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  1. 2017: Running Music Thread

    just glad i got to see them really
  2. Rick and Morty

    i thought the avengers one was dope only episode this season i'm not 100% with is the spa one
  3. Brendan Fraser's Face

    blast from the past is on tv right now can't wait until bedazzled is on
  4. 2017: Running Music Thread

    text from my sister
  5. Marissa Nadler

    she's back, in candle form https://marissanadler.bandcamp.com/merch/45-oz-soy-candle-limited-edition-song-candles
  6. =w= white album drunk lovin

    what the fuck is this song
  7. haven't watched south park in years, but actually tuned into a bit of the marathon they've been having
  8. The National Thread

    tfw you're listening to the new national album and it's interrupted by samuel l jackson singing al green
  9. I did not realize this was the chris hardwick we all know and are annoyed by
  10. sometimes i'm embarrassed by how much i was into that band in the day
  11. The National Thread

    sounds like dntel produced the title track
  12. The National Thread

    i think the tracking is really really good need more turtlenecks from this band sounds great as an album, just not many songs i'd put on my best of the national mix cd
  13. Game of Thrones Thread (TV only)

    robb stark's gf dinklage's gf robb stark natalie dormer natalie dormer's bf
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