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  1. Grandaddy are BACK

    New album is great. Probably listened to it 4 or 5 times today. Got to see them perform for free today as well
  2. Chance Killed it on SNL

  3. Radiohead LP9

    Also, is it funny to anyone else that Ed got booted from backing vocal duties on Identikit, but there's what sounds to be a small backing chorus singing "broken hearts, make it rain" halfway through? Or maybe that's just Thom's vocals put through effects... Either way, Ed cannot win
  4. Radiohead LP9

    wanted to drop by and say that this album is gorgeous. Only given it two listens but it seems to be leaps and bounds better than TKOL Identikit is still a bit of a head scratcher for me at the moment but everything else sounds really good. Glad to finally get a studio version of True Love Waits
  5. Soul Transplant Operation: Super Furry Animals Megathread

    Last Thursday I was reading Rise of the Super Furry Animals on a plane to Austin thinking "fuck yeah I get to see SFA twice in the next week!!!!!!". With the Levitation cancellation and subsequent postponing of their tour next week, I don't think I'll be seeing them at all in 2016. already have stuff going on the weekend in July that they'll be hitting the east coast
  6. The Stone Roses - LP3 (Hype?)

    No way these guys are worth seeing at MSG in June, right?
  7. I Am A God: The Kanye West Megathread

    Tour incoming
  8. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    I'm very fortunate to see as many shows as I do - can never take it for granted. I live only a mile away from my favorite venue too so that factor helps persuade me to get to certain shows I probably wouldn't go to otherwise
  9. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    3/31: Savages* 4/9: The Last Shadow Puppets 4/12: Sheer Mag* 4/14: Alex G* 4/15: Iggy Pop 4/26: Bob Mould* 4/29-5/1: Levitation Festival 5/5: The Sonics* 5/6: Brian Jonestown Massacre* 5/7: Super Furry Animals 5/13: Eagles of Death Metal 5/26: Courtney Barnett 6/3-6/5: Governor's Ball Festival 6/13: At the Drive-In 6/20-6/21: Sleep* 7/14: Rakim* 7/22: Ryan Adams, Kurt Vile, Tommy Stinson 8/9: Drive Like Jehu 9/22: Lush * = don't have tickets, but will probably go couldn't get tickets to see Radiohead at MSG on either night might do the Saturday of panorama when the fest comes to its senses and begins to sell day passes anyone been to Levitation before? lineup was too good to pass up
  10. I Am A God: The Kanye West Megathread

    it me
  11. I Am A God: The Kanye West Megathread

    After being away all weekend I finally got around to listening to this last night. As expected, it's an awesome record. Anyone else feel like Ye sounds like he's singing with a Mark Kozelek-esque inflection at the very beginning of Father Stretch My Hands Pt 2 where he sings "Up in the morning, miss you bad, sorry I ain't called you back" or is it just me?
  12. I Am A God: The Kanye West Megathread

    I Love My Dad cover as a bonus track confirmed
  13. umm shakes we're all entitled to our own opinions and whatnot but that's objectively incorrect
  14. I Am A God: The Kanye West Megathread

    Know it's already been reported and whatnot but fairly confident that Thugger will be featured on one of the new tracks A coworker of mine played 3 new Kanye tracks for me the week before christmas (he has a relative who works as an engineer and will occasionally send him stuff). One of the tracks was Real Friends, and another had what sounded to me like a Young Thug verse Thursday...
  15. Radiohead LP9

    After a more or less 3 year hiatus from listening to their stuff I have been fully sucked back down into the Radiohead wormhole over the past week and a half or so Planning to see them as many times as I can this summer before the next 4+ year gap from playing live shows in North America Someone please help me.