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  1. 2018 music thread

  2. Sufjan Stevens' Benji

    mystery of love is one of his best songs ever, if not the best ah?
  3. 🍆🍆🍆🍑🍆🍑🍆
  4. 2018 music thread

    cupcakKe's album is some epic shit
  5. Radiohead LP9

    That said, it did make me giggle to imagine her singing these words anyway
  6. Radiohead LP9

    They're alike, but I've seen so much worse. If people were always this petty about similarities between songs, the amount of negotiations/litigations would be unbearable. LDR herself could have filed a few I say they never really got over the Hollies case and couldn't just bring themselves to turn a blind eye (a bad ear) to good old Lana
  7. Radiohead LP9

    they haven't sued her yet they're just extorting her for now
  8. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    their best album i.m.v.h.o
  9. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    slowdive's album is pretty great but i agree it's an odd no 1 for 2017. if i had to guess i'd say it would top atease's list not the annex's (at least it's better than lcd, the no 1 over there) i hope ee. has a good excuse for not sending a list, because in the end it's his fault that kelela didn't make it to no 1
  10. (t)rap, best brazilian album of 2017. i'm a white idiot from florianópolis and am only listening to it now
  11. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    what's left
  12. 2018 music thread

    he's a man of the 'woods' and the song is 'filthy' so it's all wrapped up by his dick (in a box) 👍 song and video look like something robbie williams could have come up with
  13. The Star Wars Thread

  14. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    venn diagram (people in trouble) . rubber-man