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  1. cop shit

    Great tune.
  2. The Whiskey Thread

    I revert reverted back to an iPhone 4. That's my excuse.
  3. The Whiskey Thread

    In hindsight I porn got way too excited for a product like this than I should have. But I am going to try it. E: probably corrected to porn but I'm going to let it run.
  4. The Whiskey Thread

    Link please.
  5. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I honestly assume I'll get annoyed by a former military dude with a large arsenal of weapons and bang bang shoot guns all over kind of show. I'm getting old.
  6. It's not even on the main page of CNN right now for instance. Just Trump and his pussy grabbing stuff again.
  7. I don't even know what shakes' name is right now to tag him. But this album had so much more staying power for me than I ever realized until recently. I listen to it quite often.
  8. Pipelines are safe and this is just normal practice. Keep people and animals on their toes until they physically can't move anymore and then die.
  9. Father John Misty Reveals Song Titles From Next Album

    His lyrics are pretty cringey on Pure Comedy, I'll even admit that. Fear Fun though.