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  1. yeah it could have been pared down some but I also dig the sprawl.
  2. can't tell if you like it or not
  3. are there any good cheap synths

    I arbitrarily slapped the $100-$150 price on there, I am willing to spend more on something I just was wondering if anything in that range was even possible I guess.
  4. are there any good cheap synths

    ^^ that is sort of what I have in mind.

    tfw dr hayward and sarah palmer are susan's parents on seinfeld
  6. The Nadia Oh Gigathread

    colours is and was better than anything pc music has been able to cough up
  7. 1998 album of the year voting thread

    my take: I don't like portishead
  8. is that what dhsb is embroidering onto a pillow for his long distance lover for christmas
  9. 2017: Running Music Thread

    hey @Bill that gum you like just came back in style https://worstward.bandcamp.com/album/the-landscape-of-memory
  10. oh yeah that's the only one I ever thought was any good
  11. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    at the risk of getting "that's the joke"'d this was on purpose right:
  12. one of my buddies in college loved Guster and they are just the most flavorless dreck. and that's coming from me!