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  1. Riverdale

    Cheryl at the drag race, mamma mia! Was I the only one thought when Archie pulled the handbrake that he'd actually pulled a lever to eject him out of the roof of the car?
  2. The Nadia Oh Gigathread

    I'm listening to Friday Night right now and had the exact same thought
  3. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    I never said that I loves it, it has some good and some bad. Honeybear is a great album though.
  4. Castle by Hantasi. Floaty shimmery dreamy drones
  5. Dum Surfer could make my top five, it's great
  6. British TV shows for British people

    Luke will never admit to his lies, in fact he'll probably make up even more lies to cover up the ones he already has!
  7. 1. Charly Bliss | Glitter 2. Kitty | Mass Text Booty Call 3. Alvvays | Dreams Tonite 4. Big Thief | Mary 5. Charli XCX | Lipgloss subject to change, of course
  8. TWFM vs Sleep Well Beast

    I listened to Sleep Well Beast 3 or 4 times and it did NOTHING for me, so TWFM wins by virtue of having some songs I actually like
  9. Is that really your favourite song from the Alvvays album? I will probably vote for a song by them but it WON'T be that one
  10. Brand New LP5

    Alright, Hector.
  11. Louie

    I've only ever seen short clips too but they were always rrrrubbish. I found it funny that a lot of people would talk about him like he was a cut above all other American standups, because he's still shite! Not that English ones aren't either, mind you
  12. Sky Ferreira - Masochism

    I'm going to listen to it tonight, it's been aaages