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  1. 2015 Music: Running Thread

    Yeah. Reminds me of latter days U2. Trying way to hard. Has a few decent bits but doesn't excite much.
  2. Game of Thrones Thread (For Book Readers/Spoilers)

    While I embrace a lot of the criticisms of the show, I think a lot of people give GRRM and his writing way too much credit. He deserves praise and riches for this world and characters. But considering the difficulties he has had wrapping this sprawling epic up, I think the showrunners can be cut a break.
  3. NBA 2015-2016

    Missed it. Hoping for a game 7 but i don't know if I even see the point.
  4. Post Yr Gigs

    But five cute doggies. One was a little shit, harassing the ducks. but shill a cool dog.
  5. Post Yr Gigs

    My friend's birthday this afternoon turned into a house party gig. Our first real gig is Thurs and there was no pedal steel and I had to play bass out of a little guitar amp, but it was all right. All the hipsters and cowboys made fun of my toe nails.
  6. Nutrition and Exercise

    Hanging at the Children's Museum in my newish shorts, size 32 that I've worn since I was 25. Out of nowhere the button popped off my shorts. I'm totally getting fat.
  7. The Cold Part: Antarctica megathread

    I have lots of thoughts about Antarctica. Because it is so white, remote sensing is a huge issue. And because it is largely ice that moved ever so slowly and it this often changing year after year, there is little incentive to invest in mapping an cataloging its features. Below the ice, some 3000 meters below the surface and also below mean sea level, is some surely amazing topography and fossils from when it wasn't so cold. Greenland in the Northern Hemisphere is only just now beginning to reveal some of its secrets and geologic clues to what is underneath based on ice-penetrating technologies that will surely be applied in our lifetime to clue us in. Keep in mind, though, that part of the reason we know so little about the icy continent is in part because of the treaty that protects it from commercial exploitation. Indeed, much of the great geologic discoveries of the last century we owe to geologists working for extractive industries. My good friend works in the ice core lab where countless samples of ice that preserve climate data are stored. It's pretty cool stuff if you are into Antarctica. The few high res aeriel photos I've seen are fairly uninteresting, but I might be able to find a map or even make one and share it here, as I know the USGS is very good at sharing it's datasets.
  8. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    That first episode of Orange was rather darling. That freakonomics clown scene was weird as fuck, though.
  9. Been so chilly this spring I still have my winter beard. Going with a camp stache soon, though.
  10. Game of Thrones Thread (TV only)

    Cos he stuck it in Ygritte.
  11. Game of Thrones Thread (TV only)

    He already has, dummy head.
  12. The Leftovers

    I was pretty mixed, but I am certainly feeling like this show can turn into something. I enjoy this post rapture world of melancholy and mystical black men.
  13. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    No one tells blonde jokes around me since I dropped the last sucker who tried it. /mogi