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  1. Looks like the Seattle nazi was too afraid to provide info to the police.
  2. I think about this tweet every now and then and it makes 2015 seem so quaint. It echoes in my mind every time something crazy/bad happens.

    Austin Powers movies are the best 'stupid comedies' of their time. The penis pump gag still gets to me
  4. Nintendo bread

    Genuinely though, why can't you just let people enjoy things? The only thing that touches a nerve with me is how persistent you are in picking stupid fights over a game you've not even played.
  5. Didn't see it mentioned here but they also commemorated Roger Ailes in a montage last night...which might be just a bad?
  6. Nintendo bread

    Imagine Breath of the Wild with quality dungeons. It would end up being the best zelda game period instead of simply being 'one of the best'.
  7. Thing is, most celebrities don't really care at the end of the day because none of them (or even their friends for that matter) will be affected by Trump policies at the end of the day. They might even benefit from big tax cuts. So yeah, it really is a game for them. None of them will get deported, get thrown off their healthcare or lose their job because he cuts funding for some government program.
  8. Awards

  9. Nintendo bread

    The shrines can be pretty hit or miss. Thank god there aren't many shrines that make use of gyro controls. But I generally preferred them to the dungeons which I found to be too shallow. If they make another zelda game like BotW they should just flesh out the dungeons a bit more because those were easily the weakest part of the game imo.
  10. Good Game Deals

    Mario Odyssey looks like it will be better than most things. A day one buy for sure.
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