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  1. fake news awards start at 7pm EST needed to pinch myself again because i cant believe this is the real world!
  2. read that reddit post and i thought it was awful so nasty! i wouldn't call myself a fan of peterson, but his biblical lectures are great imo and i know lots of self identifying 'leftists' who found his rules to life helpful for their mental health. Peterson steers his fans away from socialism, or communism, or any sort of explanatory frameworks that might help them understand (or even palliate) the causes of their misery -- instead, they get, "40 Profound Life Rules" like "nothing done well is insignificant" or "do not hide unwanted things in the fog" or some contrived shit I might have tweeted after reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra the first time. what a truly negative and bizarre outlook on people getting phrases to help them through the day
  3. Terrace House: Boys and Girls Next Door

    i watched up to episode 30 this weekend
  4. wait do you have to pay to listen to that or am that big of a DUNCE
  5. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    and alien when she comes back?
  6. The Star Wars Thread

    hopefully Her 8 has something as powerful as Porgs
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    video games video games...about star wars!!!
  8. the design of the tide pod is a v interesting ying yang
  9. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    spent all day at work listening to lectures on the kabbalah happy i was raised in an athiest house hold because now all this spiritual and religious text is hitting me pretty hard! old testament update: jacob/israel absolutely screwing over his brother that little punk
  10. iconic houses on album cover's

    not sure, maybe? however i think your dislike of metal will make you HATE genghis tron
  11. iconic houses on album cover's

    is that about Hotelier or Genghis Tron because neither are dumb albums
  12. iconic houses on album cover's

  13. 2018 music thread

    panda bear leaked