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  1. the BEER thread

    well, i definitely get being over IPAs, but i also have to admit that i'm fully on the juicy, low bitterness, NE-style IPAs train. if i can't get those, i don't get IPAs. and really, we have three of roughly almost 30 breweries in the metro area producing world-class ones but they never make it to local shelves which is part of the problem with that NE style. volatile. they can't sit around in warehouse, etc.
  2. there is a song on here called "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes" so i mean, @shakes needs to change his username, i believe.
  3. the BEER thread

    but i hear their berliner weises and goses are top notch. Athena i think one of them is called. you should definitely have your friends snag you some or get it yourself if you see it. i've had their IPA, Tropicalia and it's fantastic. nice and juicy NE-style. another beer i had of theirs called Koko Bunie (milk porter with coconut) was also great. these two my friend got in a trade for some stuff from here in RVA. they even have a bottle program from what i hear and i know people trade for their beer a lot. basically, i think they are a cut above most other GA breweries is my understanding.
  4. William Bisinski - The Disintegration Loops
  5. i think almost every African music release i have (30-50) is a compilation with the exception of a small handful of proper albums...
  6. do you really not like GBV? because neither do i.
  7. the BEER thread

    you are in Georgia? can you get Creature Comforts there?
  8. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange first time ever hearing this band. i don't think i like this.
  9. let's talk about BRIPE

    because it looks like some hipster bullshit.
  10. Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News
  11. The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
  12. the BEER thread

    it's seasonal - it will be back.
  13. Triple Crossing - Ascension DIPA The National - Sleep Well Beast. first listen!
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