me more than anything else this year, and i honestly probably wouldn’t skip a song on it" - ocean "there are moments of this album that make me bawl like a baby (and in very different ways, like both praying and Godzilla make me bawl) and moments that make me crack up. seeing her perform live for this album was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I laughed, I screamed, I clutched onto my friend and wept. this woman is fucking amazing." - hotrock (18) broken social scene ~ hug of thunder [435 Points / 12 Votes] Ranked Highest By: kcwyckoff (3), Kemper (4) "seems like a theremin kind of band. where is he to tell us objectively what to think of this album and let us know its metacritic score?" - keith (editor's note: this is how far back i had to go to find a @Theremin. opinion on BSS) (17) Richard Dawson ~ Peasant [443 Points / 7 Votes] Ranked Highest By: mypetiguana, A Fine Bottle of Wine (1), Hector (2), landon (3), mylo, BEAST (5) "Demented medieval folk is gonna be the next big thing and this time next year" - mypetiguana "if you voted for richard dawson, i hate you and your love of poorly tuned violins and farty synths and ham-handed acoustic guitar lines and vocals that make neutral milk hotel seem like easy listening" - sugarface "kinda reminds me of early akron/family except instead of being a bunch of cool and insanely musically accomplished stoners, he's just a sweaty guy who reads a lot of books maybe" - c.i. "like being at a fair in some field in southwest England in the 1500s on an unusually warm morning in June. The problem for me is that's just not really a place I feel like being taken to." - joan callamezzo "I preferred Richard Dawson when he was known as 'Ash'." - Plopsack "a lot like work" - Bill "mental. I'm exhausted." - BEAST (16) The War On Drugs ~ A Deeper Understanding [478 Points / 13 Votes] Ranked Highest By: pentachris (1), Tor (3), belly! (3) "both the war on drugs and fleet foxes had some enjoyable material in the past and delivered an overthought, stilted and terribly dull album in 2017." - Theremin. "The War on Drugs are nice and all but man do they sound bland oftentimes." - John McClane "The problem with War on Drugs is while none of their songs are actually bad played after each other it becomes pretty repetitive and too much of the same thing." - Theremin. "gets into this list mostly on the strength of its best tracks. "strangest thing" may be the best beer commercial lead-guitar song ever recorded. " - dregs
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    (25) Laurel Halo ~ Dust [382 Points / 10 Votes] Ranked Highest By: C.I. (5) "laurel halo is very good" - keith "I kinda forget if I like Laurel Halo but this lp cover is sick" - c.i. (24) Japanese Breakfast ~ Soft Sounds From Another Planet [382 Points / 10 Votes] Ranked Highest By: dunderhead (3), Plopsack, big bird (5) "Walkin' back from breakfast with Caroline and we stopped for iced tea A fan stopped me on Decatur and said that she recognised meI asked where she was from, she said "don't worry, not Planet Crazy"" - c.i. "Staying with my Brazilian friend in Paris allows me to indulge in some elegant Samba over a late breakfast ." - sam "She should stop fannying about eating breakfast and get her third album out" - Heart Space "grizzly bear eats turds and smokes ass hair for breakfast dude" - c.i. (23) Paramore ~ After Laughter [383 Points / 9 Votes] Ranked Highest By: bflo (1), Lights (2), hotrock (3), pentachris (4) “I almost forgot about this album towards the end of the year despite listening to it non-stop when it came out, but it's brilliant isn't it? Hayley Williams certainly knows how to write a good song, and while I kind of miss their Brand New Eyes era sometimes, I think the main reason they've stayed relevant while every other band from that scene disappeared is that they have evolved so well over the years. Great band!” - Lights (22) Mount Eerie ~ A Crow Looked at Me [400 Points / 8 Votes] Ranked Highest By: landon (1), lukin, BEAST (4), kcwyckoff (5) "I can honestly say I've never not wanted to listen to an album that I've enjoyed as much as this" - BEAST "finally listened to the new mount eerie album tonight, it's really sad you guys also got bummed out about enough shit independent of that that I just realized I forgot to eat dinner lmao" - benny (21) Protomartyr ~ Relatives in Descent [419 Points / 10 Votes] Ranked Highest By: Theremin, Darren Lamb (1) "The early 80s rarely sounded better than on this 2017 album. Great stuff." - Theremin. "honestly still a little baffled why they in particular have gotten so popular but they really grew on me recently and they were like EVEN BETTER live" - ocean "this thing rips folks" - c.i. "you have to have a right-wing regime to produce a classic post-punk album" - mylo
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    you and your ex had sex to.....your testicles??
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    "Flexitarian" really is silly, it describes being a normal-ass omnivore with healthy eating habits. Are we really so far down the chicken tendies rabbit hole that we need a special word for not eating meat every meal?
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    I was for single payer before you were born. But you are being a baby and helping the GOP by demanding it, because it will never be done in my lifetime with this *squints* majority of the people wanting it.