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  1. Only threads. I can apparently "recommend" posts, but I don't know what that does e: pins it to the top of every page
  2. Reddit

    /r/maliciouscompliance is pretty good
  3. From Your Corner of the World

    Don't think I ever shared any pics at the time, here's a crowd shot from when the RNC was meeting in Philly in January
  4. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Season 7 is usually considered the worst season after the first, but it spawned two of the most popular and successful-outside-the-drag-world queens in the show's history. And it has the John Waters challenge
  5. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Most of your list are very popular, I think the only one that's a glaring exception is Tyra. Which is as much down to her recent social media shenanigans (telling people to kill themselves on facebook, for instance ) as anything else, I really liked her in her season.
  6. White nonsense.

  7. RuPaul's Drag Race

  8. http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/o-why-did-hillary-clinton-kick-dust-bernie-sanders-all-over-again Why Attack the Berniecrats now? Obviously Hillary is not interested in playing patty-cake for the sake of party unity in the Age of Trump. Screw that. She has accounts to settle. Surely she and her confidents knew that these passages would anger Bernie’s followers. It would make us even less likely to want anything to do with a political party controlled by her wing. And that I believe is her point. She wants to purge the trouble-makers. She longs for the days when she and Bill could dine with Alan Greenspan and the super rich, and no one noticed or cared. But the financial crash, Occupy Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren and then Bernie and his passionate followers put enormous pressure on the cozy relations between Democratic officials and financial elites. As Hillary makes clear, it is much easier to attack the radical reformers than to institute radical reforms.
  9. Awards

    Any time I hear Goebbels mentioned now I just hear that CHUD yelling "You're all gerbils!" at the play.
  10. So... cialism?

    I noticed the text in the last panel had been altered, but I choose to believe that Goldblum is a comrade.
  11. So... cialism?

  12. In other words, they're all ruling class, and government is a committee for the management of the affairs of the bourgeoisie
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