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    I think they're asleep, you should probably Re:Mind them tomorrow
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    I like Radiohead. A lot! But the main forum on atease barely got fifty posts a day, all in the same three or four threads. I see no reason all those sorts of discussions couldn't take place happily in our solitary Radiohead thread if people make use of likes, quotes, and the @ function. Fine with the tickets thread since I know that's a big deal for a lot of new members here, but this is not a Radiohead board or a Radiohead subforum. I hope all the refugees from atease will take a look around and consider making some posts about a tv show they're watching, or venting about the annoying guy in their office, or dunking relentlessly on Jordan Peterson.
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    Hey, bad guy! How about we put our feud on hold so you can join me, the good guy, in order to take down the even badder guy who is a threat to us both. We will resume our feud after the bad character is defeated, but not before we give each other a silent nod of mutual respect from a distance.
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    Went to see Annihilation And i RECOMMEND
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    i will definitely lock/delete any additional radiohead topics created from here on.
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    I personally would ban him from the NBA
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    Hair transplants get more expensive every time, and Thom is now at the point of needing it straight from the bum cheeks of third world teenage boys. Also it's their farewell tour.
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    Would it be surprising? They're obsessed with making money, that's the real motive. They love milking yanks dry. Bless 'em, in a way.
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    I'm not sure if you would be into it, but if you like what you see in the trailer then I highly recommend it. I wouldn't say it has a "story" but it's a great little experience. It's short though. Probably about 4 hours long.
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    first time I've given this album my undivided attention and super glad that i finally did.
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    https://theintercept.com/2018/02/25/koch-brothers-trump-administration/ IN THE BACKDROP of a chaotic first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the conservative Koch brothers have won victory after victory in their bid to reshape American government to their interests. Documents obtained by The Intercept and Documented show that the network of wealthy donors led by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch have taken credit for a laundry list of policy achievements extracted from the Trump administration and their allies in Congress. The donors have pumped campaign contributions not only to GOP lawmakers, but also to an array of third-party organizations that have pressured officials to act swiftly to roll back limits on pollution, approve new pipeline projects, and extend the largest set of upper-income tax breaks in generations. “This year, thanks in part to research and outreach efforts across institutions, we have seen progress on many regulatory priorities this Network has championed for years,” the memo notes. The document highlights environmental issues that the Koch brothers have long worked to undo, such as the EPA Clean Power Plan, which is currently under the process of being formally repealed, and Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, among their major accomplishments. The memo also highlighted administration efforts to walk back planned rules to strengthen the estate tax in a list of 13 regulatory decisions favored by the network.
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    My Iron Lung Pop Is Dead Something Kinda Oooh/Love Machine/Sexy! No No No.../Graffiti My Soul/Crocodile Tears (Girls Aloud medley) Reckoner High And Dry Exit Music Paranoid Android There There Everlong (Foo Fighters cover) No Surprises Just Lucky Slow Down (Lights Follow cover) You And Whose Army Street Spirit True Love Waits (demo version) Let Down Creep Karma Police
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    Really love when detectives are interviewing someone and they shine the desk light right into the suspect's face. That will get him to talk!
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    Oh I will! I might not get to see it for a week or two though. I enjoy Garland's films enough to see it without knowing anything about it. Sadly, I've been tending to see only blockbusters in the theatres, it would be nice to shake that habit and start going to the"smaller" films, really wish I had seen Arrival and Blade Runner in the theatre even Ex Machina would've been nice. It's mostly my fault, haven't been keeping up with movies like I used to. Tbh, if you asked me to name a genre movie coming out in the next year or two that wasn't your Disney/Marvel fare, I'd only be able to name Dune. It's probably time to start paying attention to the smaller ones again because I really do miss seeing those on the big screen.
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    its going to be very divisive and all I will say is that the end does not compromise, it seems to be a love or hate moment for people. it apes Tarkovsky at times, but i liked it for that reason!!
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    Leave that attitude at the door yeezy. We're just all chilled out entertainers here, nae need for it That apology is amazing though. What a fucking idiot for doing it in the first place
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    maybe the most grovelling apology I've EVER seen
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    Well I'm not exactly going to take my PS4 outdoors am I (but no, I haven't, what is it?)
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    friend of mine is watching this for the first time after marathoning OG Peaks. think he's at about ep 6 and asked if dougie will be gone soon
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    When a show returns after 25 years with 18 hours of new episodes and features the main character for about 10 minutes
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    One of my favorites is when a group of friends meets the bizarro version of themselves. I don't know why, it's just really satisfying.
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    God we're going to make a Radiohead subforum aren't we
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    Imagine if they actually did a proper UK tour
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    i think you'll like it! at least from what i think i know you'll enjoy let me know if im right!!
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    i have two tickets to the gun show right here
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    Pretty sure she's quoting it to express outrage at the disrespectful way these children are talking about their elders
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    I've heard lush sells the really good stuff
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    my most vivid bath salts memory was going in to buy smokes at this janky gas station out where I used to work and they had a handwritten sign taped to the counter that said "WE SELL BATH SALTS." I will preempt another savage deadlizard own by stating that I'm p sure I've posted about this before!! no I have no tried bath salts but I did smoke that weird K2 "spice" or whatever, the synthetic weed that was legal for a hot second, once. it was very bad.
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    We should have a digi meetup at the midnight screening.
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    I love in any sort of show involving law enforcement asking someone questions and apparently you can just be like "now if you don't mind, I'm very busy" and brush them off also, they never stop what they're doing for some reason
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    when the outlaw draws his gun and turns toward the camera to face me, causing me to fear for my life... put simply, i hate it
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    I bet the full venues today quote reads "this is dumb as fuck. he's just playing a bunch of shows. it is definitely NOT history in the making"
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