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    As A Male Feminist, I Really Think I’d Absolutely Crush It If I Ever Had To Publicly Apologize For Sexual Misconduct http://www.clickhole.com/blogpost/male-feminist-i-really-think-id-absolutely-crush-i-7018?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing
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    i just read kate harding's op ed about this after her ridiculous tweets and insistence that anyone who disagree with her was a russian bot https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2017/11/17/im-a-feminist-i-study-rape-culture-and-i-dont-want-al-franken-to-resign/?utm_term=.01bf51d177ad what worries me about this is how reasonable it will seem to a lot of people. and how easy it is to read these kinds of messages and think, "i'm not going to go public with information that i was assaulted by a democrat, because the fallout will end up being even more damaging for women." we are asking too much of women. this hits close to home for me because despite my reputation here, i haven't "outed" men who have done shitty things to me, including assault, for fear of reprisal. and it's not always the fear that it will put me in even more danger, although sometimes it is. it's the fear that what happens next will only make things worse with no conceivable benefit. there is just so little recourse for women. it's difficult not to worry about everybody who will be affected by your decision to tell people about what happened to you. it's difficult enough not to worry about what will happen to the person who assaulted you in the first place. part of why i have so little tolerance for y'alls bullshit on this board is that i have no ability to do the same thing in my personal life.
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    I agree, and it may be trivial to bring up, but i've noticed that males tend to get more board recognition for essentially repeating what a woman posted. hmm
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    I am quoting this for posterity in case we do a "worst post of the year" thread like we did last year
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    THERE'S NO COMING BACK FROM THIS: Blogger compiles TRUMP'S HYPOCRITICAL TWEETS in one easy-to-navigate Google doc
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    maybe people don't think what he did is bad enough, and i can accept that we all need to draw a line to determine what kind of behaviors we are willing to forgive, and that we might not all draw that line in the same place but this is just apocalyptic all-or-nothing bullshit. the fate of women doesn't rest on the political career of any one senator. the idea that every man in congress is going to be accused of sexual misconduct is asinine. we can't even hold one senator accountable. we can't even hold a prospective senator accountable.
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    i cannot understand why people are addressing this as if it's an issue of pragmatism pragmatism is accepting that a politician who has beliefs of proposes policies that don't align with yours might be the best choice given the alternative. it is not accepting that a politician who assaults a woman should be allowed to stay in a position of power. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills lately. if you want to know how it works out when people fall on their swords for whatever democratic politician is in power regardless of their actions, come visit chicago some time
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    I really thought dude was saying he slept with Bob Taft until I read the comments
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    There is something wrong with the train of thought that basically minimises sexual assault and perpetuates a culture that likes to continue to allow powerful men to keep their powerful roles despite being sexual predators. *ALSO* she invoked the whole 'shadow' thing so yes, there is something wrong with a person who thinks that way.
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    Let us all declare a side on Elias Isquith's hot take that having a sexually abusive democrat in office is preferable to a republican. That will go really well for the board I think.
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    There can be art that successfully and insightfully comments on terrible things and the artist who made it can also just be terrible. Two things can be true at once, even if they're morally contradictory.
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    this is really depressing: https://www.thecut.com/2017/11/rebecca-traister-on-the-post-weinstein-reckoning.html
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    If only we had asked ourselves that fifteen years ago
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    It's not presuming the worst in everyone, it's recognizing that sexual assaults are extremely common and the perpetrators don't walk around with "I am a rapist" tattooed on their foreheads. It's a social problem rather than an individual problem, and wrapping your mind around that is an important step on the road to grappling with the actual gravity of the situation.
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    Godzilla soundtrack (ft. Puff Daddy and Led Zeppelin and that green day song they put godzilla sounds into)
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    If you're looking for some good feminist DIY rock music I've heard good things about this band Deerhoof
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    Let's keep up the momentum through February so they'll cancel
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    Since Trump was elected I have become so sceptical of pretty much everyone I interact with (justifiably so in many cases where I've truly reevaluated the way they act) that I have basically stopped hanging out with most people aside from my gf and it feels really bad. Having to accept that most men have awful opinions and do awful things is something that I continually struggle to reconcile with actually functioning as a person, and somewhere in my bed there needs to be an arbitrary line that lets me think people are okay but I don't know where to draw it. I can't imagine what it's like to have been assaulted and I hope that actual societal change occurs.