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  1. Andy Murray is the new Arcade Fire

    There's nothing sluggy about his play though, he is simply the best, better than all the rest.
  2. I've read 8 Harry Potter books.
  3. Groundhog Day (2/2) and Post-Valentines (2/22) Mix Potlucks!!

    I'd prefer a regular mix exchange too
  4. Good musician interviews

    I'm partial to "there was a fly in the car randomly, which is another sign of a demon"
  5. Snacks: A Thread For Snacks

    I like them, but they are quite strange. Probably haven't had any in a few years, they'd never be my first choice snack
  6. UK General Election 2017

    That designer ought to be beheaded as a traitor
  7. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    It's still real to me, dammit.
  8. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    Speaking of which, what the FUCK is THIS @BEAST
  9. something with the word "Kenyon" in it please

    I was really excited about signing Mkhitaryan, but now I want him to just leeeeave. Shame.
  10. British TV shows for British people

    That's exactly what happens when you die. What a clever show.
  11. Songs with killer codas

    The coda in Layla is the only good part of the song
  12. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    I don't think Charlie literally believes you're not woke because of a single post from 7 years ago
  13. British TV shows for British people

    Stuff like that makes me actual so scared and so afraid of getting older.
  14. British TV shows for British people

    I was actually a bit sad for a minute, but the article has been updated to say that she ISN'T dead after all
  15. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    My brother has gone on a weird one recently. He says he's a Christian now, but I can very well remember us absolutely ripping the shite out of organised religion together when we were younger. Anyway, I asked him about his Christianity and asked if actually believes that Jesus was the son of god, and he said no Seems fairly fundamental to believing in it? I'm fine if he wants to be spiritual and loves the teachings of Jesus and whatever but you can't just believe in whatever and make it up as you go along! Also he fully believes that Jesus was gay and liked to get fucked in the ass. I don't necessarily disbelieve it.