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  1. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    The 17-minute mark (on teh Youtubez) has a lot of talk about tacos and it's making me hungry
  2. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    Actually, as Hector was complaining, it wasn't a very challenging listen and I feel like I absorbed it very well. Just because it wasn't challenging doesn't mean it wasn't good, though!!! I was worried that it wouldn't be up my alley after all of Condite's complaints, as I'm not exposed to a lot of hip hop and unfamiliar music is frightening. However, I feel it was very accessible and interesting and highlighted a lot of the very cool things that hip hop brings to the table. ty listening club for introducing me to The Roots, I give this album 1.5 thumbs up
  3. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    I'm listening to this now but I already feel like it won't be getting the TLC that it deserves because I'm doing other things while listening to it. I do my best listening while knitting tbh
  4. Last movie you watched

    He had Voldemort in his head all year long, you'd be grumpy too if you were him!!
  5. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    I thought moose was notorious for being as ungay and grumpy as humanly possible. Make up your mind!
  6. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    It's amazing how much we flogged this album in the early months of last year, considering how loud and long it is! But every time a new song starts I'm like "Oh yeah, this one is good!!!" "Oh yeah, so is this one!" "And this one!" etc etc
  7. I was never brave enough to try one, even though they were a staple at sport practices and school field trips. I don't really feel like I missed anything tbh
  8. Top Albums of 2015 Results Megathread

    CI, Dadows, why can't I we give ratings anymore!? How am I supposed to give deadlizard a 5-star rating!??! Thanks DLiz, you're the bee's knees
  9. afl 2014

    ..... After I hooked you up with such sweet gear???
  10. Top Albums of 2015 Results Megathread

    Also, Girlpool only receiving three votes just goes to show that you idiots can't appreciate a beautiful album when one is dancing naked right in front of you
  11. Top Albums of 2015 Results Megathread

    Flamingo is garbage, The Desired Effect was a fun non-stop over the top pop album which also showcased one of my favourite types of lyrics. That is, lyrics which glorify abusive tendencies and make them sound romantic. "Baby I can change for you and follow you around and please just never leave me I'm going to stalk you" played to upbeat pop music, just like the Beatles did
  12. Top Albums of 2015 Results Megathread

    We're so busy listening to great music that we hardly find time to talk about it
  13. The COFFEE Thread

    One of my resolutions this year is to stop taking naps, and my solution is to have coffee. So far so good. I drink coffee now. At the moment I just steal filter coffee (woo America!) from work, haven't figured out how I like my instant coffee yet. Espresso is still good but I don't think my restaurant has the best and I really really like the filter coffee so that's my thing now.
  14. Annual Annex Albums thread: 2015

    bird being "busy" means that girl was able to forgive him for trying to rush her out the door. It'd probably be easier to just get her to board here and then you can both board in bed after sex instead of having to cuddle!
  15. Snacks: A Thread For Snacks

    I was hoping these bad boys would come up in conversation!