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    nobody noticed this before b/c nobody was able to make it to track 16 on her album
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    if trump wins another term we all have to go back to dc ritually sacrifice benny in the reflecting pool
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    What i mean to say is that I will be suing A Fine Bottle Of Wine for striking similarities to my (timestamped) joke
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    Putting that out there now so that you can quote it and we can all laugh about how I managed to hang onto that bit of naivety this long in hellworld.
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    probably with Pfizer, the volatility of the future makes it make sense. Either their industry is ripe for nationalization, in which you should stop spending and keep grabbing cash, or the top guys are about to seal the deal in terms of power capture. Either way, the middle ground of status quo is getting squeezed smaller, and that was the area where it made sense to keep spending for PR. Either way, I've always said the cancer researchers don't change how hard they work based on who signs their paychecks. Make a health research government organization that's like the NASA of health. Ban and confiscate the Pfizers.
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    imagine making that argument, then imagine being proud enough to make a meme to promote it, then imagine being proud enough of your meme made to promote your argument that you add your name to it prominently
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    ...or are they just so confident in their capture of the levers of power that they don't even have to pretend to give a fuck about society at large anymore?
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    Finally saw this last night and boy was it wacky, but also kinda bleak. Loved Yoda giggling and stomping. The milk thing was amazing. I had to stop myself from laughing at the shirtless Kylo Ren scene because it reminded me of this album cover:
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    just popped in to say, i made this same dumbass joke to my friend
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    She should sue herself for doing the exact same album since Born To Die.
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    https://loblawcard.ca/ @dregs @dhsb @the biggest bird @ihaveproblems‽ get your free groceries, fellas edit: or free booze? (participating stores only)
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    how many times did this guy jack off while searching for good red carpet cleavage pictures for his meme
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    Totally forgot I signed up for a photography class that starts this week. Whoops.
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    Worth bringing this up. Most don't want her to run. I think there's a difference between appreciating her speech/what she said about me-too etc and thinking that she should actually run for president. If anything, I think Trump has made people more skeptical of 'non-politicians' running for president. I think pundits are over-learning the lessons of 2016 and/or taking the wrong lessons from a Trump victory.
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    Apparently the part of the song she copied is not the same part of the song that Radiohead copied from The Hollies
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    Front of the net! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Ooh you'd hate to haven't it on without him.
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    Cheesy Bread? I beeeelieeeeve it! I am bothered!
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    Watched The Room with a bunch of friends (and a lot of wine) over the weekend. It was just as bad as advertised. Worse, actually. It was bad in ways that I did not know it was possible for a film to be bad. Had a great time watching it.
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    I actually quite enjoyed this. But I think that was more down to the strength of a really good story than particularly excellent film making. Perfectly pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon though. This was great. I may have had something in my eye at one point or another.
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    guy tries to bring his dead gf back to life by attaching her head to severed hooker parts. started way too slow but eventually delivered the goofiness i wanted. ending was incredible
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    ...Elias? Honestly think if Sanders runs again he'll be the next President.
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    serious answer? she ripped off the parts they didn’t steal
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    it just occurred to me that he's using Reagan as a defense of his own mental state did no one tell him
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