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  1. 2018 music thread

  2. 2018 music thread

    i love how incoherent everything about the album is
  3. 2018 music thread

  4. 2018 music thread

    popular songs has a decent cover imo
  5. 2018 music thread

    yay but what kinda bullshit is that album cover
  6. uh how about i do whatever the FUCK i want
  7. nah, been meaning to i've never really gotten into the whole sophisti-pop genre before this, don't know how much prefab sprout fits the bill but i've seen them described that way
  8. NBA 2017-2018

    definitely going to be the best moment of the bulls' season
  9. don't know why i've never given this the time of day but it's great been playing bonny on repeat
  10. the nyt won't rest until every trump supporter gets their own profile