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  1. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    The show peaked wrt satire of these crazy times with the Sextina Aquafina abortion music video and from here on out they should just make sad Bojack episodes IMO!!!
  2. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I agree, it just all fell flat. I mean what in the fuck even was that gun episode??? My brain shielded me from forming a memory of that entire episode because it was too fucking stupid I remember more of the persistent election stuff which was parodying Trump but was so specific in some ways but then really broad in other ways, so you're left thinking like, "wait, is the woodchuck Hillary Clinton? Is Jessica Biel Bernie Sanders???" And those are questions nobody should ever be asking
  3. i have read so many comments today about the emmys and how sean spicer was allowed to come out for his redemption tour but we all want hillary to just go away the "you just want hillary to shut up!" thing is so odd to me and so clearly a cynical tactic it boggles the mind like if the woman wants to write 40000 books then fucking go for it but if they're gonna be full of stupid bullshit i'm going to say that they are stupid bullshit books and that i would rather they didn't exist??? if she wants to go paint dogs with her buddy george w bush then fucking whatever, if she wants to be involved in politics in some meaningful way i'm gonna side eye the fuck out of her but whatever, if i want her gone it's for the same reason i want sean spicer gone, i don't like her stupid brand of bullshit and i think it hurts the country and also of course because i have gone from everyone's favorite feminazi to a self-hating woman who thinks hillary belongs in the kitchen in the course of one election cycle
  4. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    just whatever you do, don't watch friends
  5. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    i watched the episode where joey and ross and monica are throwing the ball back and forth for ten hours without dropping it in a state of abject terror
  6. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    my Allergiestm have been outta control lately and i got a sinus infection and was bedridden most of the weekend faced with the fact that i couldnt drink or smoke i did what any person who doesnt love herself would do and make a firecracker, which i havent done probably since high school this weekend i discovered that friends is the scariest show ever made
  7. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I am sitting in the pharmacy waiting to pick up my rescue inhaler and feel very triggered by this post
  8. I have not seen the musical Hamilton but I have taken a few history classes and read some books, will that suffice
  9. Am I just having a fever dream because I vividly remember Sanders telling me to vote for Clinton I hate this news cycle, it is making me doubt reality and I want to focus on less confusing things like that some of my friends might get deported
  10. i also have to hope that people would still have organized to the extent that they have post-trump, and that it wasn't simply a trump presidency that got people to look at how fucked our country is. sure, many people would have gone on like business as usual, at the very best getting involved to yell at ~leftists~ for telling hillary to shut up and sharing Very Informative Articles about whatever national initiatives the president is undertaking but those same people are currently yelling at ~leftists~ for telling hillary to shut up and sharing Very Informative Articles on why the antifa is evil so fuck em people getting more radicalized is not worth a trump presidency but at least it's happening
  11. jokes on her, i dont have a dad, a husband, or a boyfriend!!!!!!!!
  12. thread for when musicians say stupid things

    is he saying....that leftists are marching in the streets because of kid rock?
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