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  1. David Bowie - Blackstar - LP 95472387642 hype

    i feel like, even without his death cementing the fact that what he was a one of a kind, boundary pushing genius, the fact is that Blackstar is a masterpiece and certainly of his best albums. this after a long stretch of so-so material that stretching back a couple decades. most of that stuff wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination but most of it wasn't fantastic either. Blackstar on the other hand is glorious. i'm understand some recent albums like The Next Day and especially Heathen are considered my more hardcore fans than myself to be worthwhile but they've never really grabbed me.
  2. been a while since i listened to any of this stuff. is this record way better than Jack White's solo stuff? seems that way
  3. everybody knows you go into the woods with an acoustic. it's how Justin Vernon made it so big
  4. if it doesn't hold CDs i don't gaf
  5. also did R Plus Seven right after Dadawah. strange mix of shit but a good listening night.
  6. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    weren't these Best New Reissue this morning? https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/todd-rundgren-somethinganything-a-wizard-a-true-star/ i could have sworn that they were. i went back to re-read what they had to say about these two albums as i've only ever listened to them once or twice and it appears to not be there anymore.
  7. "Funny Face" is the only weak link i reckon
  8. the BEER thread

  9. i noticed it's pretty cliched for a stoned white guy to say something like this but i don't care and i'm gonna say it anyway Jah! Rastafari! is this the dreadest shit ever release or what?
  10. would anyone believe this was a record that i've never heard? i remember everyone talking about it and listening to all of the other rock revival bands at the time but i guess i was like, all about The Strokes at this point.