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  1. unless something great gets released in time, i might shift the order for a tactical vote but won't back away from those 11 songs the fever ray song could use a place in the top 5, honestly forgot about her when i made the list
  2. fever ray's to the moon and back comes next and is the number 1 video as well
  3. 01 lana del rey - love 02 kelly lee owens - anxi ft jenny hval 03 laurel halo - moontalk 04 muna - i know a place 05 frank ocean - chanel 06 kesha - praying 07 kelela - lmk 08 carly rae jepsen - cut to the feeling 09 sza - drew barrymore 10 lorde - the louvre
  4. Taylor Swift Lp5 / Official spreadblizzard Megathread

    get the irish to board!
  5. Taylor Swift Lp5 / Official spreadblizzard Megathread

  6. Pop Music 2017

    talking body, habits and cool girl make a number of three (3) songs, think again
  7. I'm Like A Bird is a timeless classic

    this one doesn't get the love it deserves, i love the "broken teeth, broken jaw, broken mojo" part + chorus
  8. Taylor Swift Lp5 / Official spreadblizzard Megathread

    who could tell the 50 shades darker soundtrack was just setting the pace for her nationalsozialist album
  9. Sort of Spicy Friday: The Smiths are the best band of all time

    i was listening to panic and william it was realy nothing on repeat the other day, some of their song are just undeniably great pop songs aren't they. also panic is revolutionary and william is fatphobic, so what's not to love i listened to bona drag too and it didn't do that much to me. (solo) morrissey for me is just this massive, angry camp figure i admire to a certain extent. i dug the video for spent the day in bed btw
  10. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION

    which song
  11. oh wow. i'm listening to this while i read abt harvey weinstein groping terry crews' cock btw....
  12. Your favorite fuckboi anthems

    he... fills his clothes well in that video. good song with a somewhat AM (kind of a fuqboi album too) -ish beat. are you aware of this tinashe remix