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  1. my dad posted this on FB, think this meme might be over now:
  2. Food that shouldn't exist

    my inlaws buy pimento loaf exclusively to feed to their dog.
  3. 2018 music thread

    thanks alan, that seems up my street
  4. Food that shouldn't exist

    it's glistening
  5. Food that shouldn't exist

    yeah bologna is truly a Food that shouldn't exist. of all the possible variations on sausage it is the very worst. why? why do this?
  6. 2018 music thread

    yeah there was a deadspin article about how Duck Duck Grey Duck is actually a better game because you mess around with the colors to up the tension. https://deadspin.com/duck-duck-gray-duck-isnt-just-a-stupid-regionalism-1819317297
  7. idk, it just seems to me like tide pods are a marginal convenience at best (really, pouring detergent into the drawer is very easy) and I assume they're marked up to all hell but maybe that's not actually true?
  8. don't you believe that dishwashers are pointless?
  9. 2018 music thread

    all I'm saying is I'll reach for "duck duck goose" as often as I'll reach for an insane clown posse song
  10. Songs with killer codas

    I'll never forget the time I saw interpol in this big outdoor pavilion and they played PDA and the dude in front of me, as they went into that part of the song, turned to his bro next time and just said "Aw man...epic..."
  11. 2018 music thread

  12. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    lol gotta pick an easy target once in a while!
  13. 2018 music thread

    yeah the cupcakke album has a few bangers and then the rest of it sounds like intentional fucking around and that's fine but eh.
  14. Songs with killer codas

  15. livestream: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9035483/events/3271930 extrajudicial militaristic terrorization of the town and its protesters in the wake of the Mike Brown shooting
  16. It would feel really satisfying though if meme culture successfully kills a product that literally has no actual consumer advantages
  17. iconic houses on album cover's

    yeah, I always loved the interior art / photos from Washing Machine. see also: Bad Moon Rising.
  18. you doin that like zaireeka stylee or what
  19. yeah it does a lot without feeling like, all over the place. kind of reminds me of late 90s blur in a way? idk I like it a lot.
  20. yeah and I keep seeing like foresty/tribal descriptions associated with it which tbh tends to signal ABORT ABORT ABORT to me but this comes at it without being heavy handed and arrives there in a way that sounds a lot more organic.
  21. kilchhofer - dersu wonky, unconventional, organic techno. first listen and only on track two but it's really making an impression already.