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  1. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    Yeah, there are plenty of self help grifters out there that don't court nazis.
  2. British TV shows for British people

    I kinda liked "Me, You and the Apocalypse," even though it was kinda bad. Vaguely disappointed it didn't get a second season because I kinda want to know what happens.
  3. "The Background World" is extremely good
  4. Food that shouldn't exist

    Think this had a lot to do with quiche's good name being smeared: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Men_Don't_Eat_Quiche
  5. Food that shouldn't exist

    Weird, the non-olivey portions look and taste exactly like bologna.
  6. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    They do two episodes a week, one free and one paywalled. The Jordan Peterson episode was one of the latter
  7. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    Long but very good take on Jordan Peterson
  8. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    DESTROYED? Rightfully and righteously embarrassed, sure, but uh
  9. Food that shouldn't exist

    My biggest complaint about it is that they never change the setting on the slicer at the deli counter so they cut it way too thin and all the stuff falls out of it when you go to make a sandwich.
  10. burn out or fade away: the dead musician megathread

    "No Need to Argue" was a pivotal album for me when I was a preteen and I'm revisiting it now and it really, really holds up.
  11. Songs with killer codas

  12. Food that shouldn't exist

    I have a confession to make... I like pimento loaf. Which is just bologna with olives and shit in it.
  13. Think I'm gonna listen to some of the Cranberries today

    Good bit in the new free Chapo They're talking about how with Trump it's just one thing after another, and scandals and gaffes that would have ended earlier administrations (or at least caused some high-level resignations) bubble up and get forgotten in the space of a few days or a few weeks, and then this clip cuts in Donna: Do you think that if you were falling in space... that you would slow down after a while, or go faster and faster? Laura: Faster and faster. And for a long time you wouldn't feel anything. And then you'd burst into fire. Forever... And the angels wouldn't help you. Because they've all gone away.
  15. Food that shouldn't exist

    Yeah I like all of those food items, it just reads like an avant-garde poem.
  16. Food that shouldn't exist

    :finger snaps:
  17. What Did You Have For Lunch Today (Official How Snappy Spin-Off)

    I had turkey and gravy on toast with green beans on the side
  18. That's actually aesthetic as hell, someone let me know when there's a gallery of things like this I can go to.
  19. NFL 2017-2018

    My brother is a huge Vikings fan, his girlfriend just texted me to tell me that he didn't see the final play because he had already gone out to the garage to cry
  20. the NOG thread

    This is only vaguely nog-adjacent, but a friend of mine gave me a growler of homemade hard cider last night, looking forward to downing it
  21. So... cialism?

    The amount of freedom is inversely proportional to the amount of government, it's just science.
  22. So... cialism?

    Government and economics are on a sliding scale, in communism it's all government and no economics, and in anarchy it's all economics and no government. I am a smart man.
  23. So... cialism?

    Apparently they define socialism as "having taxes and markets." And every educated person knows that the key concerns of socialists are what tax rates should be and how prices are set.