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  1. There was a really good comp of Ennio's more outré stuff on Ipecac maybe 10 years ago. Doubt its still available but worth tracking down.
  2. These guys pack way more of a punch than my childhood memory gave them credit for.
  3. This is fucking great. Chilling me out on my first day in a new role at my old place of work.
  4. Last movie you watched

    I just came in here to post about that very same film... Ive been so hyped for this ever since seeing the trailer back in October or whenever it was. I got kind of nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations but damn, did it ever. A sparkling script (couple of bum notes mind you), great performances and a plot that expertly navigated the easy options for something more interesting. Excellent stuff.
  5. I was gonna listen to some Yellow Magic Orchestra but turns out the vinyl is Deconstruct by Hatred Surge on Regurgitated Semen Records. Sad times.
  6. Can't tell if that reaction is good or bad @alan
  7. One of today’s purchases. Not amazing but pretty darn good. Not sure it completely outruns the band’s influences but I won’t hold that against it. One track could be an off cut from Big Star’s Third and some of the guitar playing is very Television. And I completely forgot David Roback was the reason I was curious about this in the first place, way back when.
  8. what did you just buy?

    Ah, I really want to go to that store! Closest I've got is following them on Instagram. Maybe Chicago is a trip for next year. Talking of Tom Ze, I picked up the Brasilian LP reissue of Todos Os Olhos amongst everything else today. Bloody expensive but still roughly a 10th of the price of an OG copy.
  9. what did you just buy?

    Sound Dust is ace. An underrated one of theirs I think.
  10. what did you just buy?

    Today i crumbled. Big time.
  11. Last movie you watched

    occasionally visually arresting, spectacularly so, but I was kinda disappointed. Too many plot points were convenient and why the fuck was one of the leads dubbed throughout the movie and worse still, why were there subs for the bits in English?? Remarkable story, unremarkable film
  12. I heard Cher’s (pretty good) version of Walk On Gilded Splinters more than 10 years ago and it’s taken me this long to look up what record it was on. Turns out it was recorded at Muscle Shoals with Jerry Wexler at the helm. Not quite the hidden gem I was hoping for but on top of her version of Gilded Splinters she has half decent stabs at Sitting On The Dock of the Bay, For What It’s Worth and Lay Lady Lay amongst others.
  13. I don't think it being on there would alter my opinion. Good Morning Spider > It's A Wonder Life = Vivadixie > Dreamt for Light Years
  14. My least favourite Sparklehorse record but still Imagine how pissed I was when I discovered the title track isn't on the LP. And the Gold Day EP (where it originally appeared) isn't on vinyl either!