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  1. Awards

    dont keep me in suspense
  2. Nintendo bread

    yeah, it doesn't save at eventide for obvious reasons. it's best to save just before you make the jump to fly over there. thought the dungeons were on the whole better (other than the terrible castle) than the shrines (which i thought became pretty tedious rather quickly)
  3. Nintendo bread

    the fairy flies AIRY LIES
  4. Apple thread

    not if.... it doesn't work
  5. The Annex^tm Minecraft Server

    you get the win10 version for free if you buy the pc edition. https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2064007-minecraft-windows-10-edition
  6. What Are You Playing?

    wow i finally get that name
  7. glitchwave

    better list than ours.
  8. Conspiracy Theory Megathread

    pretty good political cartoon, tbh.
  9. Nintendo bread

    are they still having issues keeping the switch in stock?
  10. So... cialism?

    as in... pewdiepie?
  11. What Are You Playing?

    jk i actually didn't finish the game bc it sucked.
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