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    Literally nothing will ever beat the Ariana Grande one:
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    imagine publishing letters from actual racists instead of letters from families who have been destroyed by ICE arrests
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    I think i've told this story, but Aziz stiffed my brother on an expensive bar tab in 2012 and has been awaiting his downfall since
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    who could forget fan favorite hoar
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    This reminds me that wahdioher's dad obviously doesn't know what satire means. They had this conversation the other day (of many): "hey dad, did you hear Trump's shithole comment, what the fuck is up with that" (her dad is a Trumper) "it was just satire" "dad, you went to Columbia, how do you not know what satire is"
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    Guy sends desperate message to every Claudia in his area after making awkward error Lots of people have probably found themselves in this situation before, but he knew he had to do something https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/sex-relationships/guy-sends-desperate-message-every-11893143 The neck on it
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    right? when I saw he posted: when I read the post:
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    don't know why i've never given this the time of day but it's great been playing bonny on repeat
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    Misreading signals when you're all hot and bothered is one thing, but validating someone's "no" only to turn around and push yourself on them ten minutes later is disturbing af. Would have been a much different story if he'd actually stopped the first time she pulled away, or even if he'd stopped when she said she wasn't into it (although it sounds like that should have been clear to him before that point.) The attempt to spin all this in a way that saves Aziz Ansari by saying it should have been a story about "the gray areas of consent" is nauseating.
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    not particularly surprising, but in case anyone needed to be reminded that ice is literally our gestapo
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    Show made 20 years ago not being 100% politically correct in present day shocker.
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    Of course, that's the same book of the bible that calls gay men and eating shellfish abominations and says that women on their periods should go into the wilderness for a week and have anything they sat on burned Pointing out hypocrisy to the devoutly religious is fish in a barrel regardless of how amenable they are to modern social norms.
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    i'm really beginning to think we need to start a new leftist party for people who aren't total fucking dumbasses
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