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  1. 2018 music thread

    everything dude puts out is an instant classic. i love him
  2. 2018 music thread

    song rules too
  3. 2018 music thread

    duck duck goose rules. great game
  4. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    one overlooked subplot of this thread is mikky ekko's big 2018 comeback
  5. songs that make you want to cry

    tons of songs make me cry but the only one that fucks me up so bad i never wanna hear it again is dreamer by tiny vipers
  6. Last movie you watched

    honestly pretty sick. braff directed the shit outta this
  7. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    akron/family st was sooo good dude. fuckin "running returning" e: i am listening to that song now and i just thought to myself "the jaw harp is mixed way too loudly" which is a thought i have never had before. thanks, akron/family
  8. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    remember when they were like "yeah we're really focused on the low end on this record, it's really bassy and cool and detailed, i think we nailed it" and then on every song the bass is just like DOINK DOINK DOINK
  9. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    like, the mere fact that i briefly considered it a good idea to play "college" for my brother was kind of sobering
  10. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    i remember playing "college" for my older brother after it came out like THIS SHIT IS FUCKING AMAZING and he was not feeling it at all and i was hit with a weird combination realization that there is a bit of a generation gap between us and also i was doing way too many drugs
  11. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    i had a really weird experience the other day where i listened to "banshee beat" like "lol remember when this made you feel things" and it hasn't held up very well and then like 5 minutes after it was over i cried really hard
  12. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    the first time one of my friends got high he was listening to sung tongs and kept texting me like OMG THIS SONG IS A ROLLERCOASTER THIS RECORD IS SO CRAZY and it turned out he just had "leaf house" on repeat
  13. 2018 music thread

    cant wait for the hot new JT single "I've Been Sleeping in a Stable, Mate"