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  1. Last movie you watched

    DOWNSIZING Well that was a mistake. Not simply watching it but it being made in the first place.
  2. Last movie you watched

    STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Decent. I didn’t think it was as horrible as I’d read in reviews when it was first released. Not exactly a full-blown epic but twas alright. Still better than eps 1-3... not like that would be terribly difficult though....
  3. Last movie you watched

    CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Pretty good. Enjoyed it but wasn’t entirely sold until...
  4. Last movie you watched

    WIND RIVER Was pretty good.
  5. Last movie you watched

    THE SHAPE OF WATER Beautiful and excellent. Probably my fav film of 2017.
  6. Last movie you watched

    LADY BIRD Was alright. Well done, but just didn’t really keep my attention much. Laurie Metcalf was good in it.
  7. Last movie you watched

    THE FLORIDA PROJECT Quite liked it. The kids were great. This Baker dude makes some really good movies.
  8. oscar screeners

    Not so sure it’s a screener but there is a pretty good quality version of β€œIT” out there. Watched it via android box the other night.
  9. Stand Up Comedy

    Just got tix yesterday to see him in March! Big fan, much looking forward to it! 🀘🏼 Loved his most recent special, cool to hear it’s even better live.
  10. Last movie you watched

    THE DISASTER ARTIST Hilarious. Great story, and very well done. James Franco is excellent as Wiseau.
  11. oscar screeners

    Still nuttin?
  12. Last movie you watched

    A TRIP TO SPAIN Was alright. The minor "car/van" bit made me laugh out loud and laugh the hardest, couple other decent laughs, the rest was okay. Preferred the other two films more, however.
  13. Last movie you watched

    BABY DRIVER Average. I really don't understand the critical acclaim this movie received. It was a fairly templated movie with some pretty dull performances. Chase scenes were well done, but if that's its main draw then just go watch "Drive" instead cuz that movie was much better on the whole. This basically felt like a cheap knockoff of that film.
  14. Last movie you watched

    Arclight Pasadena
  15. Music Documentaries

    Anyone seen Score? Saw the blu-ray at Amoeba yesterday. Trailer looks interesting, gonna look for it when I get home: