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  1. Songs with killer codas

  2. I was just being stupid on purpose. I love hot sauce but the names of some of the varieties are ridiculous
  3. Habanero REAL men put this in their chili
  4. Ive often wondered this about the pods Like, it saves you like three seconds? I guess the pouring motion required with liquid detergent is too much for some people At least the pods keep you from overusing detergent i guess?
  5. The Whiskey Thread

    You know you've got a good batch of Lagavulin when the person sitting two seats down the bar notices the smell
  6. Songs with killer codas

    Hey Jude isnt better than this anyway
  7. Is there something im missing with this anti- boycott bill? How would it in any way be enforceable?
  8. Nintendo bread

  9. My mother's aggressive atheism comes from her being a nurse in southwest VA on an adolescent psych ward. Some of the things that have happened to her patients are so unimaginably awful that any faith she did have was stamped out completely
  10. Atease veterans, who was the weirdo from the netherlands or belgium who loved this band so much
  11. I was never religious myself, nor was anyone in my immediate family really My grandmother is devout but also very liberal and absolutely does not preach outside of church and my grandfather was an Episcopalian minister but drinks, swears, and tells gross jokes so hes hardly a paragon Weirdly, my mother has recently turned into the kind of aggressive atheist you generally only see in neckbeard stereotypes
  12. the WINE thread

    Yeah i guess that's true, maybe i just havent had any good dry whites
  13. i really don't want that to be good based on the title alone like, he should have to answer for that shit with a critical failure
  14. Last movie you watched

    honestly the fucked up cgi and old school mannequin-esque models make it even creepier, uncanny valley style cant forget the part where the lady is bitten by one of the giant mosquitoes in it shows her twitching and catatonic!