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  1. i haven't listened to Metallica or really even thought about them in almost 15 years or so but yeah, "King Nothing" rulez.
  2. RAM is the only one that i love or even really like all the way through.
  3. those new Tame Impala b-sides water (for now)
  4. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    gosh he didn't plan for this high-level of internet trolling
  5. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    i just think it's funny that pretty much any criticism lobbed at him has already been rebutted in the music itself or in interviews that seem to pre-preemptively handle anything Internet trolls have to say. i've always thought his pre-FJM records were boring and sad sack to the extreme, but i genuinely think he is who he puts across and that there is plenty of sincerity in his music and that it's not a put-on even though it's buried underneath all of the sarcasm, humor, etc. i remember seeing him when i saw the Fleet Foxes back in 2008 and he was cracking jokes and stealing the spotlight from Robin from behind the drumset when nobody knew who he was or gave a shit about his shitty solo records (Fleet Foxes weren't even big at this point). all that is to say that it seems to me that this "persona" is simply an honest amplification of who he actually is and i mean, if you're gonna move into the spotlight and sell some fucking records, then you pretty much have to play into it, right? who could blame him for that? if it's the music you don't like, then fine, but i think the production, lyrics and singing are all top-notch.
  6. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    i mean really though, hasn't the time of FJM backlash come and gone by this point?
  7. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    yeah very excited.
  8. here's a blast from the past. really low-key Stones-y folk-rock. i saw them open for Fleet Foxes at The Black Cat back in 2008. what the hell happened to them? i think i heard they broke up at some point.
  9. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    Lifes Rich Pageant and Fables Of The Reconstruction are both only slightly less good than Murmur and Reckoning and all are probably masterpieces. i've always thought Document was a mixed bag however....
  10. my set finally arrived after so many delays. as predicted, this is fantastic stuff. i'd heard a bunch of live shows back when i was amassing Dylan bootlegs when i was in college but i mostly only listened to them once or twice and liked what i was hearing but never fully engaged with the material. so many years later, with a lot more experience in Dylan, gospel, blues and just music in general and hearing this well-curated set in fine sound quality and this is just revelatory, no matter how you actually feel re: religion.
  11. Condiment Wars

    that sandwich don't need no fuckin condiments
  12. Condiment Wars

    i had a roast pork sandwich in Philly on Friday and now that's all i can think about, still.
  13. Condiment Wars

    also fuck sriracha. sambal 4 lyfe.