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  1. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    That's nice, very funny
  2. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    Anyone watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
  3. the general cricket thread

    So nice to be able to cheer on England again now that Cook isn't captain any more
  4. What a captain choice!! Salah Akbar!!!
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/lawmaker-wes-goodman-anti-lgbt-resigns-sex-man-office-caught-ohio-republican-christian-family-values-a8060631.html How does this happen so often
  6. So... cialism?

    I think most solutions that involve the fall of capitalism and rise of a completely new system are also pretty complicated to be fair. Ethan in terms of what you currently have there, what would you prefer? A socialist party breaking through or reforming the Democrats? Is there literally any prospect of electoral reform there? I know some of the states split their electoral college votes, is anything like that possible in the future?
  7. So... cialism?

    I agree to some extent but it is possible to ingrain a more equal society into the system. Even centre right governments in the Nordics aren't going to rip up the higher tax/higher public spending system, the Tories here (despite the scare stories) are not going to ever change the NHS from being free at the point of use. I definitely want to see things go further and the balance of power between employer/employee shift, a shift towards credit unions instead of banks etc etc. I still believe that's possible within the current system but I get the disillusionment. And it's probably not possible in America at all so I do have sympathy.
  8. So... cialism?

    I still believe that giving people a decent standard of living isn't necessarily incompatible with capitalism, although I accept we will probably never agree on that.
  9. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    Wahdiohead calling people out in a thread like this is certainly...something.
  10. Mylo is trolling isn't he? Even I heard that GFOTY song a billion years ago and I hate PC Music!!!
  11. UK General Election 2017

    , did a wonderful job of leading Labour to recovery in Scotland despite being dragged down by a gormless old goat! Is what Clarky was going to say.
  12. The Nadia Oh Gigathread

    From Colours to having 79 followers on Twitter in the space of half a decade, fame can be cruel I still play Colours every now and then and can confirm it's still an absolute banger.
  13. Riverdale

    I thought it was Betty's dad from day one and I'm sticking to it! He's just always lurking around doing nothing...nothing except being the Black Hood, that is!
  14. So... cialism?

    I really want that to be self-aware but it's not, is it.
  15. Riverdale

    'Careful you don't get burned again' I absolutely love that the show is getting more ridiculous every week. Bring on Sabrina, might as well get some magic involved too!!