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  1. there is some grade A banter on this thing too, pretty sure he was high
  2. yeah this live newbury album is also very good
  3. man is there any other classic nashville country that even comes close to how atmospheric and slow this album is, and if there is what is it
  4. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    yeah that's a whole lot of extra words to say "why can't we all just get along"
  5. mickey newbury 2-for-1 LP with a live album on one disc and looks like rain on the other. just spinning looks like rain now but I might put the live disc on afterwards if I'm in the mood for more m-newb

    "hyuk, it's like i have hbo for free when i go to sleep!"
  7. Best movie quotes

    dude fix your fucking face
  8. bitter fictions - xxvii good shit
  9. well duh, jolly roger bay rules
  10. Last movie you watched

    watched jodorowsky's dune last night, pretty good
  11. White nonsense.

    they were probably proud that they had triggered a libtard snowflake