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    My favorite food is Twizzlers, I like to alligator bob, and my favorite movie is 'Blood Sucking Freaks', just like your mama.

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  1. Lee Morgan's trumpet solo is one of my favorite instrumental breaks in all of music. Those first few notes alone kill me.
  2. H Hawkline - In the Pink of Condition Produced by Cate Le Bon and it sounds like it. The same kind of snakey, sinewy melodies and guitar parts and everything. (Cate plays some guitar on here, as well.) Good stuff.
  3. My son was walking around singing "Oh! Sweet Nuthin!" yesterday. Made me want to hear it.
  4. Post Yr Tunes

    I was 21 when I wrote this; 23 when I finally got it recorded. Maybe the 5th or so song that I ever wrote. Helped get my band at the time on a bill with Soul Asylum. https://hoponpop.bandcamp.com/track/wasted-time
  5. Yacht Rock

    I have friends who were the punks in HS in the 80s who are now going gaga over documentaries about Chicago (the band). These are the same people who would have scoffed back then, had you (rightly) sung the praises of Terry Kath's guitar playing in their early days. And Donald trump is president. This is some Bizarro World that we're living in, I think.
  6. Menu Thread

    Because, you know, I haven't posted this damn thing enough.
  7. I gotta remember to listen to this tomorrow.
  8. Art's vocal on the title track is one of my favorite vocal takes in all of recorded music.
  9. WAIT! It was actually @Kemper Boyd who turned me on to this one. I'm sorry about that. Credit where credit is due.
  10. The Citradels - God Bless Throwback psych pop. Very well done.
  11. We had this album on repeat for hours while my wife was giving birth to my younger son. Got pretty sick of it after that day. But all these years later, I can come back to it and hear it for the really wonderful album that it is.