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  1. 2018 music thread

    I guess this is just a b side or something, but the end is like some classic built to spill type shit
  2. thread for miscellaneous lists and stuff

    Yeah wow. I don't hate side 2 of RiL but seeing the first three tracks as someone's bottom 3 is triggering!!!!
  3. burn out or fade away: the dead musician megathread

    dreams is one of the best songs ever
  4. NFL 2017-2018

  5. NFL 2017-2018

    NO, I want Bradford The Chip Kelly revenge bowl.
  6. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    Idk about blur, they were always kinda messy and loose and she's very neat imo End of the first track was like any deerhunter from 07-13
  7. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    nothing, really. it's good for this rainy day too, i just alternate between getting lost in the atmosphere and then suddenly jolting up and listening to the lyrics.
  8. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    Oh wow Japanese breakfast has a sax solo on one track edit: well boyish was sad idk what to make of this album
  9. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    i sure hope alt-j, portugal the man, and foster the people are on 3 separate days. if i had to choose between any of them... gosh i just don't know
  10. 2018 music thread

    That's cool that panda is using a full kit Anyways new Kaytranada tomorrow?
  11. thread for miscellaneous lists and stuff

    nirvana, scentless apprentice ronnettes, be my baby the roots, seed 2.0 idk there's a bunch, a lot of roots songs and national songs qualify.
  12. 2018 music thread

    Yup, that's what I love about it two sides of 90s radio rock are only separated by major and minor keys
  13. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    Semi obsessed with this song rn
  14. 2018 music thread

    hmmm well going in without hearing the original, beach life-in death is not what i really want from him at all the single edit of nervous young inhumans was pretty nice... but not really touching the best stuff from teens of denial
  15. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    the borderline ambient folk* parts of sung tongs are better than i remembered. too bad about the last few songs though. whole album would be better if it were it in a language i didn't understand, wouldn't it? which reminds me.. remember when sigur ros ripped it off for that one song? *whatever you want to call it