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  1. oscar screeners

    I liked 3 Billboards, definitely more than Seven Psycopaths, but I really wish the director didn't feel the need to make films set in America.
  2. What Are You Playing?

    I also have just started Cuphead and I agree the bosses are a lot better. The second Run and gun section is so fucking annoying, Treetop Trouble. The bit where you climb vertically past those bees is doing my fucking head in, especially when the rest of the level before and after is so easy.
  3. do you consider yourself to be at all "evil"

    I feel like all of the most evil things I do revolve around eating animals and choosing to be ignorant to the fact that they have probably lived in terrible conditions.
  4. What Are You Playing?

    My mobo can't actually handle my 16 so it's really only using 12
  5. What Are You Playing?

    PUBG laboured my system with 8gb of ram and convinced me to upgrade to 16. The game has had significant optimisation in the past few months and I hear that the test server with the new build/map runs far better than the current stable build. But I don't know that 4gb will ever cut it.
  6. End Of Year Lists Bread (2017)

    I've barely played any new games this year. 1. BotW 2. PUBG 3. Odyssey
  7. I wonder how long until genuine economic migrants start leaving America.
  8. Nintendo bread

    There's value in that though. I don't generally enjoy JRPGs but I do own a Switch and there is a large marketing push from Nintendo on this. I don't think I'm the only one in the position where I'm wondering if maybe I could enjoy the game despite its genre. Plus to be fair, the reviewer has "been looking forward to Xenoblade 2 for a while, in hopes that the man behind Xenogears, one of my favorite games of all time, might have returned to form."
  9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    I just am not sure how you can say that. It is a shitty mobile game with all of the same tropes as any other town building type game. You can argue that it has a charming theme but that doesn't count for much when you're still just waiting for timers to count down to tap the button and wait for the next timer.
  10. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    I got kudos weeks ago when it came out in my country!
  11. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Imagine making a thread for this game
  12. Abbott Is Still A Cunt

    @Margo Price you are a QLDer aren't you? Where are you from I don't remember. I feel giddy at One Nation's success in this election
  13. Abbott Is Still A Cunt

    I don't think I've ever had less to vote for than in the Qld election tomorrow. Literally the best thing that we can hope for is that the Palaszczuk government gets in again and her truly heroic decision to veto a federal loan to the economically non-viable coal mine leads to its collapse and maybe the Reef living a few more decades.
  14. Battlefront II

    Titanfall 2 was a brilliant game with completely free DLC and continuous support and EA threw it under the bus by releasing it at the same time as BF1 and Infinite Warfare and paying it no attention in terms of marketing. Now they've bought out Respawn and I guarantee they're absolutely going to use poor revenue from TF2's free DLC program to justify pumping TF3 full of shit and shutting down Respawn in a few years.
  15. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    I really don't know how to fix that without throwing out your morals/self worth/dignity etc. I can try my best to tune out dumb opinions and parts of a conversation I don't like, but I'm not a woman so at least I'm not the subject of their words or actions.