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  1. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    All my eoy lists are saved on RYM I hate that site but it's actually pretty useful for lists and stuff
  2. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    Didn't even know Fleet Foxes were still a thing Good job on the rollout btw
  3. 2017 Annex Album of the Year RESULTS Megathread

    didnt really enjoy that Susanne Sundfør album, oh well
  4. Just saw that Ash of all people handled the 2016 roll-out on atease no wonder I couldn't remember (the results were still pretty much the same btw)
  5. well at least back in 2014 they were basically identical, haven't cared much since then tbh
  6. The results are often the same on both boards though (hopefully Kesha will be higher on here)
  7. deadliz's comment on Kitty is basically how I feel about Kesha, damn will have to check the album out
  8. Will have to listen to that top 2 one day
  9. That Nuojuva album was pretty dope iirc
  10. Balam Acab's album is still amazing & gorgeous though
  11. 2017 Festive Fifty Finale: 5-1 starring the one and only cnc

    Thank u cnc for playing the best xmas song ever
  12. My favourite Regelbau-related release this year. Gorgeous stuff
  13. Lovely list cygh ! lots of pop albums to discover there
  14. nice lists and comments guys