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  1. The Whiskey Thread

    Yeah I made the mistake of digging through my credit card charges from last year, in order to see if a new card would give me mad points based on my specific spending Ended up realizing I spent something silly every month on food/drink and a lot of it is gr8 craft beer and scotch. Although I like good whiskey I feel like it's easier to cut back on that than it is to go back to drinking yuengling or something predominately. I'm not too good for that or MHL or PBR but I'd really miss the variety
  2. The Whiskey Thread

    Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a bourbon. I bought another bottle of 10 year Tallisker. It...is fine. I need a good budget scoatch though
  3. iggy pop - the idiot also his version of red right hand is great!
  4. i've been getting into this a lot lately too, for some reason i only ever checked out remain in light it's amazing!
  5. the BEER thread

    Had a four pack of Founders Breakfast Stout last night. Real good!
  6. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    I might do the same, honestly thought the lineup was kinda meh but it's def better than the others I've seen so far
  7. It's a good cover and a good record! Should probs be in my list but I only discovered it recently
  8. This Fan is Exhausted - The Wrens Megathread

    Everyone Chooses Sides was GREAT live
  9. Who would choose me v women
  10. He should probably regret the pedophilia stuff, at least
  11. 2017 Festive Fifty Episode 3: 30-21 starring c.i.

    Four Arcade Fire songs
  12. Economics - The Thread

    If only debt was as cheap for individuals as it is for businesses
  13. This Fan is Exhausted - The Wrens Megathread

    From their facebook. I'm excited to see Charles tonight!!! Wrenses Alien with Cymbals Eat Guitars: So here’re the specifics of the closest I’ve come to a tour in 8 or 9 years: Playing three shows opening up solo for Cymbals Eat Guitars, playing a few of these new long-belabored jams from the nearly-done record, a cover or two, maybe a holiday chestnut, maybe an audience participation number… But cooler, the 2nd half of my ‘solo’ set is me doing wrens songs w/ Joe and Cymbals Eat Guitars as the backing band (..accompanying band? Co-band..?). We rehearsed it last week in Philadelphia and it was honestly a hoot. And an honor. Joe named it Wrenses Alien, which I only wish I’d thought of. So if you’re in/near Boston/New York/New Jersey (tomorrow, the 28th, through Sat., the 30th, respectively), come on down. It’d be nice to see you. Thurs., 12/28, Boston at Great Scott: https://www.greatscottboston.com Fri., 12/29, NYC at the Bowery Ballroom Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/888839764614583/ Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1584302… Sat., 12/30, Teaneck, NJ at the Debonair Music Hall https://debonairmusichall.showare.com/eventperformances.asp… New album news: Jason Augustine Album news? the-wrens Howdy, Jason, I've been holding off just so I don't have to answer the most-dread "when". But will be finishing the last four that I changed a bunch since summer after I get home this weekend. So handed in January some time..
  14. I accept these charges and also plead guilty to getting Too Easily it is I, me, who is mad Yeah that was poorly worded, wasn't meant to be sexist or to over generalize things.
  15. Oh fuck off, all I meant by that is that this board has lots of time for stuff like Lorde and Charlie XCX and I'm not into it. Obviously I like music made by women as it's represented in my list, even if putting girlpool or couch slut on there doesn't get as many points with people as Kelela