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  1. Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

    I need to lie down again after reading that ant man bee post
  2. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

  3. What Books Have You Bought?

    He doesn't read them, just buys them!
  4. Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

    I need to lie down
  5. Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

    Also he says in the last line the it's time-traveling, but in the beginning he says that the flux capacitor is nonfunctioning! Which is it Ernest? It can't be both so which is it??? Are you so invested in getting yourself and your audience off by stringing geek references into cohesive sentences that you can't even be bothered to check them for internal consistency?
  6. Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

    What a bunch of wank.
  7. Heteronormative cis-gendered cabbage

    It's not hatred though don't believe the hype Ethan
  8. Heteronormative cis-gendered cabbage

    Curious to know what the asterisk after women is

    The host has a strong Italian accent, but I got used to it pretty fast. He also puts out a podcast about once a month, compared to two or three a year that hardcore history averages. I'd love to hear about other podcasts people follow, but not really interested in the funny ones because I like to deprive myself of joy.

    Great podcast, there's a bunch of great series in there side from the WW1 batch: Wrath of the Khans (dealing with Genghis and his immediate family), Ghosts of the Ostfront (focusing on the Eastern front in WW2), and Death Throes of the Republic (what happened in Rome to allow Caesar to take over) are all top notch. As for other history podcasts, I listen to History on Fire (quite a bit on New world/native history) and MartyrMade (mostly just an exploration of the creation of Israel/Palestine and how it came about).
  11. Police Brutality

    What a boson.