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  1. thread for miscellaneous lists and stuff

    1. American Idiot 2. The Black Parade
  2. gosh this one is real good
  3. Thanks for pointing this one out, it is right up my alley
  4. 2018 music thread

    I'm also surprised she never uses 'intimate' as a rhyme on Into It
  5. Persona 5

    When you do an All-out attack in time with the "you'll never see it comiiiiiiiing" bit is probably the best musical moment of the year along with the ending of New Donk City
  6. 2018 music thread

    I saw Camila featured on Apple Music and clicked it not expecting much, was pleasantly surprised
  7. 2018 music thread

    panda bear EP is nice imo
  8. Radiohead LP9

    The first time I heard that song I was kind of surprised how much it sounded like Creep and thought maybe it was an intentional tribute or something That said it's still probably different enough, out of the billion songs out there there's bound to be some common chord progressions
  9. 2018 music thread

    I don't understand how songs like that ever get made or approved. Same for any pop star, there should be reasonably talented people around you not to mention people with financial investment.
  10. Listening to a bunch of Toumani Diabate today, golly