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  1. Riverdale

    what the fuck brother cooper
  2. Last movie you watched

    i just want to know if it's worthy of being ddl's swan song i mean pta is obviously the way to go so there's that but otherwise
  3. The Star Wars Thread

    oh man forgot about this game
  4. What Are You Playing?

    sounds like he wants a sick library of games for when his wife actually does leave him
  5. Kongs with Killer Sodas

    kongs with killer sodas new band name i call it
  6. The Star Wars Thread

    even better than i remembered
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    episode i pod racing was the best episode i the game was awesome episode i jedi power battles was sick obi wan had this great like jedi melee post game that was worth it alone man
  8. 2018 music thread

    new one is like 18 songs and it's like what are you doing
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    i want both
  10. 2018 music thread

    cover to the new frankie cosmos is cool
  11. songs that make you want to fry

  12. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    can't wait for eminem to headline newport folk festival this yeat
  13. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    We Can Only Ask So Much of Kendrick LamarOn the scene in Atlanta, at what should have been a showdown between Kendrick and Trump they can't let this go it's like hey guys we fucked up and nothing happened so we're going to stick to our guns and keep fucking up
  14. thats what im playing i google imaged it wrong