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  1. both songs still better than swish swish ftr

    btw who else felt like like this happened after all
  3. the BEER thread

    oh yeah i've had the athena i think idk maybe should give it another shot bc i think i liked it but was just getting bored with weisses at the time and all i wanted was goses, sours, etc tropicalia is the one where i'm like yeah i get it if you like IPAs but it's just not my thing at all the koko buni is the one i'm most looking forward to trying, now that it's fall... idk i've just not been in the mood for a porter or stout when it's warm anyway i guess to me calling them "a cut above other GA breweries" is overrating them and gets my hackles up a bit even as i admit that's partly because i'm currently more into what breweries like Three Taverns and Orpheus have to offer
  4. Grim looking food pics

    i didn't eat them until i was in like college and that's when my friend who loved them as a kid got me into eating a vienna sausage sandwich between two saltines so that was like the food i kept in reserve in my dorm room for when i didn't want to go anywhere
  5. Grim looking food pics

  6. Grim looking food pics

  7. Grim looking food pics

  8. Grim looking food pics

  9. Grim looking food pics

  10. The COFFEE Thread

    i made a nice big french press when i was working at home during Hurricane Irma #neverforget it was the first time in a while bc it was the first time it had been cold in a while while i was working from home been getting these growlers of iced coffee instead of making my own bc after you own the growler a refill of concentrate is like ten bucks? and it's like literally an 11 minute round trip for me to walk there and refill it and walk back home, i timed it yesterday
  11. trader joe's appreciation thread

  12. ahh, the little person is actually the little brother of the twins who fuck
  13. the BEER thread

    yes...? idk i haven't necessarily been keeping up with how much of their less-ubiquitous styles show up in beer stores but i definitley see the major figureheads of their brand consistently, and i know friends who like to go over to athens and visit the brewery, but i've still yet to go bc there are enough lovely breweries in town for me to visit, whose year-round brews are more my thing, however i should probably give their limited and seasonal releases a closer look

    whoa hear different things at different speeds
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