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  1. 2017: Running Music Thread

    is this a dunderheel turn
  2. Last movie you watched

    so good. worth it for this scene alone: this was fun but i ended up a bit disappointed that all the amazing commercials werent real. overall it really did a good job of being lowkey enough to seem real, like they could have gone way overboard with the concept of fake 80s footage but it was mostly all believable
  3. how do you eat a pop tart

    bought a box of trader joes pumpkin pop tarts
  4. R.E.M. jangly thread

    i have! i think its fantastic but really would have stuck out on automatic couldve fit nicely on reveal imo. surprised it never made it past demo form
  5. Hot Sports Tweets / Dumb Sports Comments

    what kind of assfaced point is that even trying to make
  6. they are nothing like big thief namely, they are good
  7. MLB 2017

    mets gonna met
  8. ive been dabbling here and there over the past few years. it stemmed from the bleep bloop discovery actually. soon i will abandon guitars for good false!
  9. mad good suzi jane is back in town
  10. MLB 2017

    cleveland what the fuck
  11. 2017: Running Music Thread

    i can see why this was left off AFTP but im surprised it was never properly recorded. nice song. could have fit pretty well on reveal
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