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  1. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    oh, I get it now
  2. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    honestly wtf at this #1 lmao thanks to whoever worked on the list
  3. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    appropriate how in order to hype us up for slowdive you invoked a version of the band that is 25 years old weird list
  4. 2017 Album of the Year Voting Thread / Official Annex Mike Love Thread

    I added some comments and changed a couple things moved Kesha from 18 to 6 moved Charli ahead of lorde bumped jlin up two spots
  5. 2017 Album of the Year Voting Thread / Official Annex Mike Love Thread

    idg whats happening with yaeji but i tried 1. kelela | take me apart she did it! I don't think of this as her true debut album, but her stock has def risen on this board. she's gone from being occasionally discussed by me and Alan to being at the top of the festive 50. voting for this pop artist now gets you points. good album, just take 45 seconds away from frontline and give them to s.o.s. imo. by the way, is that knife-sharpening sound from s.o.s. the sound effect of those blade monster things in ocarina of time because it sounds like it, also don't miss the bank head shout out in waitin2. sza | ctrl that was my greatest fear, that if I lost control or did not have control, things would just, you know...it would be fatal3. paramore | after laughter somehow this was really the album I needed in 2017. every year I agree more with cygh and listen to things like Paramore idk. the song pool is an incredibly rude song that was written specifically to fuck me up. 4. princess nokia | 1992 deluxe this is also really the album (mixtape?) I needed in 2017. she is one of few people an IRL FRIEND recommended I listen to mostly because of boricua pride and that time when she dumped hot soup on a racist dude on the subway which was also the moment we all needed in 2017. this album sounds in many ways like watching princess Nokia dump hot soup on people. it's sort of all over the place and unpolished and uncompromising. I can't wait to hear what she does next.5. charly bliss | guppy when I was like 8 years old, I shared a room with my sister, and WE HATED EACH OTHER! one of the only sisterly things we did was play a game in which we would put on an album by someone like veruca salt (this would be eight arms to hold you era) or liz phair (this would be whitechocolatespaceegg era) and each pick a sweet valley high book of comparable length and have a speed reading competition to see who could finish the book first. that is what charly bliss's guppy sounds like. westermarck, dq, and ruby are amazing, listen to them now. also the lead guitarist for this band was the little kid in the incredibles lmao. 6. kesha | rainbow I had this lower on my list because I expectations of it that really had nothing to do with the album itself. I will admit when I first heard it that I was disappointed. idk if Tonks will agree but it's difficult to navigate for me, that I spent years becoming an intense Kesha fangirl and am not sure what to do with everything she released pre-rainbow. rainbow immediately sounds different and there was a process I went through of taking apart all the stuff I knew about Kesha and putting it back together the more I listened to it. ultimately this album is still Kesha to the core. her rocky country side has never been my favorite side of her, but in part because she has never been able to do it in earnest. there are moments of this album that make me bawl like a baby (and in very different ways, like both praying and Godzilla make me bawl) and moments that make me crack up. seeing her perform live for this album was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I laughed, I screamed, I clutched onto my friend and wept. this woman is fucking amazing. 7. charli xcx | pop 2 my take on this is pretty similar to chicken invaders which makes me think it is the stupidest take imaginable and Mylo is about to turn up and explain ag cook to me but whatever. I've never entirely liked any one thing Charli has released, and every other thing she has done I have disliked. she's someone I have always wanted to stan so badly because I like her, I like that she's always trying something and I know that she's got it in her, but this is the first release where I'm like YES YOU DID IT!!!! the first track kinda sucks (guys, it is not too late to just gently release Carly rae Jensen into the night and pretend like we never caped for her like that, y'all still have a chance) and a few of the features I could have done without but it's all in service of her just kind of fucking shit up and going for it. 8. lorde | melodrama I honestly only think half of this album is good but when it's good it's really really good.9. bosco | b. I don't totally understand what asmr is but bosco's voice is my favorite version of it. this is music you feel in your spine. 10. jlin | black origami hector put this on your fucking list. 11. snoh aalegra | feels12. kelly lee owens | kelly lee owens 13. yaeji | yaeji14. yaeji | ep215. amber mark | 3:33am16. muna | about u17. tei shi | crawl space18. vagabon | infinite worlds19. kehlani | sweetsexysavage20. laurel halo | dust21. chloe x halle | the two of us22. hazel english | just give in/never going home23. jay som | everybody works24. h.e.r. | h.e.r.25. the courtneys | ii26. kari faux | primary27. cannons | night drive28. faye webster | faye webster29. george maple | lover30. anna wise | the feminine act ii31. dai burger | soft serve32. verite | somewhere in between33. taylor swift | reputation34. in // via | meditations35. anna of the north | lovers36. cayetana | new kind of normal37. sevyn streeter | girl disrupted38. land of talk | life after youth39. asiahn | love train40. killavesi | run & hide w/out comments shoutout to cygh for the george maple, hazel english, cannons, and verite recs shoutout to spotify BYE!
