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  1. What Are You Playing?

    I def give up on games faster now that I dont have the time to dick around and hope I like it more Even games I love, I haven't been able to finish completely yet!
  2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Nope its like everything on the Nintendo mobile periphery in that its kind of a phenomenon the first few weeks and fades away. IE Pokemon Go, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Run: Featuring Rabbids Probably?, and Miitomo. they're basically ads for better games.
  3. What Are You Playing?

    it's just super bland, feels like it was outdated the moment it came out. I got about 10 hours into it and couldn't be bothered to finish it. I didn't care about anyone nor did it feel as good to play as 2 or 3. Multiplayer was trash too sold it a few months back
  4. Nintendo bread

    you could've just said "no i dont plan on making any good posts" instead of this mess
  5. Nintendo bread

    meanwhile, the most liked post of the past month is one owning him:
  6. Nintendo bread

  7. Nintendo bread

    when will you take a path that includes good posts
  8. Good musician interviews

    Feel like this might already be a thread but inspired by this:
  9. What's a good hot sauce

    i bought this to try and ended up pouring way too much onto a burrito and thought "fuck it" and chomped it it is verifiable
  10. Nintendo bread

  11. Police Brutality

    jfc and in a courthouse? where you can make absolutely no mistake that he is unarmed. He'll be fine too
  12. also I saw a headline about some Handball highlight and this was the lead photo:
  13. 2018 music thread

    also i found the bit from the show i went to where he had to explain to a fan what the album was about before a show first couple mins of this: also: fucked up that someone would film this show?? the guy speaks once in the vid and seems like a moron
  14. 2018 music thread

    I heard this one live as well as 3 or 4 others that'll probably be on the album this one was by far the one I liked the least, it did veer too far into Koz for my liking.