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  1. Songs with killer codas

    hoping shakes posts my pick
  2. This always reminds me of those moments between being awake and asleep.
  3. 2018 music thread

    New Cavern of Anti-Matter album in March: http://thequietus.com/articles/23842-cavern-of-anti-matter-new-track-listen
  4. Beach Boys vs. Steely Dan.
  5. "Everybody is Dead" - fuckin' post punk Steely Dan is spot on.
  6. Pulling a PopTodd this week and posting the same album over and over. I'm totally obsessed w/ this right now. It's on Spotify. Listen to it!
  7. Singer from Microdisney leaves and releases even angrier, heavier music. Other guy from Microdisney leaves and forms one of the gentlest bands of all time. One of the best songwriting contrasts ever.
  8. I hadn't realized The Oh Sees released another album this year, except they called themselves OCS, which I assumed meant it was an Ocean Colour Scene record. It sounds ok. I think Orc is more my speed. It might grow on me, though. This is like the lite-rock variation of The Oh Sees or some shit??
  9. I love this album. Does anyone else? I wish I could go to their show in June. First in 30 years!
  10. I really like that album. The drumming on the first full track is immense.
  11. Unrefined sophistipop: deeply dark, deranged lyrics floating on Sean O'Hagan from The High Llamas Steely Dan-esque guitar riffs. It's a shame these guys called it quits early into the '90s. Apparently Don Was was going to produce their "final" album, but it never came together. Oh well...
  12. They're playing two shows in the UK next year. I doubt they'drecord new music, but if they did, I'd expect an album full of songs that sound like this. The coda is immense. Perfect fusion of Sean O'Hagan's West coast vibes and Cathal's snark.