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  1. 1. Paramore | Fake Happy 2. Slowdive | Slomo 3. Julien Baker | Turn Out the Lights 4. Lorde | Hard Feelings - Loveless 5. Haim | Want You Back
  2. Brand New LP5

  3. Brand New LP5

    so shouldn't something happen to jesse lacey or like do we all just acknowledge he did that to a minor and the only thing that happens is some people stop listening to his music
  4. Louie

    i totally see the power going to aziz's head at first he was all like oh gee i can't get a date then he became really popular and was like i know everything about dating
  5. Louie

    — Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor this stood out
  6. Louie

    he used "admired me" way too much
  7. The Star Wars Thread

  8. Curb Your Enthusiasm SEASON NINE

    okay larry in the changing room was worth whatever this season is
  9. not too many albums have more sentimental value for me than this one so i will always rank it pretty high in the weezer catalog
  10. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    what got me about it was that it came at the moment of highest suspense in the season
  11. =w= white album drunk lovin

    So Pacific Daydream is kind of an in-between album, right? Rivers Cuomo: It inserted itself in front of the Black Album. The Black Album is almost done, and hopefully it comes out in May but this one got finished first and it’s good, so we brought it out. http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/37880/1/rivers-cuomo-on-dark-thoughts-post-malone-being-prolific