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  1. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    the killers are an incredible festival set
  2. 2018 music thread

    this will make the wait for a new ex hex album a bit easier
  3. also double insanely good power pop
  4. insanely insanely good power pop
  5. post news re: dead musicians itt
  6. finally getting around to this. obv not on the level of what would come for chris/big star, but plenty of good stuff on here. feeling high is sounding especially good lately
  7. i didnt know where else to put this gem i spotted on a rollign stone link:
  8. All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
  9. yeah brian holds up so much better imo, but its impossible to know how much of that is due to holy grails omnipresence
  10. eric idle after the dude gets tricked into joining the crucifixion march is another favorite he had you there m8 didnt he
  11. still quite a few sparks of the old magic on here
  12. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    do you think hes been shamed into finding wahdioheads brother to make amends yet
  13. Billie Eilish

    i, too, will do as dale said
  14. i should probably watch that! her album last year was so bad
  15. i took a dump and it came out dead
  16. even just reading it kills me those arthur lines might be my two favorites in the entire movie
  17. what did you just buy?

    been spending a ton of money on bandcamp albums lately so id gotten behind on new releases by bands i already liked so i made a p big amazon order last night!!!!!!!!!! amazon had the single disc zeppelin remasters for $9 each so i snatched those up. figured i didnt need to pay $6 more for each album to have whole lotta love (alternate vocal) or dazed and confused (live) or other shit like that id play once and forget about. i borrowed my dads zeppelin discography box set years ago and ripped them to itunes so ive never actually had hard copies of those albums. the remasters seem to be well received so im p stoked to binge on those albums for a bit. then the new fucked up, bob mould, roots and king buzzo albums. havent heard any yet but i trust them all to be decent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. what did you just buy?

    filed my first seller not responding claim on discogs yesterday! he sent an invoice three minutes after the order, i paid it three minutes later, nothing since. two weeks now, and ive sent two messages checking in with no response. looking at his feedback it seems others had a similar experience, but then theres a few good comments left from orders placed and shipped after mine now dude has three days to respond before he gets suspended. should be fun!