  6. and this is the facts, and it's not white people who have been fighting this forever (and I suggest to all of you that when you get involved you find a group that is at least led by and made up of the people most impacted and not by the people who share a political philosophy most akin to yours). but Ethan is right, that ultimately this thread isn't about solving the crisis of american politics. it's about a group of people who have come together over the years hashing out their thoughts on the topic. and that group of people is and always has been almost entirely made up of young white people, mostly from America and the uk, and mostly men. there are things I don't have to think about, like that I'm choosing a place to shoot the shit on the internet that is bound to have little to no input from people in other parts of the world, or even from parts of my country that might as well be another world. and of course I am, because that's comfortable for me, these are my people. but... this is what has changed for me. I was mean to all of you on atease back before y'all were woke and before a time when a thread like this could have existed at all. I cut it out significantly because it did nothing but make most people hate me, and I wanted to be able to fit in here, and I wanted people to like me, and that's the embarrassing truth. now, we all talk about the pervasiveness of white supremacy, the pervasiveness of heterosexism, how men are trash and blah blah blah. do you all really believe that? because y'all seem utterly incapable of grasping the idea that if it's true everywhere, IT MUST BE TRUE HERE. it must be true IN YOU. and saying "yeah I must be participating in this somehow" is the beginning of the journey, not the end of it. and y'all sending me private messages about how you're sorry that it must suck to be A WHITE WOMAN ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD actually does nothing to show me that you understand how you participate in it and that you're committed to changing it. I can't even have a moral high ground here, because I was drawn here for a reason, and because I've done to Tonks the same shit that he's talking about now, and that it's not until #metoo made its way to internet discourse that I saw how much men will not support you, will not stand by you, will not do the work, and cannot be trusted--which y'all say yourselves, only you don't mean it. it's great if we can have these conversations with people with other experiences than us and really learn and do self-reflection. less so when we bring those conversations back here, to our safe all-white space, to use them against the brown people who managed to slip through the cracks. these conversations will always be lacking because there is no room here for those voices to exist, and if they're shared it's filtered through white men, and then discussed by white men. and for me or Tonks to point that out, means that we are meanies with chips on our shoulder who just don't understand how to fit in here. it's just a given that considerations for other people can't exist here because it disrupts the function of the board to be a place where young white men can get together and chat about things, and we'll open our arms to you but as long as you play by those rules. maybe I'm just a meanie and a weirdo and if there were suddenly a windfall of white women finding this board they'd all have a really great time. maybe it's true that this is the best a place like this could ever be, and I have met several of you and like you as people and could definitely be friends with you as individuals. but when y'all get together to make this little club, I can just never be in it. I hope Tonks feels differently and will continue to stay here forever and carry on the lord's work.
  7. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    bless my namesake
  8. Ethan, I have literally been there with you, and I know how shitty it feels, and even though I don't agree with you, I'm empathetic to what you're probably feeling rn. if shit I'm saying is causing you c-ptsd then I don't hold it against you for not participating and I hope you take care of yourself. I have not always followed my own advice on here and it has really fucked with me in the past.
  9. I think some of what Tonks was referring to was a discussion with Ethan this year about sexual abuse, not just about the general election season when we were all shouting at each other all the time tbf I was arguing with Tonks just as much so I'm not trying to really come for y'all
  10. shit, I can't wait until a month from now when we get to relive the dc meetup I think it's gonna be a lot more awkward this year
  11. I'll let Tonks confirm or deny but I really don't think he posted the article because he was endorsing a strategy that is a "possibility [that] needs more study" (which you cut out of your quote) and was volunteering himself as one of this board's 3 brown people to do outreach to literal Radiohead fans, who he's talked about this shit with many times, and had many conversations where he did explain his experience and point of view, that sometimes get heated but not always. and which he really shouldn't even have to put himself out there to do, except everyone here is white, so there's nobody else to do it.
  12. my concern is that I think it might be a terrible take but that I also like sugarface and I don't really feel like coming for him right now
  13. can you elaborate on what you are trying to say here, some of us might be on drugs