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  1. Food that shouldn't exist

    quiche rules
  2. Do you want to ingest a Tide Pod, by any means necessary?

    there definitely already is...somewhere
  3. annex animation club (。◕‿‿◕。)

  4. annex animation club (。◕‿‿◕。)

    heyyy so I like movies but I hate having to watch real people do stuff. cartoons are where it's at. thought it might be fun to make a film club-type thread focusing on animated films with the hopes that there are other people around here who are into weirdo animated stuff and are down to share/discuss their faves. the rules: sign ups are first come, first served, when it's your turn you pick the film 1 week for everyone to watch the movie, 1 week for discussion, then on to the next one?? how does that sound, I don't know how these things work picks should be standalone works, not tv series (possible exceptions if it's a short series where all the episodes together are equal to/shorter than a feature-length film but try to avoid this if you can) doesn't have to be something super weird, but try and pick something people may not have seen before! short film collections are ok, feature length animated films are ok, weird in-between 30-60 minute things are ok if you can, try to pick something that's easy enough to stream in good quality, either on youtube or netflix or otherwise. if stuff is relatively easy to torrent that's ok to mention, or as a last resort you can pm download links as long as they're not shared publicly (I think I have my first pick figured out and that is probably what I will be doing tbh). if you miss a week or whatever it happens we're all human here but really try your best ok?!!! is there anything else I'm missing, feel free to yell at me to change/add things here so who's game edit- in: Benny - Hoogie Boogie Land - dunderhead ihaveproblems eeeeeeeeeeeeeeezypeezy mogi69 Eat Shadows inksb once there's enough people I'll start figuring out a schedule wrt dates and such
  5. iconic houses on album cover's

  6. the NOG thread

  7. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    hm just googled that for a bandcamp link, it's "kurosawa-inspired" huh
  8. what did you just buy?

    still haven't heard back from the record store about my replacement copy of king of limbs leaving work early today though so I might stop in on my way home to see what's up and also to grab some blank cassettes since they posted a photo of a bunch of type IIs that they were putting out for sale on instagram yesterday
  9. the comics thread

    if that was in america I would literally go to nursing school to get a job there
  10. he linked jacobin too that rules, holy shit
  11. the BEER thread

    the friend I'm visiting this weekend asked me to bring down some genny bock so I guess I'm gonna pick up a couple cans of that good good shit after work
  12. What Are You Having For Dinner Tonight?

    just as long as you didn't tip them over!!!!
  13. the comics thread

    man I wish I was a sick child in finland https://www.moomin.com/en/blog/see-first-photos-soon-opened-moomin-themed-new-childrens-hospital/
  14. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

  15. wait a minute I never got an email about the 52nd show what the FUCK
  16. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    think I'm gonna load a bunch of jim o'rourke onto my phone for the drive to pburgh tomorrow
  17. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    I can probably count on one hand the number of friends I've had real sincere conversations about belief and religion with as an adult, all friends from camp, the few that I've managed to stay close with who aren't still hardcore zionists. but again camp was probably the experience that's most palpably shaped my concept of and connection to judaism, and it's something that you can't really explain to someone who wasn't there. it's also inextricably tied to a lot of pro-israel indoctrination, which is something I've only started feeling the need to try and unpack in the few years since I stopped going back and is also hard to discuss comfortably with someone who wasn't there
  18. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    deus were one of those bands that I saw a handful of people raving about on atease as if they were like the most important band in the world back in my impressionable days of Exploring Indie Music and literally have never seen mentioned anywhere else in life, ever augie march is another one that comes to mind
  19. iconic houses on album cover's

  20. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    me too also now
  21. What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

    was it not finidi?