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  1. 2018 music thread

    been digging this
  2. Do you want to ingest a Tide Pod, by any means necessary?

    free speech folk's, gotta let the man say his piece
  3. Do you want to ingest a Tide Pod, by any means necessary?

    it's free speech when you eat a tide pod
  4. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    in a lot of ways i'm very happy to have gone through that, it made me realize first-hand how black & white human sexuality is not
  5. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    i always forget that i had really strong attraction to one of my male friends during high school... like i had a crush on him for pretty much the entirety of grade 12. thanks for bringing back this awkward and confusing memory fellas
  6. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    i honestly have a lot of trouble articulating my beliefs, even amongst other christians, in a way that doesn't make it sound self-help-y. & i mean, there's a loooooot of stuff in my faith that i still wrestle with and have not fully figured out yet. i'll try to follow up on this post later when i have a bit more time but i'll open by saying this: my faith as a child rested a lot on my fear of hell and my desire for eternal life. i no longer really care about either of those things, what will happen will happen. the two biggest factors in my faith now are 1. my unshakeable belief that the teachings of jesus christ are THE infallible truth. i have so much confidence that adhering to those principles and traits that he embodied is the right path through life. 2. my desire to be guided by those principles and, for lack of a better phrase, "god's perfect plan." i wasn't put on this earth to dream about the afterlife, i was put here to live my best possible life and make a positive difference in a super shitty and flawed world. and i mean, obviously my worldview is hugely shaped by my upbringing. but everywhere i look (especially here on this board!), i see so much pain and so many unanswered questions about life that i really don't often think or worry about. my faith doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes, but more often than not i find the answers in it. apologies if literally any of this sounds high and mighty or self righteous. not an easy subject to talk about in earnest.
  7. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    this is such a depressing thread lmao
  8. iconic houses on album cover's

  9. iconic houses on album cover's

    keith is, once again, the goodest bitch of them all
  10. iconic houses on album cover's

  11. iconic houses on album cover's

    this thread is for you to post these in
  12. 2018 music thread

  13. 2018 music thread

  14. Vegetarian fud

    the time has come,,, for maple tempeh "bacon"
  15. Vegetarian fud

    i open the discussion: spicy black bean burgers folk's...