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    gaming is just playing video games while hating women
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    Recuperating between the immigration march and the protest against the Confederates. 4 different Spanish speakers asked to take pics of me holding my ESTE PAÍS ES TU PAÍS sign, and each time they were beaming. The local TV news interviewed me on camera and asked me about my sign and I told them that the greedy capitalist class lets this disaster happen on purpose because they want a class of workers with no rights that they can abuse and exploit, as a means of supressing labor and labor costs. And my DSA pin and Cornbread And Roses pin was highly visible in the shot
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    I guess the right wing rubes havent gotten their semi-coherent talking points from their handlers yet
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    In other words, they're all ruling class, and government is a committee for the management of the affairs of the bourgeoisie
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    This sean Spicer thing really highlights the disconnect between the right and the left The right criticizes showbiz/hollywood for being elitist leftist airheads but i only saw those same elitist "leftist" airheads cheering and laughing when spicer showed up I don't think you'll find a real leftist who wasnt appalled by that spectacle
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    Gigantic news. Stalwart local DSA member just did an interview that will air on the 10 o'clock news, talking about our counter-protest. Potentially the first nonbinary person on TV in this area, too. Given this is Alabama and it's talking about the Confederacy and the TV news finally picked up on it, I can't see how we won't have all eyes on us tomorrow. Alabama Public Radio is still trying to get NPR to put us on, too.
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    Lynch: "we're gonna film this guy sweeping for 10 minutes" Frost: "for 10 minutes, isnt that a long time" Lynch: "GODDAMIT FROST, THATS WHAT WE DO IN FILM"
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    BOB and dopplecoop laughing together always makes me wistful. my disbelief breaks and i'm like "these two guys are having so much fun right now"
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    i also have to hope that people would still have organized to the extent that they have post-trump, and that it wasn't simply a trump presidency that got people to look at how fucked our country is. sure, many people would have gone on like business as usual, at the very best getting involved to yell at ~leftists~ for telling hillary to shut up and sharing Very Informative Articles about whatever national initiatives the president is undertaking but those same people are currently yelling at ~leftists~ for telling hillary to shut up and sharing Very Informative Articles on why the antifa is evil so fuck em people getting more radicalized is not worth a trump presidency but at least it's happening
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    quoting this as petty and childish as shes been she wouldnt have ended the dream act or threatened millions of peoples healthcare or demanded we build an outrageously expensive useless wall or stacked the courts with lunatic judges or dismantled almost every environmental protection apparatus we have or side with fucking Nazis
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    I just finished s2 and it was gonna start s3 tomorrow
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    It's just completely incongruous for your colberts and schumers to rant and rave about how they think the trump admin is racist or an existential threat etc and then turn around and hobnob and joke and party with them. It just shows the voters they think this is all a big game.
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    When a season 3 boxset is on the horizon and two soundtracks are already out
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    the ubiquitous influence of this meme started to drive me crazy but, i gotta give it credit for certain topics such as this
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    @Chaddeus Maximus i saw you on the news and you came off really, really well. I would not have been so well spoken in front of the camera. You're an inspiration, my good man!
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    Thing is, most celebrities don't really care at the end of the day because none of them (or even their friends for that matter) will be affected by Trump policies at the end of the day. They might even benefit from big tax cuts. So yeah, it really is a game for them. None of them will get deported, get thrown off their healthcare or lose their job because he cuts funding for some government program.
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    I know I've said it before but the scene where the curtain materializes behind the ring of trees is one of the most jaw dropping moments in the whole original run imo
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