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  1. Because he's an idiot. (no offense)
  2. Last movie you watched

    Ooof. That's needlessly harsh.
  3. Last movie you watched

    Good job. Gone With the Wind...sucks!!!!
  4. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    is it as bad as San Junipero?
  5. YouTube Celebrities

  6. End Of Year Lists Bread (2017)

    I'm devastated
  7. End Of Year Lists Bread (2017)

    Fist marks? I've never been angry in my life! Movie poster? House?
  8. End Of Year Lists Bread (2017)

    I almost bought Persona 5 because of that psn sale, but then I watched some videos of it and came to my senses. I think I hate anyone who likes it. I hope you all...die.
  9. Last movie you watched

    You can have mine
  10. Last movie you watched

    anyone who sits through the whole thing is a hipster doofus
  11. I bought a PS4, I am a stupid little baby

    picked up a wee copy of Doom from the old redbox for $5
  12. I bought a PS4, I am a stupid little baby

    That's pretty much what I want. I got this thing just to play Souls II & III and Bloodborne, but I've decided to try to become a real game boy.
  13. I bought a PS4, I am a stupid little baby

    Is The Evil Within actually good? It looks absolutely pathetic.
  14. I bought a PS4, I am a stupid little baby

    Wolfenstein 1 looks unremarkable. I'll skip it. Life is Strange looks incredibly dull. PASS I will never play a Diablo game. Ever. I'm also repulsed by the aesthetic of this Persona shit, but if I'm bored I'll consider it. I've done a deep dive. I'm gonna do these ones: The Witcher III Nier Bloodborne MGS5 Dark Souls III Wolfenstein II Nioh Doom Inside Soma Hellblade Dishonored Hitman FFXV The Witness The Last Guardian Middle-Earth Prey The Swapper Hyper Light Drifter Nex Machina Downwell Uncharted 4 Far Cry 4 Undertale Firewatch Night in the Woods Child of Light