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  1. The National Thread

    Also I think I might like Born to Beg more than Day I Die just because of how pathetic he sounds when he says "if your heart was in it, I'd stay a minute."
  2. The National Thread

    After some very cursory consideration, I think I like that spoken word bit in Walk it Back even more knowing that it comes from some random psycho but could so easily be attributed to Karl Rove.
  3. The National Thread

    Here's my current ranking: I'll Still Destroy You Nobody Else Will Be There Dark Side of the Gym Sleep Well Beast Walk It Back Turtleneck Carin at the Liquor Store Guilty Party The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness Day I Die Empire Line Born to Beg and that's that. I win.
  4. What TV show should Benny watch next

    But you watched all of Buffy, and still love it. So you're basically moose.
  5. The National Thread

    There's no use fighting Maze. His poor little brain is broken. I cry for him every night.
  6. What TV show should Benny watch next

    Hannibal is very stupid and silly and also glorious and perfect and insanely entertaining
  7. The National Thread

    Theremin's the only one of you making ANY sense to me regarding specific tracks
  8. What TV show should Benny watch next

    Well he can just watch the first two seasons and then the last half of the last season.
  9. What TV show should Benny watch next

    For whatever reason, going through that list and thinking real hard and big about the options, I think benny boy would like The Wire and The Leftovers if he would just fucking watch them. And maybe Six Feet Under just because he is a sadboy at heart. But he should also watch the Sopranos and Mad Men and Hannibal.
  10. The National Thread

    I'm having no trouble loving this. I could definitely see it being at least tied for my favorite of theirs, even if I don't think any of their Hottest Tracks are here.
  11. The National Thread

    This should be embarrassing for you though. Your brain might be broken.
  12. The National Thread

  13. Brand New LP5

    it's good though. There is not a good Foo Fighters record. You are bad.
  14. Brand New LP5

  15. Last movie you watched

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