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  1. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    the whole blurred consent thing was nonsense
  2. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    sure but this isn't just bad sex, there are some details in there that some of the people writing about it are seriously overlooking. or something. i mean they also don't know what tone he took or any of the nuances, what the night was actually like. even without that information and only the details in her story, it's deeply unsettling. i am shocked by hollywood's reaction to this one. not coool
  3. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    i carry 3 different knives
  4. You have to be an idiot to overuse detergent though. how many guideline you need
  5. i dont love ramen in that way but it always looks so good
  6. aye may b but ied bet a dollar now theres twice, thrice, as many children eating them or stockpiling them in their mouth, surely, thanks to the meme explosion not the other way around it creates interest there' ll be deaths. these will be pulled.
  7. Food that shouldn't exist

    yogurt, balogna specific acts of evil quiche, quiches have always saddened me
  8. Vegetarian fud

    i made a red cabbage/granny smith cilantro oh god what else? supremely colorful coleslaw with apple cider vinegar, orange juice, i fucking forgot it's.. zippy
  9. tide pods will soon be discontinued once several deaths occur in children who were too young to comprehend their internet and think one might taste nice on a week mom hasnt been to the grocery, or they stick like twelve in their mouth to impress their little brother and ingest a lot i have seen it, i know it's comin good thing i don't use those fucks cause they're overpriced anyway and who needs their detergent in a film pouch. ridiculous! rip fud in that baked dish
  10. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    the Liar Liar thing didnt seem that bad to me but maybe im not woke yet. more green apple candies.
  11. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    also what was that thing about him forcefully putting his fingers in her throat while reaching for her vagina a bunch of times over and kept trying to do it? is that mental? did not fucking get that. lets not even touch on that one
  12. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    that's a good one, sucks she had to get validation from so many people before she felt comfortable calling it what it is, very relatable though, your own mind is plenty bent from living in a man's world "is this where you want me to fuck you? where do you want me to fuck you?" "i don't want to have sex with you" *watch tv together for 30 min* (with her sitting on the floor no less) gets her shoulder tapped on while she's on the floor after saying she's uncomfortable and aziz asks to have his dick sucked please then at some point during this same night they end up in front of a mirror and he finds it in himself to bend her over and asks "is this where you want me to fuck you?", again, and only then does she freak out and leave, but i kind of get the not leaving immediately and hoping the night doesn't end as disturbingly as it began.. and then before you know it blah!!! i mean pretty bad
  13. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    GOOD! and to be QUITE literal does he know having someone you're not romantically involved with touch your knee during conversation is way off base creeper shit. nothing says "i'd like to feel you up but ill just do this" like a knee touch. ive had people ive just been polite to assume they can touch my knee to alert me they're getting up to go to the bathroom! ya cant! stick to the shoulder and don't feel on my leg in any way how the worst part is when celebs speak up trying to make this all seem more reasonable than it really is, idiots, and why does it get reported? people need nothing less than a reverse-brainwashing that appalls them and when they are not met with encouragement only then realizing in bettr health theyve had no right to have been feeling appalled etc. like now, drop people just for making statements like this flabbergast them all and drive it in! start problems! repress them!
  14. Vegetarian fud

    i don't want fish in my sushi and don't trust myself to be selective about fish anyway! thats a fairly usual sushi roll layout if you're not using any sort of fish, how is it not