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  1. Ben Prunty: Cipher Good background music. From the guy who did the soundtrack for the game FTL, it's very much in that vein.
  2. The fact that biology doesn't even categorize biological sex as rigidly as these people assume makes it even more infuriating that they're constantly trying to use biology as a justification for their reactionary hatred.
  3. What Books Have You Bought?

    Yeah, they're great. It's basically one long novel divided into books by major events in the plot. A lot of people have trouble with the long passages describing the environment of Mars, so you may have to force yourself through them at first, but I found the overall effect really stunning. By the time you finish the series you feel like you've been there. The "Mars had been a power; now it became a place" bit from the introduction to the first book describes the phenomenon nicely.
  4. What Books Have You Bought?

    Red Mars I got a conservative dude at work interested in reading that series, curious to see what he makes of it. Anticipating the usual "it's great until he talks politics" take that misses the whole point.
  5. This is such a crazy fucking thing... I guess if you have no conception of gender as distinct from biological sex it makes SOME kind of sense to view trans identities as a sort of performance, but it's disgusting that there's no attempt on the part of TERFs to engage with what biology and the social sciences, let alone trans people themselves, have been saying loudly and clearly for ages now.
  6. What Books Have You Bought?

    Getting a ton out of this, very glad I spent the money. So far the essays have been very readable, I was worried about it being overly dry and academic. Likely this is down to my affinity for the subject matter, though.
  7. Everything about that book and the movie looks terrible, it's like nostalgia vomit that seems to have more to say about the joys of virtual reality than the dystopian world it's set in.
  8. NFL 2017-2018

    Lots of fireworks going off around these parts My brother is probably in a sad state rn
  9. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    I'm enjoying it, but I'm not usually a big trek fan so ymmv. A friend of mine is a huge trek nerd and he seems to think it's gotten better since the midseason break
  10. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    Yeah, it's still not perfect but I'm really enjoying it. First season is very slow in comparison to later stuff
  11. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    It's good! The leads are Jesse Pinkman and Will Graham ffs
  12. I think Life of Brian is funnier than Holy Grail, tbh. Might be an opinion influenced by years of unfunny nerds quoting Holy Grail too much