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  1. 2017: Running Music Thread

    sounds reasonable to me
  2. 2017: Running Music Thread

    sounds to me like yall are just a bunch of CAPITALISTS
  3. Rick and Morty

    i thought the avengers episode was a bit of a stinker but besides thats theyve been good to amazing council of rick eps might be my favourite episode of the series yet, and I preferred the Morty's Mindblowers to any of the cable eps
  4. 2017: Running Music Thread

    theyre unfortunately... fantanocore!
  5. 2017: Running Music Thread

    lowkey blown away by this new godspeed their best since skinny fists
  6. 2017: Running Music Thread

    new alvvays is GREAT
  7. Rostam - the guy that left Vampire Weekend

    really enjoying this

    I was very against S3 before it happened!
  9. Twin Peaks: A Damn Fine Show

    I actually like FWWM more than more of the OG series so id highly rec watching that before S3 Missing Pieces has a full version of the meeting over the convenient store. Its amazing!
  10. 2017: Running Music Thread

    brockhampton ii is very good imo
  11. The National Thread

    theremin's the nastiest guy we have here rn! (which is kind of sad) grumpy geezer who hates it when kids enjoy music and is bitter + seems to care more than anyone that pitchfork is making his old man bands irrelevant
  12. The National Thread

    im sure the brand new fanbase has a big overlap w trump supporters
  13. The National Thread

    Science Fiction is leagues above Sleep Well Beast
  14. The National Thread

    aw fuck thought you guys were still talking about Day I Die not Born to Beg both are good imo!
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